Smitten with Trader Joe’s… and some awards!

If you’re lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s in your neck of the woods, you will agree that they have some awfully good products. And the fun part about shopping there is that you’re always discovering new ones.

Now, I’m not much of a frozen-food kinda gal at all. But Trader Joe’s has some frozen gems worth trying. This is one of them. These burgers are big, they grill up nicely, and they don’t taste like cardboard.

We topped our burgers with jalapeno cheddar, guacamole, lettuce & tomato (and a squeeze of lime.) The whole family loved these. I’d say they’re worth trying, for sure.

Smitten Kitchen has a Roasted Spiced Sweet Potatoes recipe that made a nice little side to our juicy burgers. These were simply awesome.

And now for a little bizness. I think I mentioned that I’m in the middle of a website overhaul/design… and that’s why I haven’t been a good little blogger in terms of visiting and commenting as often as usual. It will be a several-months-long-project before the thing is finally finished. I’m taking deep breaths and working as quickly as I can. I’ve also been remiss in acknowledging a couple of awards that have been passed my way.

Psychgrad from Equal Opportunity Kitchen passed along the Make My Day award. Thank you. You make my day too, Psychgrad! I’ll pass this award along to the following five blogs who continually make my day with their witty writing and interesting choices for blog posts:

*Noble Pig
*The Leftover Queen
*A Southern Grace
*White on Rice Couple

Another lovely award was passed along to me from Cookie Baker Lynn: The Yummy Blog award. Thanks Lynn… your blog is equally yummy!!

I could give this award to all of you, really. For now I’ll pick five favorite yummy blogs:
*Genesis of a Cook
*Canary Girl
*Bake or Break
*Taste and Tell
*My Sweet and Saucy

Go forth and pass along these little awards to other yummy blogs and ‘make their day!!’