Dining at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

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Recently, I had the opportunity of dining at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Boston.  Boston is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and I am always thrilled to experience their restaurant scene.  I had been to a Ruth’s Chris once– in San Diego– but fast-forward many years later to check out the Ruth’s Chris Steak House in downtown Boston.  It’s in a unique location in their old city hall building- near Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market.

Ruths Chris Boston

It turns out that Ruth’s Chris Steak House is celebrating their 50th year anniversary this year.  50 years in business!  History writes that Ruth Fertel bought Chris Steak House in New Orleans in 1965 to help put her teenage sons through college.  She had no experience in the restaurant business but learned how to run the business and developed the perfect method for broiling steaks (using an 1,800° broiler!)  Ruth’s Chris became the first franchised fine dining establishment in 1976.

Here’s a peek at my dining experience at Ruth’s Chris Steak House- which happened to be on the day that my husband and I were celebrating our 20 year anniversary of being married 🙂  >>

Ruths Chris Cocktails

We kicked off our celebratory meal with cocktails.  Their list of cocktails is impressive- you’ll find modern twists on classics, such as a Coconut Ginger Lemon Drop Martini, a Blackberry Sidecar and a Blueberry Mojito.  My husband chose a New Fashioned > bulleit rye whiskey, cherry heering liqueur, orange, amarena cherry, fee bros. black walnut and orange bitters.  It’s not my kind of drink, but he enjoyed it very much.  My kind of drink is the pretty one you see above: a Raspberry Rosemary Cosmo > absolut raspberri vodka, cointreau, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice, muddled raspberries and fresh rosemary.  Delicious!

Ruths Chris Starters

With a starter cocktail warming our bellies, we were definitely ready to jump into ordering wine, appetizers and salads.  Our wonderful waiter suggested certain menu items to try, but we added in a few things we were dying to try too.  Our sommelier was awesome- he helped us select a wine that we were extremely happy with and have been trying to find ever since:  a red blend called, The Prisoner– from Napa Valley 2013.

Ruths Chris Salad 1

First up:  Lettuce Wedge:  crisp iceberg, field greens, bacon, bleu cheese and dressing.  This sort of salad is always my favorite, so I’m happy to report that it didn’t disappoint here either.  Both the lettuce and the bacon were extra crispy- which is so important in this kind of salad!

Ruths Chris Salad 2

My husband chose their famous original: Ruth’s Chop Salad– julienne iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, radicchio, red onions, mushrooms, green olives, bacon, eggs, hearts of palm, croutons, bleu cheese, lemon basil dressing and crispy onions.  I must admit that I ate this one too.  The presentation was super cool- loved how the dressing was tossed with everything before styling- and the crispy onions were a unique touch.

Ruths Chris Ravioli

We insisted on trying these:  Veal Osso Buco Ravioli– saffron-infused pasta filled with veal osso buco and fresh mozzarella cheese– served with sauteed baby spinach and a white wine demi-glace.  I could have eaten 12 of these for my entire meal.  They were just perfect in every way- the abundance of flavor and the texture of the pasta… so good.

Ruths Chris Shrimp

This is the Barbecued Shrimp– sauteed New Orlean’s style in reduced white wine, butter, garlic and spices. If you’re a shrimp lover, you’ll be happy with how this one is prepared.  It’s one of their signature appetizer recipes.

It was really tough to choose the appetizers.  Everything looked fantastic.  Next time we’re going to add seared ahi tuna and mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat to the list of things to try.

Ruths Chris Steak and Sides

At this point in the meal, it was time to try the main dishes and the side dishes.  I’m not going to lie… I was pretty full after tasting all mentioned thus far… but since I knew the best was yet to come, I trudged ahead and kept tasting!  I’ll begin with the sides: Potatoes au Gratin, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes (we couldn’t agree on the potatoes… so we got both), and Creamed Spinach.  I enjoyed both kinds of potatoes, but I was especially enamored with the creamed spinach.

Ruths Chris Steak

They brought us three steaks to try side-by-side:  RibeyeNew York Strip, and Filet.  Admittedly, I wasn’t all that knowledgeable about the differences in steak.  But our waiter was simply amazing.  He described the differences and had us try a bite of each.  It was a life-changing experience to have them all on the table in front of us and to try them one-by-one.  I’ll never forget… here are the differences as I can describe them to you.  The Ribeye is highly marbled, which means it has more fat than other cuts.  This shouldn’t scare you because fat is where a lot of the flavor comes from.  We were surprised how much we truly enjoyed the ribeye.  The New York Strip has marbling too– with a strong, beefy flavor.  It’s not as flavorful as the ribeye and is moderately tender.  We liked this one too, but it was our least favorite of the three.  The filet (tenderloin) is usually always my favorite to order- it’s so tender with a buttery-like texture, and it’s lower in fat… which means lower in flavor.  I still always enjoy a good piece of tenderloin though!  All three steaks were fantastic- that’s a good thing for a steak house, right?!

Ruths Chris Sweet Potato Casserole

We couldn’t leave without trying dessert.  The waiter insisted that we try the Sweet Potato Casserole for dessert.  This was odd since this is technically an item listed on their side dish menu, but the waiter explained that it was a sweet dish crusted with pecan and would be fun to try with ice cream on top.  I honestly wasn’t too keen on this idea, but I’m really glad I tried it.  The ice cream melted into the sweet, sweet potatoes, and with the pecan crust it seemed much like sweet potato pie.

Ruths Chris Creme Brulee

Since this is my favorite all-time dessert, I was happy to find it on Ruth’s Chris menu:  Crème Brûlée.  It was classically creamy with a crispy, sugary crust.  Fresh berries were a nice complement.  We were too full to try the Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce, but that’s on the list for next time too!

Ruths Chris Steakhouse Boston

Needless to say, we had a fantastic meal at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  I highly recommend it for a celebratory lunch or dinner (or if you are just looking for a high quality steak house).  We were greeted by professional staff every step of the way.  Our waiter was completely educated about every single item on the menu.  It’s important to note that Ruth’s Chris also has a Sizzle, swizzle & Swirl menu -which has $8 entrees and cocktails- available in limited locations. And of course the seasonal Ruth’s Classics Menu is a great 3-course seasonally inspired menu for folks on a budget. http://www.ruthschris.com/promotions/ruths-classics/.

Ruth’s Chris has become the largest collection of upscale steak houses in the world, with more than 145 restaurant locations around the globe– that must be because they clearly know what they’re doing!  Have you been to one yet?  Do you have a favorite menu item?

Disclosure:  I’m working with Ruth’s Chris Steak House to help them celebrate their 50th anniversary.  This meal was provided to me in order to review and share my experience with my readers.  All opinions shared are my own.


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  • Jennifer wrote:

    It’s been years since I’ve been to Ruth’s Chris. And it is nearly impossible to find a good steak in Italy. You have me majorly craving a filet now!

  • JulieD wrote:

    We love Ruth’s Chris! Their fries are amazing! And I still think about that sweet potato casserole!!

  • Liz @ The Lemon Bowl wrote:

    Awww happy anniversary!! We got to Ruths Chris all the time!! One of our favorites!

  • @Travelpanties wrote:

    Wow, Lori. This looks amazing. Love following your posts. They make me drool. Ruth’s Chris is one of my favorite steak places. Such a great choice for special occasions. And love your photos as always!

  • Sommer@ASpicyPerspective wrote:

    Oh Lori, it looks fantastic! I love steak but could make a meal out of all those apps and salads!!

  • Kimberly @ The Daring Gourmet wrote:

    This looks like the perfect night out for dinner!  The selection you chose looks awesome – those raviolis….WOW!  I’m ready to head up to Bellevue, WA now for dinner at Ruth’s Chris! 🙂

  • Heather | All Roads Lead to the Kitchen wrote:

    Happy belated anniversary! I hate to admit this, but…we have a local Ruth’s Chris and I’ve never been there. Everything looks and sounds amazing, so I think I may have to remedy that soon. I’ve heard great things about that sweet potato casserole, and I think it looks fantastic with the ice cream. 

  • Stacy Dorcas wrote:

    Lori, good choice for an anniversary dinner. We go to Ruth’s Chris for special occasions. The food and service are always impeccable. I forgot my reading glasses on our last visit there and our server provided me with a pair.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      I’d be LOST without reading glasses in a restaurant! Glad to hear they were able to help 🙂

  • Ashley Cote wrote:

    I love the Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Boston! I wish I hadn’t looked at this before dinner because now I want to go there. The sweet potato casserole is one of my favorite dishes. Your pictures are making my mouth water!

  • Fran McClain wrote:

    Loved the Creamed Spinach!!!!

  • Rachelle wrote:

    Isn’t the sweet potato casserole amazing with ice cream?  It’s my favorite dessert there, and it’s not even “officially” on the menu as a dessert.  Insiders know to order it though. 😉

  • Kim Hopkins wrote:

    We got to eat @ the Ruth Chris in Birmingham when we attended a sales meeting it was wonderful, the garlic mashed potato were better than any tater I’ve ever had and the creamed spinach was AWESOME. my only down side it messed with my food allergy would love the recipe so I could make it dairy free 🙂

    The food is great and it was nice for the sales meeting but since they are an ala cart restaurant we will not be able to enjoy them on a regular basis.

  • Joanne wrote:

    When my husband and I owned a second home in Houston, we dined at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse quite often. We always had a fabulous meal!

  • Denise wrote:

    I have never eaten there, because my son and his wife, who went there not so long ago, said to plan on at LEAST 100.00 for dinner !  Sorry, but did you add up what your tasting meal would have cost had you needed to pay for it ?  I am curious to know.  Sounds wonderful, but being retired and on a fixed income, I am afraid I will never be able to go.  So sad.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Hi Denise, we did not… it was meant to be a tasting meal- not one where you would actually order all of those things and eat them! A lot of folks visit Ruth’s Chris for special occasions. It was our 20th wedding anniversary, so I think that was a good reason to celebrate!

  • Missy wrote:

    Exceptional steakhouse and if they were paying for my meal, I would have tried all of those. Just be ready for sticker shock when you pay. It is not cheap!

  • Christyne wrote:

    You can find Prisoner at Whole Foods. It’s actually on sale this week!!!  

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      That is good to know- thank you!

  • Becky wrote:

    The Prisoner wine is very popular (and tasty) and easy to find in many upper end grocery stores and readily available in wine shops.

  • Liz S. wrote:

    FABULOUS Ruth’s Chris meal! My favorite menu item of theirs is the Sautéed Mushrooms. Sounds boring, but they work their magic with this side dish.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      We are mushroom fanatics, so clearly we should have tried those too!

  • Melissa wrote:

    Yum, this looks incredible! I’ve never been to Ruth’s Chris before, but it looks like they offer some amazing food, especially the drinks and desserts!