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Here’s another edition of Stuff I’ve Gotta Share and You’ve Gotta See! >>

Bacon Wrapped Appetizer Recipes
Here’s one post I shared on Parade Magazine recently:  6 BACON- WRAPPED APPETIZER RECIPES... for Super Bowl Sunday!  There are some good ones in here, so be sure to check them out!

5 Ingredient Dinner Recipes
And here is another post I shared on Parade:  SIX SIMPLE 5-INGREDIENT DINNER RECIPES.  Quick and easy for weeknights- these are all perfect for busy families.

Simply Orange

I buy this kind of “orange juice” all the time… so I was a little disturbed by this article > Coca-Cola’s Simply Orange Juice Is Anything But.  I guess I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and pick up fresh-squeezed at Trader Joe’s instead.

Spicy Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Totally loving this idea > SPICY WHOLE ROASTED CAULIFLOWER

Whisk Lights

Isn’t this super cute???? > WHISK LIGHTS.  Just hang your whisks from the little loops and slide a tea light candle inside.

Football Food

If you’re planning a Super Bowl party (because… you know, it’s a great excuse to make a lot of really delicious and evil food), be sure to check out my “FOOTBALL FOOD” Pinterest Board.  There are almost 1,000 pins to this board for great football food inspiration!!!

Super Bowl Party Display
This image comes from Pillsbury– isn’t it a totally cool idea if you were having a really awesome BIG Super Bowl Party???  I love it.  Also check out these > 6 TIPS FOR THROWING A SUPER BOWL PARTY ON A BUDGET.

Fave Blogs Jan 29

Here are three food blogs I love… that you should be following too! >

  • DIETHOOD:  Katerina blogs from Chicago.  First and foremost, this is NOT a diet blog (the word “diet” refers to the sum of the food consumed).  Katerina cooks and shares wholesome, sometimes healthy, delicious, good-for-you food, as well as authentic Macedonian dishes.  Her latest post:  Mascarpone White Chocolate Truffles.
  • FOODNESS GRACIOUS:  Originally from Scotland, Gerry- a stay at home dad- blogs from Long Beach, CA.  He shares that food should be simple, fresh and easy to prepare. Fun fact… Gerry has his own Artisan Caramel Business!  His latest post:  Stacked Pulled Pork Poutine Nachos.
  • PROUD ITALIAN COOK:  Marie also blogs from Chicago.  Truth be told- this blog was one of the first I started following… way back in 2008!  Marie was born and raised in Chicago to Italian parents… and she married an Italian guy too.  Needless to say, this blog is where you go for awesome Italian food.  Her latest post:  Chicken Cacciatore.

Cheesecake Swirl Brownies by

My 12-year-old RecipeBoy made these totally amazing CHEESECAKE SWIRL BROWNIES last weekend.  He has a horrendous story to tell about how he got injured in the making of these brownies, so be sure to read his post and give him the sympathy he is craving (haha!).

Best Ever Queso Cheese Sauce
Here’s a recipe for some of that nacho cheese sauce that you buy and pour onto chips except this stuff is HOMEMADE and looks amazing:  BEST EVER QUESO CHEESE SAUCE from my friend Sommer of the blog A Spicy Perspective.  It’s a GREAT idea for Super Bowl, isn’t it??

And finally, here’s the video clip I’m sharing this week.  If you’ve ever seen the “lip reading” spoofs on the NFL players, this is a new one.  I love to watch it with my kiddo because it just makes him giggle so much (and there’s nothing better than seeing your kids laugh, is there?)

Until next week, my friends… have a good one!

Lori Lange of Recipe Girl

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  • Jessica @ A Kitchen Addiction wrote:

    Love those whisk lights! And Sommer’s cheese sauce needs to happen ASAP!

  • Angela wrote:

    Thanks for the link on Simple Orange. That’s so disturbing. I drink that orange juice all the time and would have never guessed how unnatural it is.

  • Stephanie @ PlainChicken wrote:

    those whisk lights are so cute!

  • Kate@Diethood wrote:

    Oh, how awesome!! Thank you so, SO MUCH, Lori!! I’m truly honored. xoxo

  • Anna@CrunchyCreamySweet wrote:

    The roast cauliflower – genius! But the cheesecake brownies – OMG! Need!!!
    Fabulous finds as always, Lori!

  • Liz @ Virtually Homemade wrote:

    Those whisk tea light candles are adorable! And those brownies look amazing…

  • Marcie wrote:

    I had no idea about simply orange juice — Thank you for bringing that to my attention! I love that cauliflower roast and whisk lights — what incredible ideas. I will have to check out your favorite blogs — I can never follow enough. ????

  • Marie wrote:

    Wow Lori, Thanks so much, it means a lot coming from you! Big hugs from Chicago!

  • Gerry @ Foodness Gracious wrote:

    Thanks for the mention Lori! I totally appreciate it. Have a great rest of the week 🙂