Meyer Lemon- Ricotta Muffins

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Are you able to get your hands on some Meyers?  They’re sometimes found at the Farmer’s Market… try Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and any other specialty type markets.  You simply must find them.  And if you have a tree, well then I’m forever jealous.  I planted a very small Meyer Lemon tree last spring and it has maybe grown 2 inches taller- thus no fruit yet.  That’s what I get for trying to be thrifty at the nursery!

The bright, sunny color of a Meyer Lemon will draw you in, along with the sweeter flavor.   As Meyer Lemon season begins to draw to a close, I’m offering up a muffin recipe very worth trying…
Meyer Lemon- Ricotta Muffins.

I worked from a recipe I found on this neat blog, but my healthy eating venture had me messing with the ingredients to make these a tad bit more diet-friendly.

There’s a 1/4 cup of butter in there and some added applesauce to help keep them moist. I also went for using low fat ricotta cheese.

The flavor is really, really nice in these muffins. You see… there is a good amount of that wonderful Meyer Lemon zest in there, a splash of Meyer Lemon juice and added almond extract as well.

I know that someone will ask if they can use regular old sour lemons in this recipe.  Yes, I say ‘go for it!‘…  but understand that they might have a different taste than I’m describing.  Meyers do give off a substantially different flavor than regular sour lemons.   But since this recipe calls for a minimal amount of the actual lemon juice, you’re probably okay to try it with plain old lemons.

See how perfect they are? They really were quite delicious.

Something made these very moist (ricotta & applesauce, no doubt), and the blend of lemon & almond is fabuloso. Don’t skip the sliced almonds on top, and I added a little demerara/turbinado sugar on top for a little extra crunch and sparkle.

This recipe can be found here:  Meyer Lemon Ricotta Muffins
The Meyer Lemons that I used are from that wonderful San Diego resource: Specialty Produce.

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  • Kathy – Panini Happy wrote:

    These look so lovely – and I wouldn’t dream of skipping the slivered almonds! I’m gaga for Meyer lemon-anything these days 🙂

  • Jennifer Leal wrote:

    I am having a meyer lemon roundup next week on my blog so please submit your recipe as I would love to feature them.

  • Cris wrote:

    These are amazing!!! After a trip to Italy a couple summers ago, I returned a “lemon fanatic”! They grow there as big as grapefruits, and every dish has freshly squeezed lemon to enhance the flavor. Try it! The health benefits are endless!

  • Colleen wrote:

    I love lemon and ricotta together. I make a tart with both of those ingredients – so good!

  • marguerite wrote:

    Those look delicious!

  • Jude wrote:

    Don’t know what it is about lemon and ricotta but the combination is always delicious, especially in baked goods.

  • finsmom wrote:

    Wow! These sound heavenly. I love the slivered almonds on the top. They make the muffins look so special and pretty 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  • southern hostess wrote:

    I bet these taste wonderful. They look so light and delicious!

  • CookiePie wrote:

    Beautiful muffins — I LOVE meyer lemons! The almonds look so pretty too.

  • Louise wrote:

    Your muffins are packed with goodness. I can’t help bursting and puckering at the mere thought of them.

    Thanks so much for sharing recipegirl:)

  • Deborah wrote:

    I was able to find Meyer lemons last year, but I haven’t seen any this year. I need to keep my eyes open!

  • 5 Star Foodie wrote:

    I just discovered Meyer lemons and really love them! Your muffins look just scrumptious!

  • Kristen wrote:

    So delicious! I’m now on the hunt for some Meyer lemons. I love cooking with them, but can hardly ever find them here in KS.

  • Katrina wrote:

    I’m seeing lemon all over the blog world. These muffins look GREAT!

  • VeggieGirl wrote:

    Oh my, so BEYOND refreshing and divine!!

  • rhyleysgranny wrote:

    You muffins look lovely.I can nearly taste the zing. I have never seen Meyer lemons in the shops here. I have a little meyer lemon tree in my conservatory and it has made it through the winter. The lemons are totey though. Just big enough for a gin and tonic. they do have a very distinctive flavour.

  • Esi wrote:

    I love lemon and ricotta together! I am so happy to see Meyer lemons all over the place. These look great!

  • Bunny wrote:

    I’ve never baked with ricotta, your gonna have me making these just to know what it tastes like in a baked good! I’ve never had a meyer lemon either, I hope your pitying me and on your way tot he post office to send me a muffin!

  • DessertObsessed wrote:

    i want some meyer lemons!! there are so many gorgeous things around the blogsphere made with those gorgeous lemons!