Twix Bar Cheesecake Pie… A Pie Contest Winner!

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Every fall my son and I enter our community’s pie contest. I’m really not very good at pies (crust challenged, you see…) and my son likes choosing a recipe that’s easy enough to make by himself. RecipeBoy (9) ended up winning the contest this year… with his Twix Bar Cheesecake Pie! I asked him if he’d like to write a guest post, but he was more interested in playing with his friends.  He did make a point to advise me to “make sure you explain how to make it well to your readers… and show all of the pictures.”

You can print out the instructions for the recipe by clicking on the title, but here’s a little photo how-to that my son asked me to share with you:

Dump oreos in the food processor and pulse them into crumbs (or crush them to crumbs in a large zip bag).

Pour the crumbs into a bowl, add melted butter and stir it all up.

Scrape the oreo mixture into a pie plate. Use your (clean) hands to pat the crumbs onto the bottom & up the sides of the plate. Then put the pie plate into the freezer for 30 minutes to firm up the crust.

Chop the Twix bars into small pieces. Crack eggs into a bowl with cream cheese. Add a waterfall of sugar too, and use an hand mixer to mix it all together.

Stir in the chopped Twix bars, then scrape the yummy Twix cheesecake mixture into the frozen pie crust.

Take another peek at the recipe to make sure you’re doing everything right. Then put the pie in the oven… veeeeery carefully and bake it until it’s done.

Let the pie cool completely. Drizzle chocolate and caramel on top and then scatter some more chunks of Twix Bar on top of the syrups. It’s done! Keep it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve it.

My son says: “If you make this pie, you might win a contest because people really like candy bars.” And he says this from experience… last year he took home a ribbon for his Snicker’s Bar Pie! This recipe can be found here: Twix Cheesecake Pie.

I didn’t win a ribbon in this contest myself, but it’s no big deal to me.  I made a pie that I found on Food 52Brown Butter Apple & Cheddar Pie. It sounded interesting, and I thought it tasted pretty good too, but I don’t think it was quite a hit-out-of-the-park recipe.

I’m hopelessly pie-challenged… I can never seem to make them as well as Grandma used to.  Let me know if you have tips for me so I can come up w/ a prize-winning pie recipe for myself next year!  Or maybe I should just take my son’s advice and go w/ a candy-bar-themed pie instead 😉

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  • Amy wrote:

    This pie looks amazing! I want to make it for a family reunion pie contest but i need to make it a day before the contest Do you think it will be good if eaten and judged the day after its made?

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Yes, I think it should hold up just fine! Maybe add the toppings on the day of the event?

  • Patricia wrote:

    I made this Twix Bar cheesecake for my college aged grandson’s birthday, who just loves Twix! What a hit! Everyone is still talking about it. He said, “It was really ‘the BOMB!” (which means really GOOD!) :} It has been a couple weeks now, and still he is talking about with that wonderful gazing look in eyes, like “more?”

    Obviously, I will have to make it more often. I did cheat a little and used a pre-made chocolate crust. It saved me a little time and energy, and I don’t believe my grandson cared. The only thing is the photo looks a little tacky, but I got up real close and cropped the tin pan out of the photos.

    Thanks was this recipe which brought so much delight to my family.

  • Alisa wrote:

    My son is going to love this! It looks so delicious!

  • Ellie wrote:

    Wow, great job you guys!!! Both look yummy!

  • Lori wrote:

    Congratulations RecipieBoy! This looks amazing, and both Mike & Jeremy want to make this very soon! Can’t wait to try it! Lori I know you are so proud that your son shares your passion in the kitchen. Loved the step by step photos. Jeremy says, “I want to be famous like recipeboy!”

  • Paula wrote:

    wow, I love this idea!
    looks so delicious!

    have a nice time!

  • beany53 wrote:

    Please tell your son that his cheese cake recipe is “out of this world”. I didn’t have any Twix Bars so I used Snicker Bars instead. Absolutely fantastic! My husband doesn’t even like cheese cake and he ate 4 pieces. I am sold on only baking my cheese cakes from now on. What a difference. Thank you again. P.S. You will defineately win next year if you use candy bars in your pie recipe. You pie looked wonderful and I’m sure it tasted wonderful too. Regards, beany53

  • Shannon wrote:

    Great job you got me drooling! Is there a difference between a cheesecake pie and a cheesecake?

  • Lynn wrote:

    What a great job your son did! My son (8 years old) saw this post and said, “That boy’s a pie maker?! I want to be a pie maker, too!”

  • Katrina wrote:

    What a yummy looking prize-winning pie. Love all the photos.

  • Janet wrote:

    They look Scrumptious!! Recipe Boy did an amazing job- so much so I wanted to lick the screen! I just love his dimples, too, btw! Lori, yours is beautiful no matter what, and without a doubt tastes wonderful!

  • RecipeGirl’s Mom wrote:

    Congratulations “Recipeboy” I am so proud of you!!!!! Your pie looked SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!!!! The ribbon fit you well.

    Recipegirl: Better luck next time!

  • Robyn wrote:

    Congratulations and oh my goodness, that looks sinfully delicious.