Oven- Roasted Mushroom Soup

Recently, I’ve made the mushroom appetizer, the Coq au Zin, and now this soup. Clearly I enjoy mushrooms. Give me your Portabellos, Shanterelles or Porcinis… I’ll happily eat them all. Luckily, my husband is equally happy with all things mushroom, and my son… well, he’ll eat them only if they’re pulverized and hidden inside of meatloaf. (I once made Mushroom Veggie Burgers made completely from chopped mushrooms. The recipe bragged that you could fool your family because they tasted just like meaty burgers. My son didn’t quite buy it). I’m sure he’d like those meringue mushrooms though.

This week’s mushroom madness involved Shiitakes and Criminis: Oven- Roasted Mushroom Soup. This ain’t no cream-of-mushroom soup. It’s a roasted mushroom soup… some creaminess as well as chunks of beloved, earthy mushrooms. Yes friends… this is a soup for mushroom-lovers only. The fun thing about this unusual soup recipe is that it’s made entirely in the oven– no simmering on the stove.

Here’s the How-To:

Find a large roasting pan (turkey sized), and toss 3 pounds of quartered mushrooms with olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast the mushrooms in the oven for about 20 minutes. Add chopped shallots and roast slightly longer.

Dump in white wine, chicken broth, water and thyme and yes, you guessed it, return to the oven for a little more roasting.

Pour the soup into a serving bowl.

Scoop out a couple of ladlefuls of the soup (with some mushrooms in there too). This is the amount that you will puree- so you can choose to do it in the blender or you scoop it into a bowl and use your immersion blender. I got this doo-dad for Christmas from my wonderful nephew who is the executive chef here (love the blender, by the way).

Scrape the pureed mixture back into the soup bowl (however gross it may look).

Add just a smidgen of heavy cream, as well as a squeeze of lemon juice, & it’s ready to serve.

When I roasted the mushrooms, I kept four of the shiitakes whole with the intention of using them for garnish- a little extra fresh thyme is thrown on there too.

You wouldn’t see it on my blog here unless we loved it, and yes… we did. It’s a pretty healthy soup too with just 2 Tbsp. of heavy cream in the whole soup. The chunks of mushrooms added a ‘meatiness’ to the soup. I served it as a side to Chicken with Lemon- Caper Sauce.

I guess I’ll have to try making those meringue mushrooms sometime. They’re awfully cute little buggers.

This recipe can be found here:  Oven- Roasted Mushroom Soup

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  1. postedJan 8, 2009 2:15 PM
    Catherine Wilkinson

    What a great idea! I love roasting vegetables and this ia an inspired recipe. Can’t wait to try it out!

  2. postedJan 8, 2009 2:49 PM

    The roasting in this sounds very nice. I have to try this one!

  3. postedJan 8, 2009 3:05 PM
    Sandy Smith

    I’m a sucker for anything roasted, and one food I’ve never tried to roast is mushrooms. What a fabulous idea! I will definitely be making this soup ~ my husband is a huge fan of mushrooms. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. postedJan 8, 2009 3:09 PM

    I love mushrooms AND soup! This looks delicious.

  5. postedJan 8, 2009 3:34 PM
    Girl Japan

    I second that.. I love all-things-roasted but .. Oh my gosh, the presentation looks fantastic… you are such a PRO!

  6. postedJan 8, 2009 3:56 PM

    Love mushrooms so much. I love the idea of roasting them — no need to stand there and sautee. Presentation is gorgeous. I’m smiling over the mushroom burgers…two of my guys could spot them a mile away and always park them on the side of their plates.

  7. postedJan 8, 2009 3:58 PM

    also a mushroom soup fan — I like this approach and will definitely try it

  8. postedJan 8, 2009 4:26 PM
    Robin Sue

    I really like mushrooms but Himself does not. So I am very deprived. I do order them when we are out to eat though. Not often enough! My college was very near a mushroom farm (not fun to be down wind) and I would bring a big container of them home and make my family cream of mushroom soup. So delish!

  9. postedJan 8, 2009 4:47 PM

    That looks delicious! Amazing, even. I just wish my family loved mushrooms as much as I do. I love how it’s all made in the oven–very cool!

  10. postedJan 8, 2009 5:53 PM

    I love mushroom soup. Roasting the veggies is brilliant. Great recipe.

  11. postedJan 8, 2009 6:01 PM
    Chocolate Shavings

    I hear you on the mushroom love! That soup looks wonderful, and I’m sure that roasting the mushrooms makes the flavor really come out. Great dish!

  12. postedJan 8, 2009 6:02 PM

    Sounds fabulous! I heart mushrooms!

    I tricked my kids into liking mushrooms when they were very small by telling them it was chicken (only worked with thin sliced shiitakes). If you ask them now they will say that they do not like them, but they eat them, go figure!

  13. postedJan 8, 2009 6:10 PM
    Stacey Snacks

    The presentation is as nice as the soup!
    Stacey Snacks

  14. postedJan 8, 2009 7:37 PM
    Happy cook

    I love mushroom soup and this looks so yummy delicious.
    I have never made them with roasted. Should try them, the taste must be so yummy.

  15. postedJan 8, 2009 8:04 PM

    I LOVE mushrooms! This looks like such a simple and healthy recipe to prepare.

    Also, your presentation is beautiful! Very nice!

  16. postedJan 8, 2009 8:24 PM

    This looks so good! Have you ever tried making it with vegetable broth?

  17. postedJan 8, 2009 9:09 PM
    Snooky doodle

    I like mushrooms too. This looks nice and surely more healthy than the packaged ones that I usually eat :)I d like to try the mushroom burgers too . Quite interesting 🙂

  18. postedJan 8, 2009 9:22 PM

    I could so eat that tonight!! Looks delish Laurie!

  19. postedJan 8, 2009 9:36 PM
    That Girl

    I made almost the exact same soup yesterday – but all stovetop.

  20. postedJan 8, 2009 9:37 PM

    I love mushrooms too, and this soup recipe is just what the Dr. ordered!

  21. postedJan 8, 2009 11:27 PM

    Oh I love mushrooms. I imagine roasting them would give much more flavour. Looks so good I could just jump into it.

  22. postedJan 8, 2009 11:38 PM

    I just went to a winter soups “class” the other day at our local health foods store and the BEST soup was a creamy mushroom soup. I LOVED it! Can’t wait to make it at home. Yours looks great! Love the idea of oven roasting the shrooms.

  23. postedJan 9, 2009 2:03 AM

    This looks like a bowlful of happyness! Love that you do it in the oven.

  24. postedJan 9, 2009 2:31 AM

    I love mushrooms so i am sure I would love this soup.

  25. postedJan 9, 2009 2:34 AM
    Mrs Ergül

    bookmarked! I love mushroom soup!

  26. postedJan 9, 2009 4:45 AM

    Beautiful soup. I have such a love of mushroom soup. I believe I made it 6 times last Winter. I have held off till this point since I sort of over did it for my family…I’m thinking the oven roasted variety sounds delicious! Delightful post! Thanks.

  27. postedJan 9, 2009 5:02 AM
    The Peanut Butter Boy

    I can smell it from here! Looks wonderful and that last photo certainly belongs in a cookbook.

  28. postedJan 9, 2009 8:19 AM

    This soup looks like it would warm me for sure. I love mushrooms.
    The shroom garnish totally makes it for me.

  29. postedJan 9, 2009 12:06 PM

    Ooooh, so hearty, earthy, and comforting – delish!!

  30. postedJan 9, 2009 1:46 PM

    What a great recipe to kick off National Soup Month. I’m gonna have to grab this link.

    Your invigorating, inspiring soup looks amazing! I feel all warm and cozy just thinking about it. Which is a good thing since our heat has been out since last night! Thanks for sharing…

  31. postedJan 9, 2009 2:42 PM
    Peter M

    A novel approach to any soup…roasting the ‘shrooms will concentrate their earthy flavour…a big success IMO.

  32. postedJan 9, 2009 6:01 PM

    My son, a college student and fellow foodie, sent this link and recipe. We have roasted, sauted, pureed, stewed, grilled and stuffed mushrooms; and have gathered them in the forest to perk up a camp meal. But roasting mushrooms before making soup is brilliant. I know what I am cooking this weekend! Thanks.

  33. postedJan 9, 2009 7:48 PM

    My entire family loves mushrooms, so this recipe is absolutely going to be the next soup that I make. Now that it is actually cold here at night in Southern CA, I’m in a soup making mode.

    Thanks for that recipe! My mouth is watering!

  34. postedJan 9, 2009 7:51 PM
    Creative One

    Yummy! A nice warm soup to warm us up with the cold temps we have been having here.

  35. postedJan 9, 2009 9:53 PM
    Lori Lynn

    I’ve never made soup in the oven, this is a great idea. I bet the roasted mushrooms gave it excellent flavor. I wrote about some mushrooms today too.
    Love your upside-down shiitake, you have such a flair for garnish, Lori!

  36. postedJan 9, 2009 10:27 PM

    Oh my goodness this sounds delicious. Love your presentation, too. I'm going to check out your chicken w/lemon & capers recipe!

  37. postedJan 10, 2009 12:11 AM
    Gavan aka The Healthy Irishman

    Great looking soup.I was about to say who doesn’t like mushrooms but I know a few people myself so…
    Anyway I love them and your recipe looks great.
    Nice job.

  38. postedJan 10, 2009 12:48 AM

    It sounds like it would be very good, but unfortunately the kids wouldn’t be happy , we had homemade pizza tonight and they were picking the mushrooms off!

  39. postedJan 10, 2009 1:05 AM

    That looks delicious, and so perfect for a cold evening!

  40. postedJan 10, 2009 4:40 AM
    noble pig

    I love mushrooms too and I am always so flabbergasted when I post a mushroom recipe how many people say Oh mushrooms…not for me….what’s wrong with them!

    This looks delicious.

  41. postedJan 10, 2009 1:38 PM
    Nina Timm

    This looks really tasty, especially that last photo…..a beauty!

  42. postedJan 10, 2009 3:36 PM

    This sounds amazing! I am just recovering from being ill and this is just the thing to help get me all the way well.

  43. postedJan 11, 2009 9:44 AM

    The soup sounds wonderful! Have you ever tried the mushroom lasagna recipe from Cooks Magazine? I was in mushroom heaven.

  44. postedJan 12, 2009 12:27 AM

    That looks SO good and so easy too! Gosh what I have been missing in the blogosphere. Glad I caught this one before it got moved to a different page!

  45. postedJan 12, 2009 3:27 AM
    Proud Italian Cook

    I Love This!!! Thank you :))

  46. postedJan 16, 2009 7:40 PM
    Deelish Dish

    While in Scotland over the holiday, my bf’s mum made her signature mushroom soup and I almost died. This looks pretty darn close– I think I’ll have to make some over the weekend.

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