Caramel Chocolate Nut Ice Cream (hold the nuts!)

It has been warming up again around here… and will get into the upper 90’s this weekend! Totally perfect beach weather, but I’m going to Vegas instead for a friend’s big birthday bash. Amazingly enough, Vegas (known for its intense dry heat) will only be in the 80’s. Still wonderful, pool lounging, ice cream-eating weather (with tropical drink in hand.) Here’s a hot weather recipe for you: another recipe from Ina: Caramel Chocolate Nut Ice Cream (I left out the pecans.)

I picked up the Cuisinart ice cream maker from Costco last summer. Glad I did. It sure is fun to whip up a small batch of ice cream in hot weather. Ina’s recipe makes 2 quarts, which is far too much for us (and our ice cream maker) so I halved it with no problems.

The recipe is a little strange. The sugar is caramelized in a saucepan. I went lighter on the caramel color since I was afraid it would get to that point where it might burn just slightly and give my ice cream that lovely burnt flavor. You could actually caramelize to the point where it looks quite dark. In any case, it didn’t matter in terms of flavor. Anyway, when you pour in the cream, the caramel solidifies into one big caramel chunk. You then have to return it to low heat and swirl it around in the cream until the caramel incorporates into the liquid. It works, it’s just weird. I also fiddled with the fat content (successfully.) Ina calls for all heavy cream. I have a hard time with that- so I subbed part of it for fat free half and half to see what would happen.

The result was a creamy, rich ice cream. A little scoop is plenty. The substitution of the fat free half and half (indicated in the recipe link) probably made it slightly less firm that it might have been with using all heavy cream, but it was good that way. I used Lindt truffles for the chocolate chunks (what Ina recommends.)

Here’s a little spoonful for you. Especially those of you who are fortunate enough to have some of this nice, warm weather after enduring your cold winters.

This recipe can be found here:  Caramel Chocolate Nut Ice Cream

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31 Responses to “Caramel Chocolate Nut Ice Cream (hold the nuts!)”

  1. 1

    Lore — April 25, 2008 @ 2:26 PM

    I could so have a few spoons of this right now! Have fun in Vegas :)

  2. 2

    Lina — April 25, 2008 @ 2:46 PM

    Looks so creamy and perfect for this warm socal weather! Youre so lucky! I wanna go to vegas too! hehe. Have fun!!!

  3. 3

    Elle — April 25, 2008 @ 3:13 PM

    mmm…looks delicious! I love that you used some fat free half and half in it! We love our ice cream maker, too. The kids get such a kick out if using it. Have a great time this weekend!

  4. 4

    CookiePie — April 25, 2008 @ 4:20 PM

    OOOOOH – this looks AMAZING – I must try it!!! Love the Lindt truffle addition.

  5. 5

    Deborah — April 25, 2008 @ 6:04 PM

    I can’t believe this! I was just looking through this cookbook last night and have this recipe on my list to make this weekend! I’m glad to hear you liked it – makes me even more excited to make it!

  6. 6

    dobetter — April 25, 2008 @ 8:12 PM

    Oooo, seeing this makes me really want some homemade ice cream!

  7. 7

    Jenny — April 25, 2008 @ 9:09 PM

    Oh my,
    This sounds so good right now! It’s getting close to 100 degrees here this week in AZ. Bring on the ice cream!

  8. 8

    noble pig — April 25, 2008 @ 10:02 PM

    Yes, it’s going to be hot this weekend, this would be a great treat!

  9. 9

    Bellini Valli — April 25, 2008 @ 10:53 PM

    I see that we are both on an Ina kick lately. I have never come across a recipe of hers that does not work out beautifully:D

  10. 10

    adventuresinshaw — April 25, 2008 @ 11:36 PM

    You’re right, we both had ice cream on the brain! And I have that exact same ice cream machine…and adore it. One of my best cooking gadget investments (my lovely Kitchen Aid stand mixer – Big Red – takes the top spot). I’ll have to try this ice cream recipe…with the nuts!

  11. 11

    kate — April 26, 2008 @ 12:47 AM

    I have never thought I needed an ice cream maker – but lately, I’m starting to reconsider…

  12. 12

    Kevin — April 26, 2008 @ 1:24 AM

    That caramel, chocolate and nut looks good! I am really looking forward for it to get warm enough for ice cream. :)

  13. 13

    Marc @ NoRecipes — April 26, 2008 @ 1:59 AM

    Mmmm looks good. I have some banana maple frozen yogurt in the ice cream maker now:-)

  14. 14

    Manggy — April 26, 2008 @ 2:21 AM

    Oh, the Costco ice cream maker!! I love mine!! And such good value too. Great ice cream!

    Have a great time in Vegas– but that goes without saying, doesn’t it? ;)

  15. 15

    Proud Italian Cook — April 26, 2008 @ 4:27 AM

    Have fun in Vegas!!

  16. 16

    Grace — April 26, 2008 @ 8:28 AM

    upper 90s!! we haven’t even cracked 80 yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from sweating…and complaining about sweating. :)

    as much as i love ice cream, i haven’t been able bring myself to buy an ice cream maker. breyer’s ice cream is just so good. and easy.

    wow, that makes me sound cheap and lazy. i don’t deny it. :)

  17. 17

    Mike of Mike's Table — April 26, 2008 @ 1:59 PM

    Looks great and a caramel custard base is always delicious! Hope you have a great Vegas vacation

  18. 18

    Lori Lynn — April 26, 2008 @ 3:48 PM

    Yum! Thanks for the sweet spoonful!

    Bonne Chance in Vegas!

  19. 19

    Leah — April 26, 2008 @ 4:54 PM

    You’re so lucky with that toasty weather….today we have 30 mph winds and a chilly 42 degrees….we’re sipping cocoa here while you’re having ice cream, you lucky dog.

    Great tip about the ff half/half…sometimes Ina gets a little carried away with her heavy whipping cream! Love the Lindt Truffle idea too. When/if it ever warms up here, I’ll get out my ice cream maker and whip up a batch.

    Have fun in Vegas!

  20. 20

    nicole — April 26, 2008 @ 8:37 PM

    Mmmm…..this looks so good. I wish we had Scratch-N-Taste internet. :)

  21. 21

    EAT! — April 26, 2008 @ 8:42 PM

    I have been making ice cream nonstop lately. Don’t you loe the Cuisinart ice cream maker?

  22. 22

    Alysha — April 26, 2008 @ 10:21 PM

    I was just thinking the other day that I have not made NEARLY enough ice cream the last two summers. This year will be different! Your recipe and photos are making me crave it. Looks yummy.

  23. 23

    StickyGooeyCreamyChewy — April 26, 2008 @ 10:32 PM

    I dusted off the old ice cream machine last week. I don’t know how I ever managed without it!

    That does sound like an odd technique, but that ice cream looks wonderful! That’s what counts!

  24. 24

    Tracy — April 27, 2008 @ 4:02 AM

    Oh my does that sound good!
    The only ice cream maker I have is huge and requires rock salt. I so want one of those smaller ones!

  25. 25

    Cakespy — April 27, 2008 @ 8:39 AM

    Have fun–I know that I am going to have fun with this fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, swoon-worthy recipe!!! Rich and decadent. Yum.

  26. 26

    VeggieGirl — April 27, 2008 @ 1:52 PM

    I seriously think I just died and went to heaven, after seeing that ice cream… if you have any MORE “little spoonfuls” left, I’ll gladly have one! ;0)

    Have an AMAZING trip to Vegas!! One of my favorite vacation spots, for sure :0)

  27. 27

    Amy — April 27, 2008 @ 3:34 PM

    Oh, YUM. Sounds so delicious!! I’d have a hard time stopping at one spoonful. :) Thanks for the great idea!

  28. 28

    Mary Coleman — April 27, 2008 @ 6:18 PM

    oh. my. God.

  29. 29

    Kristen — April 28, 2008 @ 12:36 AM

    This looks fantastic! I bought an ice cream maker last year and love using it for things like this! I’ll give this recipe a try for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  30. 30

    Tartelette — April 28, 2008 @ 3:42 AM

    That looks fantastic!! I need a scoop or two to cool me down!!

  31. 31

    cook eat FRET — April 28, 2008 @ 3:50 PM

    really nice recipe and i would have left out the pecans too…