Homemade Granola Bars 1

Homemade Granola Bars

Boxes of granola bars are so easy to purchase.  They’re right there in that snack aisle, packaged so nicely.  And there’s usually a brand or two on sale for a…

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Pickled Cauliflower

Someone once said that if you’re eating a selection of foods that span the color of the rainbow, then you’re probably eating healthy.  That person was wickedly wise.  I’m a…

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Candied Bacon 5

Candied Bacon

What I’m about to share with you today is so incredible that I’m just going to go ahead and apologize in advance for the massive cravings that might ensue after…

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Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes

Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes

A couple of years ago, I had the task of making White Wedding Cake Cupcakes with Wedding Cupcake Buttercream for one of the teachers at my son’s school. I managed…

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Cookie Dough Cupcakes 71

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

It’s about time for another cookie dough dessert.  My obsession with cookie dough continues with cupcakes.  I’m sure my fellow cookie-dough lovers can relate.  Today, I give you:  Chocolate Chip…

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Vermont Maple Morning Cake 3

Maple Morning Cake

Sometimes, you just need cake for breakfast. Today is one of those days. So I’m sharing some Maple Morning Cake. It’s your typical bundt cake coffee cake, but it’s atypically…

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Chocolate Fudge Brownies 2

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Dear Chocolate- Lover Friends, Oh… do I have a brownie for you.  It’s totally chocolatey- it’s packed with chocolate chips, and it’s topped with even more chocolate!  It’s from blogger…

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Chicken Spinach Salad 8

Spinach Salad with Chicken, Avocado and Goat Cheese

Oh, if I were a single girl, I’d eat salad every night for dinner.  That’s how much I love the stuff.  I’d eat mixed greens with berries and chicken.  I’d…

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Banana Pecan Pancakes 1

Banana- Pecan Pancakes

Banana pancakes are big time in my house. BIG TIME. We make them almost every weekend- just our favorite pancake recipe with sliced bananas thrown in after pouring the batter…

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Malted Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies 6

Malted Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I was a teenager, I worked at a little fast food joint in the small Nevada town where I was living.  It wasn’t any ordinary, fast-food chain though.  It…

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Mexican Quinoa Salad 4

Mexican Quinoa Salad

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pretty wary about trying Quinoa for a very long time. Those little granules… how could those possibly turn into anything worth eating?!…

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No Yeast Cinnamon Rolls 1

No Yeast Cinnamon Rolls

If cinnamon rolls were kinder to my thighs and my love handles, I’d surely bake them often and nibble little cinnamon roll nibbles until my heart was content.  Cinnamon rolls…

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Meatballs 6

Homemade Meatballs and The Pioneer Woman Cookbook

There once was a relative who casually commented that she couldn’t believe that I didn’t have a recipe for homemade meatballs on my site. “I can’t have everything!” I told…

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Reuben Bread 15

Reuben Bread

My Irish husband has been demanding Corned Beef lately.  Must be something in the air causing this uncontrollable craving… or it must be that St. Patrick’s Day is almost here!…

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Peanut butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt 7

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with Sea Salt

Years ago when our old house was up for sale, I mixed up a big batch of cookie dough and froze it in little cookie dough mounds. When we’d get…

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Homemade Marinara Sauce 1

Homemade Marinara Sauce

Soooooo, are you a jarred spaghetti sauce kind of family? Guilty here. Some jarred sauces have an off-taste- mostly too sweet due to (unnecessary) added sugar. I do have to…

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