Stuff I’ve Gotta Share and You’ve Gotta See

Here’s some more of that Stuff I’ve Gotta Share and You’ve Gotta See…

10 Spider Themed Treats for Halloween

On Parade Magazine this week, I shared some Halloween fun:  10 SPIDER- THEMED RECIPES FOR HALLOWEEN

Spooky Halloween Recipes

… and also 10 SERIOUSLY SPOOKY HALLOWEEN RECIPES (because adults need food that is not so “cute” for their Halloween parties, right??)

Facebook Milestone

I’m still kind of freaking out about this, but my RecipeGirl Facebook page reached 100,000 LIKES yesterday.  Isn’t that completely crazy?!  I love to share recipes that I spot in and around the internet from other food blogs, etc., as well as recipes of my own.  Come follow me on Facebook for some food fun, if you’re not following me already!

Homemade -Chicken-Nuggets

My BOY… my RecipeBoy shared a recipe for Homemade Chicken Nuggets this week.  We made them together, and I must admit that they were very good.  100% better than any of that frozen stuff you may be lured into buying for your kids, and they were easy to make too.  He’s also hosting a giveaway for a copy of the fabulous Weelicious Lunches cookbook- so head on over to to check that out.


This is what I can see from my kitchen window and family room!  This little guy surprised me yesterday, along with 4 of his friends.  They munched their way through my yard as their little herd was passing through.  I love seeing deer in the yard!  And you get a little peek at the colors on one of my backyard trees too.  This is the first year I’ve seen the fall colors changing since we really didn’t experience that when we lived in San Diego (where everything just either stays green or dies and falls off the tree).  It’s really beautiful here.

Mike's Hard Lemonade

I’m happy to announce a new partnership between RecipeGirl and Mike’s Hard Lemonade!  True story:  Many years back I was in Massachusetts for the summer.  We were at a friend’s house and they offered me a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  I had no idea what that was, but I accepted the offer and quickly decided that it was my new favorite drinky drink.  That was way back when they only actually had “lemonade.”  Now Mike’s has cool flavors like Hard Strawberry Lemonade, Hard Mango Punch, and Hard Black Cherry Lemonade (and a whole bunch of other flavors too)!  My husband and I are going to be conducting an official taste test this weekend of all of the hip flavors shown here.  Which one do you think you’d like best?  I know I’m going to love them all!

Next week, I’ll be sharing a special Halloween post in conjunction with Mike’s Hard Lemonade… showing you some decorating tips and recipes appropriate for an adult Halloween party, as well as some ideas for serving up Mike’s Hard Lemonade  too.  DON’T MISS IT!  🙂

Food Network Cupcakes

Yes, RecipeGirl does not always have success in the kitchen.  I can’t decide if this recipe was my fault… or if there was something wrong with the recipe, but it just didn’t work at all.  Total mess.  The recipe was from the current Food Network Magazine:  Golden Butter Popcorn Cupcakes.  I followed the directions exactly, and this is what happened in my oven.  The only thing I can think of is that I am at 6,000 feet elevation and something was whacky there, but I’ve been baking a lot of things in my oven since I moved and haven’t had a disaster like this.  I had to toss it all.  Bummer.

Gold Medal Flour

I took a quick trip to Minneapolis last week to visit one of the companies I work closely with:  General Mills (Gold Medal Flour).  I had never really seen much of Minneapolis before, so it was fun to explore the city on a Segway, visit the Mill City Museum and have dinner at the fabulous Bar La Grassa.  We were served an appetizer that I’d travel back to Minneapolis to eat:  Bruschetta with soft eggs and lobster.  Sounds weird, right?  I thought the same thing, but it was seriously one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten!   Pictured above are two of my favorite people:  Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod and Jenny from Picky Palate.  We did manage to do a little bit of shopping at the famous Mall of America too!

Betty Crocker Kitchens

While at General Mills, I baked two of my recipes in their official Betty Crocker Test Kitchens!  1.  Snickerdoodle Blondies (always a favorite) and 2.  Kahula- Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies (my husband’s favorite cookie).  Both of these recipes happen to be in The Recipe Girl Cookbook too.  Speaking of The Recipe Girl Cookbook… Amazon says it only has 18 left in stock.  That’s kind of fun- please buy them up so they have to order more!

I was so excited to see this movie!  It held my attention, but I didn’t want to go home and tell everyone that they had to see it.  I thought it was just okay, and so did the other people I saw the movie with.  George Clooney needed to be in it more since I really kind of like to look at him 🙂

Walking Dead
And FINALLY… did you watch the season premiere of  The Walking Dead???  There are some interesting new plot lines happening!  People who don’t watch this show think I’m absolutely crazy for watching a show about zombies, but seriously… if you ever see the first couple of episodes of this series, you’ll be a goner and have to watch the entire thing.  You simply HAVE to find out what happens.  I’m so excited that the new season has started!

Until next week, my friends…. have a great rest of the week!

*There are Amazon affiliate links included within this post.
*I am working with Mike’s Hard Lemonade to help promote their products- all opinions shared are my own.

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  • Sammi wrote:

    The Walking Dead is so crazy this season! We get introduced to a new character, then they get killed off!

  • Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. wrote:

    These recipes are so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  • shelly (cookies and cups) wrote:

    Love these posts! I have been on the fence about Gravity.. maybe it’s a renter?

  • Jody Gates wrote:

    These types of posts are some of my favorites. I made your Pumpkin Bread and Pumpkin Scones this week. Yum!! I find myself coming to your site every week for a recipe. You are in my top 3 sites for recipes.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      That makes me so happy- thank you!

  • Averie @ Averie Cooks wrote:

    Thanks for that link to Kelly’s site. Didn’t know she had all that info – GREAT to know, thanks Lori

  • Cathy Pollak ~ Noble Pig wrote:

    Hey, thanks for including my Band-Aid cookies in your Parade post….I admit I love creepy Halloween food. And I have to try those new Hard Lemonade flavors, they sound really good!

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      You’re welcome- those are completely gross!

  • Rachel @ Baked by Rachel wrote:

    That’s such a bummer about the cupcakes! And so near about the deer. I love when I see them here. Always a nice surprise 🙂

  • Shawn @ I Wash You Dry wrote:

    Good stuff here Lori!! I finally got to see a movie in an actual theater (first time in over 10 months) and it was Gravity. I totally loved it. It could have been the environment, popcorn, and friends… but I’m a huge Sandra Bullock fan, so I enjoyed it. 🙂 Congrats on your 100K fans! Woot Woot!

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Well, I didn’t really “dislike” the movie, but I definitely wasn’t as WOWED as I expected to be. I wanted more Clooney, lol!

  • Tieghan wrote:

    Great shares this week! Congrats on 100k! That is incredible and I cannot even imagine! Way to go!! 🙂 You are very inspiring!

    Love all the creepy Halloween food! So fun!

    Oh and the elevation baking? Ugh. Sometimes I have a hard time and sometimes things work fine. It can be crazy annoying, but let me know if you figure out any tips!

  • Karen @ Sugartown Sweets wrote:

    The Spider Treats are my favorite..and a BIG Congratulations on 100,000 FB likes! 🙂

  • Stacy | Wicked Good Kitchen wrote:

    Congrats on reaching 100K+ likes on FB! Creepy fun with those spider cookies. Saw the spider chocolate chip cookies floating around Pinterest before Amanda baked them, hers are prettier. Beautiful autumn backyard shot! I love fall. Wish I started watching The Walking Dead! (I know! What is my problem?) I’m into Zombie everything in film, but we don’t watch much network TV at all…but, watch the good stuff on cable. Don’t have much time for TV even at that, LOL. Thanks for sharing, Lori!

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      We record everything- and then watch it when we are actually sitting on the couch together (which is rare!)

  • Averie @ Averie Cooks wrote:

    I grew up in Mpls and if it wasnt’ for the weather, it really is a great place. So much going for it…except the weather. I used to work at the MOA when I was in h.s.! Glad you were able to get up there and check it out..before it starts snowing, which will be any day now. LOL

    And that recipe fail. I saw it on your IG. And 2 hours later, I had a recipe fail. I was so ticked!

    If you have more info about elevation baking, please do a post about it! I am asked constantly about it and I have no idea what to say and refer to the King Arthur site who has quite a bit of info but no personal experience.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      I refer to quite often. She knows her stuff about high altitude baking! And I agree… winter is not do-able in Minneapolis. I was there in January once and it’s not very fun!!

  • Liz S. wrote:

    There’s SO many deer all around my property. It’s a little scary when I walk my dog every morning, because we literally come upon deer at least twice per walk, haha.

    What a great MN trip; and I love the Halloween treats!

  • Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet wrote:

    Eeek! Those Spider Cookies are so creepy! Fun but creepyy! 🙂
    Congratulations on hitting the 100k!! So well deserved!
    Can I just say how excited I am for the new “Walking Dead” season? So so so so excited!!