Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies

A truly decadent and delicious brownie recipe: Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies

Yield: 16 brownies

Prep Time: 25 min

Cook Time: 50 min

Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies

The ultimate rich fudgy brownie with a cream- cheesy vibe. Up there with the best brownies I've had.


1 cup unsalted butter
3 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, chopped
1 cup granulated white sugar
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup mascarpone cheese, at room temperature
3 large, at room temperature eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt

6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped
6 Tablespoons whipping cream
3 Tablespoons unsalted butter


1. Preheat oven to 325°F. Butter an 8-inch square pyrex pan.

2. Place chopped chocolate in a mixing bowl; set aside. In a small glass bowl, melt butter in microwave, just until melted- don't let it cook and bubble. Pour butter over the chocolate and let stand for 30 seconds. Stir until chocolate is completely melted and butter is well incorporated. Sift in sugar and cocoa powder.

3. With a wooden spoon, beat in mascarpone, eggs and vanilla, mixing until smooth. Gently fold in flour and salt.

4. Pour batter into prepared pan and spread evenly. Place into preheated oven and bake 45 to 50 minutes, or until a tester comes out clean.

5. Place pan on cooling rack and let brownies cool 10 to 15 minutes while you make the ganache.

6. Place chopped chocolate in a mixing bowl. In a small saucepan, bring the cream and butter to just below boiling point, over medium heat. Pour this hot mixture over the chocolate and let stand for 30 seconds, then stir until smooth. Pour ganache over brownies while still warm, and spread to cover evenly.

7. Let ganache firm up before cutting. It's best to refrigerate them until quite firm. Once the ganache is firm and the brownies have been cut, they do not need to be kept in the refrigerator.


*Look for tubs of mascarpone cheese (like the cream cheese tubs) in the gourmet cheese section of your grocery store- or in gourmet markets. Trader Joes carried mascarpone cheese at a good price (as well as good quality chocolate bars.)

SOURCE: (Adapted from the Cookworks Show (Food Network Canada))

11 Responses to “Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies”

  1. postedFeb 13, 2009 8:35 PM

    pan of brownies was swimming in butter when I took it out of the oven. I definitely used only 1 cup (2 x 1/2 cups) butter.

    • postedFeb 14, 2009 5:39 AM

      I’m so sorry that happened! I’m not quite sure where it went wrong. The recipe worked fine for me as written (with the 1 cup of butter).

  2. postedNov 22, 2009 4:58 AM

    Mine turned out perfectly! Rich and chocolatey. My first experience with making brownies from scratch and it was a huge success. Everyone I shared them with said they were absolutely delicious. I had no issues whatsoever with excess butter either, everything was spot on. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!

  3. postedJan 27, 2012 6:09 PM

    Made these on Wednesday night. They turned out perfectly. Wonderfully rich and very fudgey. Cut them small- a little goes a long way! They’re so good I sent some to my parent’s house and mailed some to NH! GREAT RECIPE!

  4. postedNov 17, 2012 6:20 PM

    Made these tonight. Not sure what I may have done, but the were more spongy than fudgy. Don’t get me wrong, the were good, but I was looking for a very dense result.

  5. postedApr 8, 2013 8:27 AM

    I made them today, they are soooo good, so delicious, so dense! Thank you for the recipe. Besides, I love all of your recipes, they are wonderfull. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂

  6. postedJan 7, 2015 7:12 PM

    I’ve got to make these NOW!!

  7. postedJan 30, 2015 3:38 AM

    I am in England. UK I need to convert your receipe to either grams or ounces. what is a cup size as it seems to vary depending on the country.


  8. postedDec 27, 2015 12:40 PM

    Love this recipe but for the ganache on top I melted the rest of the semisweet chocolate and mixed in the left over marscapone which we all know is expensive shit and shouldn’t go to waist. Gives you a more dense and delicious coating.

  9. postedMar 29, 2017 6:55 AM
    Terri Hixson

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. It was so simple to make. I had never made ganache before, but it turned out very tasty! This brownie will now be my hubbys favorite dessert! I used my NuWave Elite oven, cooked at 300 degrees for 35 minutes in an 8×8 aluminum cake pan. I followed all your recipe to a “T” other than that. Deeeelllicious!!!!

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