Maxi Dresses Nordstrom

Summer Maxi Dresses: Will You Be Wearing Them?

What’s all this fuss about Maxi dresses?  They’re apparently all-the-rage right now.  You’ll find them featured in every store, and you’ll see fashionable women wearing them around the mall as…

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Best Books for Tween Boys

Tween Boy Book Recommendations

I have an avid, voracious reader on my hands.  He turns 11 next week, and he’s read just about everything he’s been able to get his hands on.  I spent…

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Tom's Shoes

My Obsession with TOM’S Shoes

A while back, I decided that TOM’S were quite an ugly shoe.  Over the years, they’ve grown on me a bit.  I suppose that seeing more of them around these…

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How to Punish Your Kids: Choosing Appropriate Consequences

Kids are adorable and fun and sweet and cute and perfect. Yeah, not all the time. There are times that they throw the Mother of All Tantrums (in the middle…

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Kitchen Tips 1

Money- Saving Kitchen Tip: Sponges

To Whom It May Concern: I’d like to file a complaint about sponges, please.  I find them rather expensive since I tend to go through them so quickly as they…

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It’s a giveaway- yay!  Details at the end of this post. I hope you’re familiar with already. They’re an uber- cool company to order business cards from. Recently, they…

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Getting Skinny Update

Getting Skinny- an Update- 2 Months Later…

By “skinny” I mean whatever weight makes you feel good about yourself (not actually skinny skinny model skinny).  My feeling is… if you’re feeling skinny and healthy- then you’re skinny…

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RecipeGirl Shooting

A Visit to Joshua Creek Hunting Ranch, Boerne, TX

Last month I spent some time at Joshua Creek Hunting Ranch, in Boerne, Texas (just outside of San Antonio).  I’ve never hunted before.  Ever.  Never really had any desire to…

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Getting Skinny and Staying There

So you’ve had your fun with food this year… and the scale is tipping the wrong way… and you’re not fitting into your favorite jeans… and you’re just plain miserable….

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Teacher 1

What Do Teachers Want for Christmas?

Before I took on food as a career, I was an elementary teacher for 12 years.  Here’s me in action back in the early 90’s!  I’m teaching my first graders…

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Gift Ideas for Girls ages 18 to infinity

Gift Ideas for Girls of All Ages

I can’t tell you how much fun I had shopping for girly things. Now I’m craving a baby girl (don’t tell my husband…). Stuck on what to get girls in…

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Gift Recommendations for Boys 5

Gift Ideas for Boys of All Ages

I’m surrounded by boys!  Not much girly-girl stuff in my house, no-sirree!  Stuck on what to get your boys for Christmas?  Here are a few ideas for gift recommendations for…

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Shabby Apple 9

Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway… Choose Your Favorite!

This giveaway is now closed. The winner selected via is commenter #4: Ashley! Congrats! Thanks to all for entering… If you’d like to shop on Shabby Apple, here’s your…

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Sephora Beauty Finds

I’m pretty sure I’m the last person alive who has just discovered Sephora, the make-up/beauty “candy” store. Do you know Sephora? Are you a fan? Do you spend your extra-pennies…

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Dine and Dish Book Recs

Read! Here are Some Book Recommendations For You…

My first book recommendations post was quite the surprising hit.  Seems people are always looking for the next great book to read. Looking for a good book to read?  Today…

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100 Workout Songs for Your iPod

I went running today (just a little… mixed in with my morning walk) for the first time in a long time.  It felt great.   Here are the songs on…

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How to Lose Weight… the Healthy Way

Yeah, I’m gonna talk about losing weight today. Stay with me if you’ve ever struggled with keeping those pounds off, and if you want to spill any magical secrets sharing…

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Kids and Social Media

Kids and Social Media- At What Age is it Okay?

It’s hard enough to be a parent. But these days, parents also have to worry about what their kids might be doing on the internet. Social media is a draw…

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