Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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Dear Chocolate Lovers,
I have a cookie for you and only for you… Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies.   If you don’t care for chocolate, you might as well leave now. This one is for the chocolate-obsessed only.

The batter has melted chocolate in it, chocolate chunks are mixed into the chocolate batter, and broken candy bar pieces are placed on top of each dollop of batter. See what I mean? Lots of chocolate to go around.
There is one caveat with this recipe… one thing that you must have in order to eat them and enjoy them.
Enjoy all of this chocolate heaven… because it may very likely send you to a chocolate-induced “happy place.” A very good, delirious, happy place where only chocolate-lovers are invited.

This recipe can be found HERE.

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  • ingrid wrote:

    Here’s the thing we don’t like chocolate and aren’t cookie eaters BUT these look amazing and make me wish we were!

  • Amy I. wrote:

    YES please! I’ll take a plate-full

  • Susan wrote:

    oh my land. look at that decadent batter. i want some now!

  • Sara @Our Best Bites wrote:

    I definitely fall under the category of chocolate-obsessed. Those look amazing!

  • Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy wrote:

    Happy place, indeed! Those cookies look divine! 🙂

  • Bitchin’ Kitchen wrote:

    I love their glossy finish

  • Teanna wrote:

    WOW. Choooocolate. Yessssssssssssss. Those look amazing! Those are the type of cookies that would just fly off of the table!

  • Maria wrote:

    Wow, that is a lot of chocolate! I am sure I could manage to eat at least one:)

  • Sara wrote:

    Wow! These look insanely delicious. SO MUCH CHOCOLATE! 🙂

  • Josie wrote:

    Those are the chocolaty-est lookin cookies I have ever seen!

  • patsyk wrote:

    Your triple chocolate cookies look AMAZING! Guess I know what cookie I’m making next time! thanks for the link, too!

  • pamela wrote:

    Wow…that is some serious chocolate! They look SO GOOD!

  • Kimmie wrote:

    THESE. LOOK. SO. YUMMY. I better have all the ingredients, too!

  • Bellini Valli wrote:

    I will be joining you in that happy place soon:D

  • Ciaochowlinda wrote:

    I could sink my teeth into the screen they look so tempting.

  • Susan wrote:

    OMG These look sinful…Gotta make them! My family will think they died and went to heaven! Thanks…

  • beth wrote:

    They look really good – not good for waistline though – oh well at least I’m pregnant so no-one will really notice!!!

  • HoneyB wrote:

    Wow, they look so good! I love the crackly looking top and all that chocolate in there! Dangerous! BUT Delicious I am sure!

  • Barbara wrote:

    I could use some chocolate heaven!

  • Michelle wrote:

    Yum – my kids would dig these.