BluePrint Cleanse (my experience)

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Before you throw almost-extinct Twinkies at me and tell me how awful I am for trying a cleanse, just hear me out. First of all, this is NOT a sponsored post. I bought the juice from the BluePrint Cleanse Company myself- along with three friends in my neighborhood.  A 3-day cleanse is just something that I’ve always wanted to try… so I did.  Here’s my experience with it:

3 days of Prep (I worked out 45 minutes on the elliptical + weights each morning):

Day 1:  My mindset:  I can do this!  Started the morning with decaf green tea and lemon + honeydew melon.  Lunch:  arugula + cucumber + red bell pepper + avocado tossed in lemon juice & fresh ground pepper.  Iced green tea with lemon during the day.   Dinner:  lightly steamed broccoli and cauliflower + baked halibut with lemon juice + a fresh pear.  More green tea.  I was a little hungry in the evening.  Forgot about sipping vegetable broth- that might have helped.

Day 2:  My mindset:  I feel good this morning!  My obsessiveness with the scale shows that I lost 3 pounds overnight.  I’m not sure how that’s even possible except for the fact that I pigged out on burgers and mac n cheese the day before I started.  Maybe one day of healthy eating counter-balanced that.  Started the morning with green tea/lemon and some honeydew melon.  Had to make my son breakfast and looked longingly at the pumpkin spice bagel with cream cheese that he was eating, but I wasn’t terribly tempted.  I’m having a hard time today because I really, really want to bake something but I don’t possess the willpower to not eat the goods.  I’ll try to hold off on baking until this is all over. Too late, I baked- banana bread. But ONLY because the bananas were very ripe on my counter and my son really wanted some. I didn’t eat a single bite of it though. Salad was extremely unsatisfying today. I drank lots of green tea, and ate lightly steamed broccoli and a very small baked yam for dinner. The yam was completely satisfying- so much so that I felt like I ate too much. This cleanse stuff messes with your head.

Day 3: My mindset: This third day is going to be tough. I just want to drink the juice already! I lost another pound overnight. I don’t feel skinny yet. I don’t think you’re supposed to eat fruit on the 3rd day of prep, but I did anyways. I had honeydew melon for breakfast, and I ate lightly steamed cauliflower and sipped vegetable broth for lunch. Vegetable broth = icky. Next time (if there is one…) I’m making my own! My juices arrived late-morning and I can’t wait to try them tomorrow! I don’t feel terribly hungry mid-day. All is going well.  Late afternoon- I feel pretty hungry.  I eat an apple and drink some tea.  For dinner I have a surprisingly satisfying cucumber slices topped with avocado.  More tea.  I feel a little lightheaded before bed.

Day 4:  Didn’t sleep well last night at all. I lost another pound or so. My mindset:  I’m looking forward to drinking juice today as I feel like it will be more filling than what I’ve eaten the last few days.  I’m afraid of the green juice though.  Hope it’s good enough to gulp down.  Drank my first juice (green) before my workout.  I’m not gonna lie- it wasn’t very good.  The saving grace is that it has a sweet flavor to it.  I was able to drink it, but I can see how some people might have a hard time with it.  And I wanted to brush my teeth as soon as I was done drinking it!  Drink #2: the Pineapple, Apple, Mint juice- really good.  It tastes like Minty Pineapple Lemonade.  At lunchtime I started dreaming about grilled cheese sandwiches.  I think I need to drink more water/tea. Afternoon and evening green juices were just as bad. I couldn’t drink them without making a “face.” Tweeted with several people who have done the BP Cleanse and they all say that you get used to drinking the green juice. I’ll get back to you on that one. The Spicy Lemonade was pretty good. The cashew milk at the end of the day tasted like a yummy milkshake reward. I did not feel hungry today at all!

Day 5: Slept well, but had to get up to go to the bathroom twice (too much juice!) I’ve lost a total of 8 pounds since this whole thing started. Is that even possible?? My mindset today: I wish I had decided on a 5-day cleanse instead of 3! I still really dislike the Green Juice. In fact, I can’t drink the green juice without making a scrunched up face afterward. Yuck. But the juices in between the greens are decent. I cooked dinner for my family today, which was HARD since I couldn’t taste the dish to see if it needed anything else. Hunger wasn’t a problem today… but I did give my son some puppy dog eyes as he was eating tapioca pudding for dessert. Onward to the final juice day!

Day 6: Slept like a rock last night (again bathroom twice). I’ve now lost a total of 9 pounds. Crazy. It felt nice to wake up feeling a flatter tummy. My mindset today: When am I going to do my next cleanse?? Seriously, at this point I feel like I would do it again. My family laughed at me as I drank that putrid green juice for breakfast. I chased my gulps down with water this morning, and that helped ward off the flavor. I felt energetic at the gym- 40 minutes on the elliptical + 2 mile run!  By afternoon today I was tired of the juice.  I only drank a few sips of my last green juice and then not all of the cashew milk either.  I’m done with the juice!

Day 7:  Back to food!  My mindset today:  I can’t wait to eat something again!  I had an apple for breakfast and throughout the day had some raw almonds, a banana, cantaloupe, and a salad with avocado and a tiny bit of balsamic dressing.  I was feeling pretty hungry at dinner since I developed a recipe for a client and my family raved and raved about how good it was.  I wasn’t supposed to eat anything like that today so I stayed away.  As of today, I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds since this crazy thing began.  I feel good, but I don’t feel 10 pounds thinner so it must be mostly water-weight.  Still went to the gym… 40 minute elliptical workout + weights and ab crunches.

Day 8:  2nd day post-cleanse.  My mindset today:  I’m finally feeling a bit thinner!  I ate fruits and veggies all day today with some nuts mixed in too.  My great treat:  sliced cucumber topped with tomato and avocado.  I cheated and added a “tiny” bit of salt and a sprinkle of pepper too.  Loved it- felt like I was eating an appetizer!  I had a small sweet potato for dinner.  Skipped the gym.  I haven’t been good about drinking water.

Day 9:  3rd day post-cleanse.  My mindset today: I feel great and I have a lot of energy.  I really wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast though.  I held off and had fruit instead.  I ate veggies and fruit all day, nuts too.  Roasted butternut squash for dinner.  I also made a big pot of homemade vegetable broth (why doesn’t BluePrint give you a great recipe for that?!  Seems like it would be so easy.)  FYI homemade vegetable broth is a whole lot better than the stuff you buy in the can or carton.  It’s a great thing to sip when you’re feeling just a little hungry but it’s not time to eat yet.  Had a good workout today- 45 minutes of elliptical + weights.

Day 10: 4th day post-cleanse.  My mindset today:  I feel really good.  Best I’ve felt yet.  I’ve dropped a total of 11 pounds.  Good workout- 40 minutes on elliptical + 1.5 mile run on the treadmill + weights + ab crunches.  Tried on my almost- skinny jeans and was satisfied with how they fit (yay!)  Now my goal is to get into my actual skinny jeans (maybe by Christmas?)  I had fruit for breakfast and a low calorie tropical juice from Naked Juice after workout.  More fruit during the day and nuts.  Green salad for dinner with avocado and a small piece of roasted chicken.  I drank a lot of tea today.

Day 11:  1st day on my own!  My mindset today:  I hope I don’t eat cheese all day long.  I did great!  Had a scrambled egg with a small sprinkle of cheese + fruit for breakfast.  I’m stuck on juice, it seems, so I bought an Odwalla reduced calorie blend to drink in the morning after my workout.  I’d make my own juice, but a juicer is pretty much the only gadget I don’t own!  Ate nuts for snacking, and then made my creamy Autumn Vegetable Soup (super filling,  low calorie, packed with veggies) late lunch/dinner.  I also had a bite (just one bite!) of pumpkin pie.  It was a nice treat.  I had a ton of energy today and hit the gym with 2 miles on the treadmill + 15 minute elliptical + arm weights.  Drank green tea today.  Still down 11 pounds.  My almost-skinny jeans were so comfortable today, and the people at my hair salon had noticed that I lost weight.  yay!

Day 12:  2nd day on my own!  I’ve lost a total of 12 pounds.  I’m eating healthy and I feel like eating healthy and keeping this going.  And best of all- I feel great and I feel thin.

That’s all I’ll share for now.  I wrote up a journal because I couldn’t find a lot of information about people’s detailed experience on the BluePrint Cleanse online.

Here are my final thoughts:

  • The price:  the three-day cleanse (6 juices per day) cost me $205 (and that’s with a group discount since I had three friends joining me).  That means each juice was $11.39.  That’s a lot!  I think I need to invest in a Breville juicer next time and  put together my own cleanse by doing some web research!
  • The prep:  I feel like BluePrint should have a little more guidance on the 3-day prep prior to the cleanse.  There were some very brief messages- eat fruit, mostly raw veggies, etc., but my friends and I wanted more.  To be fair, they do have a book that they sell on their website, so perhaps you need to purchase that to gain access to more guidance.  The prep was definitely the most difficult part of the cleanse process for me.
  • The broth:  Vegetable broth isn’t very good, but it’s much better (and so easy!) to make homemade.  It would be terrific if the BP folks included a recipe for vegetable broth within their instructions or pamphlet.
  • Favorite pre/post snack:  Cucumber with avocado and tomato- with a squeeze of lime.  Raw almonds or pecans.
  • The juices:  I really only enjoyed the PAM juice and the cayenne lemonade.  The cashew milk was okay the first couple of nights, but it became tiresome the third night.  I eat a ton of vegetables, but I’m not a green-juice kind of girl.  There are three options for the cleanses, but they’re pretty similar in general.
  • Hunger:  I found the pre and post parts of the cleanse the most difficult in terms of hunger.  The juice days were relatively easy.
  • Energy:  I had lots of it!
  • The side effects:  I didn’t have any at all.  Two of my participating friends got canker sores/ cold sores in their mouths.  They emailed BP Cleanse to find out if they had any recommendations for how to manage their mouth sores and BP responded promptly. It is fairly common for latent bacteria or viruses to emerge while cleansing. It is part of the bodies way of expunging these things from your system.
  • The experience:  I thought it was a great experience for me.  Glad I did it.  My friends felt the same.
  • What I discovered about myself:  I eat too much cheese and I do far too much random, unhealthy snacking.

Would I recommend it?
It depends what you’re looking for.  I wanted a cleanse… a re-set.  I felt that a structured program like this would work better for me than simply eating clean on my own.  I’d definitely do it again- maybe try another cleanse like one of these: Life Juice or the Cooler Cleanse.

Follow- Up:  I went on vacation Thanksgiving week.  I TRIED to stick with the program, but the lure of wine and lobster rolls in New England was just too tempting.  I hopped on the scale as soon as I got home to find that I had gained 4.5 pounds. Disappointing… but now I’m back on track, eating healthy and working out daily until Christmas.  I don’t think I would have gained that much had I just been at home, but on vacation… it’s so hard!  I have a strong desire to eat more vegetables and fruit again since I know how good they made me feel.

So tell me… have you tried a cleanse, or have you ever thought you’d like to try one?  I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Lori Lange of Recipe Girl

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  • Brandon wrote:

    This looks like a 12 day program and NOT 3! Im not sure Im in for 12 days.

  • ram wrote:

    Hi all,
    I really wonder whether you felt so good after cleansing with Blueprint.
    Most comments look like planted and a marketing blitz. And what amazes me that people just go by the promise without even consulting a nutritionist or any proper certification from blueprint. I am not contesting the benefits of fresh fruit and vegatables consumption, neither I am against the benefits of cleansing. What I am super skeptical about is the science behind blueprint cleansing. It’s a facade of wrong claims.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Planted? Uh, no. I simply tried it out and enjoyed it. Have done a few cleanses from different companies since and have (for the most part) enjoyed them all. It feels good to get all of that junk out of your system for a few days for sure.

  • Jen P. wrote:

    Hi – loved this article and it was super helpful and useful to me! I was reading reviews about this cleanse because I came across it and wanted to try as well. Congrats on the success you have had with it! Have you tried another cleanse since with the brand?

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Yes! My favorite so far is Pressed Juicery. Suja is pretty good too!

  • Patti Maund wrote:

    I have been juice cleansing for over 30 years. I love Blue Print. There is a spa in Florida that is one of the few that will let you juice. I went for a week, juiced and loved it.They have a potatoe rind juice that you can drink during times of hunger that is great but I can’t find a recipe. If no one has asked this previously, would you give the recipe for your broth? Thanks Patti