Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies with Heath Bars

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Heath bars? Did someone say Heath Bars? Heath bars and every kind of chocolate toffee copycat are among my all-time candy favorites. There’s nothing better than that layer of buttery, crunchy caramel edged with chocolate. Oh, drooooool. I should have made some chocolate butter toffee, but instead I made these:
Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies with Heath Bars and Pecans

I’m not big on adding nuts to things… and you can certainly leave out the pecans if you wish… but when you toast the pecans they take on magical toasty flavors that work wonderfully with brownies, so you might consider adding them.
Cheesecake is another of my favorites. I wanted cheesecake in lieu of wedding cake, but was swayed by several ‘traditionalists’ who lured me into ordering spice cake instead. I should have listened to my gut and banished the cheesecake nay sayers from my wedding, don’t you think?
A cheesecake layer is swirled into the brownies, and a little bit of the Heath Bars and toasted pecans are in there too.
Having run three miles this morning, I feel ok about discussing this dessert. Easter pretty much killed my diet (for a mere moment) but I’m back on track and working out like a mad woman. These brownies… well, I’m not gonna lie… they’ll kill your diet too. That cream cheese layer will tempt you and the Heath Bars will do you in. These are moist and fudgy brownies.  It’s a brownie recipe repeater for sure in our house.

This recipe can be found here:  Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies with Heath Bars and Pecans

Note:  If you don’t have access to Heath Bars, you can certainly use toffee bits or any other type of chocolate toffee that you can find.

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  • Melanie wrote:

    Wow – those look fantastic. I love the addition of heath bars. It makes regular cheesecake brownies WAY over the top.

  • Hélène wrote:

    I bought a big bag when I visited Las Vegas. I have to make those.

  • The Duo Dishes wrote:

    How do you manage to bake all of these goodies without eating them all? Seriously! Irresistible.

  • Sara wrote:

    WOW. I’m printing out this recipe right now. They look beyond amazing!!

  • Allison wrote:

    WOW those look fan freakin tastic! I’ll have to try those sometime. I had cheesecake at my wedding and it’s probably the best decision Ive made in my life! 😛 Poo on those traditional nay sayers!!

  • nina wrote:

    Your willpower is commendable!!!! As for these brownies, they are simply wicked!!!!

  • jennywenny wrote:

    I always hear that as ‘health’ bars and get really confused! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I think they might be similar to dime bars or daim bars that they sell in ikea if anyone is looking for an alternative.

  • kellypea wrote:

    I totally think you should have put a cork in the cheesecake naysayers. I love cheesecake! These brownies sound heavenly. The toffee plus the cheesecake has my taste buds really smarting right now! And on the candy — we bought non-Easter stuff, so there was no temptation to eat any of it. Of course probably easier to do w/ a teen than a little guy. Good for you on your power workouts!

  • snooky doodle wrote:

    Ha these are diet murderers! but surely worth killing for :)Great photos!

  • Lisa wrote:

    Oh, I just love toffee too. Yummy!

  • Nick wrote:

    You’re cheesecake heath brownies look delicious. I always mistake “heath” for “health” but “heath” is so good that it might as well say “health” because I’m going to devour it anyways. Ever have Skor bars? Ohmygosh they are incredible.

  • Jordan wrote:

    bookmarking this one for sure! yum!

  • Shari wrote:

    These sound so decadent! I love the marble photo!

  • Barbara wrote:

    I love cheesecake brownies. Your version looks great!

  • Kara wrote:

    Wow – this looks amazing. I make a Heath cheesecake so I can only imagine a Heath cheesecake brownie would be a new favorite.

  • Maria wrote:

    I am usually not a cream cheese fan, but I adore brownies and Heath, two of my favorites. I might have to give the cream cheese a chance!

  • Eliana wrote:

    The raw batter itself looks so wonderful.

  • healthy ashley wrote:

    I can honestly say those are the most scrumptious-looking brownies (or food for that matter!) I have ever seen. I couldn’t be trusted around those!

  • Bridget wrote:

    Wow…those look dangerous!

  • HoneyB wrote:

    These look sooooo yummy!! There is also a candy bar called Skor (made by the same company that makes Heath). You could substitute those for the Heath bars.