Christmas Candy Recipes: Eggnog Fudge

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I’m officially enamored with eggnog. This holiday season, I’ve already whipped up an eggnog bread and eggnog muffins. My husband has been eyeing an eggnog cookie recipe from a holiday cookie magazine that he’d like me to bake. My son has been begging me to make eggnog french toast. And my nephew (a chef) apparently informed my sister that my website is missing a proper recipe for eggnog itself. I guess I’ve got some work to do. I did manage to make a new fudge recipe using eggnog that I found to be quite delicious: Eggnog Fudge.
This is a white chocolate-based confection. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of white chocolate at all. But this fudge drew me in. It’s a sweet, sweet treat with a mellow eggnog flavor. Freshly grated nutmeg tops it off to make it a bit more festive.
It freezes well, which is a good thing if you don’t wish to have chunks of this lying around.
I must warn you though… it’s just as easy to take a bite out of frozen fudge than it is when it’s at room temperature.

This recipe can be found here:  Eggnog Fudge

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  • Laura wrote:

    Definitely an interesting and unique recipe! The flavor is good, but people who are considering making this should know that it is VERY VERY rich and sweet (even for fudge). I brought it to a few holiday parties, and while people generally seemed to think it tasted fine, several people also commented on how very sweet it was and I noticed that nobody took more than one piece. Since the recipe makes several pieces of fudge, I’d suggest making this for a large gathering where there will be several dessert options available.

  • Hearty Appletite wrote:

    Chasing this recipe over from a fudge challenge. Looks delish! Come check out my orange infused fudge. Yum!

  • Chels R. wrote:

    Thank you so much for this awesome recipe. This was my first time ever making fudge and it wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. I used this recipe this month’s Crazy Cooking Challenge which was Fudge. You can check it out on my blog 🙂

  • chris wrote:

    Forget your nephew! You do a wonderful job with this web site and I love the pictures. If one wasn’t much of a fan of Eggnog, these pictures should make them a believer. We are supposed to have a storm to end all storms today and tonight, so I am going to make this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Patricia Scarpin wrote:

    This is wonderful! What a treat – anyone who gets these as a gift will be happy!

  • ingrid wrote:

    Goodness, that does sound and look good. I love eggnog myself and am looking for a eggnog layered cake recipe. You hiding one? As a matter of fact I think I made and blogged about an overnite eggnog bundt cake of yours. 🙂 Now I’m gonna check out those muffins you mentioned.