Vineyard Scenery

I had the good fortune of spending last weekend up in Sonoma County with the folks at Kendall Jackson and a handful of other bloggers for an event called, “Sip,…

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Every Family Needs a Good, Old-Fashioned Blackout Now and Then

There was a big-time Blackout in Southern California a couple of weeks ago.  It happened suddenly, as Blackouts tend to do. We were all just going about our afternoons as…

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911 1

Remembering 9/11

I’m sure you remember exactly what you were doing on this fateful day.  I was having a happy, early morning before I went off to work as a 2nd grade…

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Best Books of the Summer 2

Best Books of the Summer

I come from a family of readers.  My mother read me books and poetry before I even knew what print on a page was all about. As a result, I…

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Homework Tips 1

Tips on Success With Homework & Staying Organized This School Year

Before blogging and recipes, I was an elementary school teacher for 12 years. I worked with parents to make sure their kids were getting the best experience ever out of…

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Laptop Spill 2

Why You Should Never Drink… anything… While Working On Your Computer

Last summer I bought one of those cute, little, easy-to-carry-around computers: a netbook. It was so great to travel with, I was able to write my blog easy enough on…

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Back Camera

Do Kids Really Need $100 Sneakers?

It’s kind of like one of those age-old questions. Do we give our kids too much? As little ones, they “want want want” everything they see. As they get older…

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Lemonade Stand 5

My Kid Had a Lemonade Stand Today, So Why Am *I* So Exhausted?

We sure do a lot for our kids. And by we, I mean you and me and everyone out there. At least I hope everyone out there is doing a…

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Green Harbor 2

Can You Unplug on Vacation (literally)?

It happens every time we head out on vacation. My husband begins encouraging me to get things in order so I’m not tempted to be tethered to my iPhone or…

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