Kumquat Marmalade w/ Orange-Pecan English Muffin Bread

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We acquired some new toys recently… a foosball table, a ping pong table and a dart board.  And this means that our place has become the new “hang-out” for the boys in the neighborhood (and also the men who want to come over in the evening, smoke cigars & play boy games).  What does this have to do with kumquats?  Well, nothing at all, really.  But we did host a manly sort of Happy Hour last week, where we broke in all of the new toys and shared appetizers with friends.  One of my friends brought me the most beautiful basket of kumquats from her yard.

I’d seen these little fruits before, but Lord knows I had never cooked with them (or even tasted them) before.  Oh, how I love a challenge!

If you’re as unfamiliar with kumquats as I was, here’s a little information about them from Wiki: Kumquats are often eaten raw. As the rind is sweet and the juicy center is sour and salty, the raw fruit is usually consumed either whole—to savour the contrast—or only the rind is eaten. Culinary uses include: candying, preserves, marmalade, and jelly. Kumquats have begun to appear as a martini garnish, in lieu of the classic olive. They can also be sliced and added to salads. A liqueur can be made by macerating kumquats in vodka or other clear spirit.

I decided to make them into Kumquat Marmalade.

Here’s the pictoral how-to:

All finished… now what to serve it with? I thought I might make English Muffins… I’d always wanted to do that, but it seemed like too much work. I decided on English Muffin Bread- Whole Wheat, Orange-Pecan English Muffin Bread to be exact. It turned out to be a really good choice. One loaf to eat now, and one loaf to freeze and eat next week.

My surprise gift of Kumquats has turned into a wonderful breakfast treat that keeps on giving. The recipe makes nearly 2 cups of marmalade, so we’ve been sampling it on this bread, toast, bagels, etc. for a couple of weeks now. Delicious 🙂

Complete instructions for the marmalade recipe can be found here:
Kumquat Marmalade

The bread recipe can be found here:
Whole Wheat Orange- Pecan English Muffin Bread

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  • Greg wrote:

    Worked so easy. I made a batch for my dad (90) and he remembers and loves kumquats from his youth. Maybe I missed the line where you tell “how many kumquats to use”. Did you?

  • toni wrote:

    I just found your blog looking for kumquat recipes – this one seems the most simple and i LOVE your directions, using the photos and the font is awesome 😀 I’m using this for thumbprint valentine hearts 😀

  • Pamela Steeley wrote:

    I made this today! It is very good. I especially like your directions with the pictures. I didn’t know to throw out the inner pith. Also liked being able to use the microwave. It made it easy? Thanks!
    Haven’t made the bread yet.

  • Doug wrote:

    Thanks for this great kumquat marmalade recipe. I have a tree overflowing with them and hate for them to go to waste. Going out and buy the jars to put it up. Thanks again. Do you know how to do strawberry guava jam???

  • Shiela wrote:

    I came across your kamquat recipe and your site for the first time. I am so IMPRESSED with the clarity and ease with which you seem to have put it together. Brilliant. Thank you for bringing some happiness in my life.

  • Amy wrote:

    They’re so cute! I just had kumquats raw for the first time a few months back – just popped the whole thing in my mouth. In my opinion, sliced super thin in a salad is much better than whole. And this marmalade looks so yum AND simple – who would’ve thought? It would be a perfect addition to a ladies luncheon or brunch. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Nicole wrote:

    Wow, that looks amazing! Now I’m super hungry!!

  • Mrs. L wrote:

    Second kumquat recipe I’ve come across today. So wish my Grams kumquat tree was still there. We used to just eat them off the tree, and though I did’t think anyone every cooked with them I think she made marmalade or jam with them. I’ll have to check with the relatives.

  • Charles Thompson wrote:

    Wow! That looks so good – both the relish and that amazing looking bread. It’s lunchtime and I haven’t had breakfast so now I’m really hungry. Will give this a try!

  • Gera @ SweetsFoods wrote:

    I’m not familiar with Kumquats, even I don’t know when is the season here or if they are available but for sure, If I find them I’ll try this marmalade, it looks outstanding!!



  • rose wrote:

    THANK YOU for such a colorful/helpful/simple tutorial…and for making our decisions as to what to serve it with!!! Great all the way around!!!

  • Barbara wrote:

    I used to put a bowl of these out for decoration around Christmastime and my grandaughter would come along and bite into them. I’d look each day and there would be little tooth marks in all the kumquats!
    Great idea to make jam out of these little gems!

  • kirbie wrote:

    I have a whole bag of kumquats I need to use up. I’ve been thinking of making candied ones or jam or something, but it sounded exhausting. Your step by step looks easy and I love that I can do it in the microwave! Now to make some marmalade this weekend.

  • Manggy wrote:

    Oh man, that’s amazing. I’ve GOT to use my microwave more creatively from now on 🙂

  • Fran wrote:

    It looks so wonderful and all done in the microwave! The stove top method worked well, but this is so much faster and it will allow me to use a button other than defrost or reheat for a change!

  • b wrote:

    Such a gorgeous color and it looks so easy. I’m sure it was fabulous on some hot muffin bread.

  • Jalanda wrote:

    I love marmalade… and this version looks delicious! And English muffin? Come on! They just go together. You upped the “yum” factor with orange and pecan flavor in the bread. I have marked this to try!!! Soon!!!

  • Jessica @ How Sweet wrote:

    That looks so yummy! I have never had kumquats, would love to try!

  • Julia wrote:

    Wow, your photos are great! And interesting factoid about what to discard. I just thought you would use everything.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      @Julia, Me too! I had a lot of advice on what to discard from my Twitter friends 🙂

  • Sophie wrote:

    Waw!! Your bread & that marmelade looks so COOL & fabulous!! Another must make recipe from yours!!

    MMMMMM,..very tasty!!