Liberty Hotel Boston

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I’m sharing a review of the Liberty Hotel Boston.  It’s a quirky and unique luxury hotel located in the Beacon Hill area of Boston, Massachusetts.

Liberty Hotel Boston

The Liberty Hotel Boston

When we were planning a trip to Boston for a little getaway, my husband told me that we should check out this cool hotel he had heard about.  The Liberty Hotel used to be the Charles Street Jail, which was built in 1851.  They transformed this place into a luxury hotel!

Liberty Hotel Boston : Jail Sign

Yep, the plaque is still there to commemorate this historical jail site.  The Charles Street Jail housed some of Boston’s most notorious criminals- including Malcolm X.

Liberty Hotel Boston - Description

There is historical information displayed throughout the lobby hallways.  They also offer historical tours.

Liberty Hotel Boston - escalator entrance

This is a very old building, but they’ve renovated into something that is cool and modern– still keeping the historical “jail” style.  This is the escalator leading up to the lobby.  You’re greeted with a glass of champagne as soon as you check in!

Liberty Hotel Boston : lobby

They still kept a lot of the brick walls.  The funky vibe of modern meets old is pretty neat.

Liberty Hotel Boston - Hotel Room

We had a basic queen room.  I’ve been in a lot of hotel rooms that are quite boring.  They put some thought into the decor of these rooms though!

Liberty Hotel Boston : safe nightstand

In keeping with the jail theme, the nightstand is a “safe.”

Liberty Hotel Boston - hotel room

I feel like they took effort to decorate the walls with theme-appropriate framed art (historical photos and jail keys).

Liberty Hotel Boston - wall clock

A cool mechanical clock was hanging on the wall too.

Liberty Hotel Boston - in room bar

The in-room bar had REAL glasses and a decent selection of booze to choose from.  We bought our own wine and just used the glasses!

Liberty Hotel Boston - view from hotel room

The view from our room toward the Charles River was pretty decent!

Liberty Hotel Boston - view to interior courtyard

Looking down from our room, we spied a happy hour in the courtyard below.  See those lit-up things down below?  Those are couches that have lights in them!

Liberty Hotel Boston - Dog Happy Hour

We wandered down to happy hour in “The Yard,” and found that it was actually Yappy Hour (happy hour where your dogs are invited).  It was so much fun.  The dogs just played and trotted around, happy as can be.  This is a dog-friendly hotel.  The Yard is also used for wine dinners and seasonal events.

The Liberty Hotel in Boston - Clink

There are 5 restaurants and bars on the hotel property.  Clink is a nicer restaurant offering seafood and seasonal meals.  Liberty Lobby Bar is a big hangout for hotel guests.  Scampo is a restaurant with a Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern vibe. Catwalk is a hotel-guest only retreat that is on the original Charles Street Jail catwalk.

The Liberty Hotel in Boston - Alibi

Alibi is where we chose to hang out.  Set in the old “drunk tank” of what was Boston’s historic Charles Street Jail, Alibi is a hot spot for cocktails and late night snacking.

Liberty Hotel Boston Naan with arugula, prosciutto and balsamic

We sat in the very comfortable outdoor section of Alibi and enjoyed flatbread with arugula, prosciutto and balsamic glaze.  They have a nice selection of craft cocktails too.

Liberty Hotel Boston : bikes

Bikes and kayaks are available to rent for hotel guests when the weather is nice.  As a hotel guest, you also have access to a 24-hour fitness room and a jogging map of the city.

We found the location of the hotel to be perfect.  Sometimes we used Uber to get where we wanted to go.  But it’s certainly walkable to many notable Boston sights.

The North End, Boston

We did grab an Uber to go over to the North End (you must go– it’s Boston’s Little Italy).  The North End has been a favorite of ours for years.

Giacomo's North End, Boston

Our favorite restaurant in the North End is Giacomo’s.  It’s Italian, of course.  Giacomo’s is a small, cash-only restaurant.  The place is so popular that you need to get there early to stand in line outside to get in.  It’s worth it!  They tend to move people along pretty quickly, so don’t expect a long, lingering dinner.

Caprese Salad at Giacomos, North End Boston

I recommend their Caprese Salad.  We usually get some sort of ravioli with cream sauce here too.  There isn’t a huge menu, but it’s all very good.  This restaurant has been a favorite of ours for many years.

Quincy Market, Boston

When in Boston, you need to check out Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Quincy Market.  It’s a shopping paradise, and there are tons of food stalls to check out.

Soft Serve at Sprinkles in Quincy Market

Of all the food in this place, I chose soft serve with sprinkles!

Boat in Boston Harbor

We have visited Boston dozens of times and had never gone out on a harbor tour.  This was my suggestion!  If you’re in Boston on a beautiful day, I highly recommend heading down to the harbor to jump on a boat for a tour.  It’s so pretty in the harbor, and they kind of take you all over.

View of the city of Boston from Boston Harbor

There are gorgeous views of the city of Boston when you’re out in the harbor!  I don’t have a recommendation for any specific company to use for the tour.  Just hop on one of them, and I’m sure they’re all about the same.

The Nantucket in Boston Harbor

More harbor touring…

The Black Rose, Boston

After our tour, we had to head into an Irish pub for a tall one.  There are plenty of Irish pubs in Boston!


This city has my heart.  If you have never been, then add it to the bucket list.  And if you’ve been, I suggest you check out Liberty Hotel.  It’s a cool spot- something a little different.  We enjoyed our stay!

Liberty Hotel, Boston

Liberty Hotel Boston offers social events that are complimentary to hotel guests.

  • Mondays:  Live blues music in The Liberty Bar
  • Tuesdays: Gallery Night featuring weekly artists
  • Mondays & Wednesdays:  Yappier Hour (Happy Hour where dogs are invited)- April thru October
  • Whole Note Wednesdays:  Acoustic jazz in The Liberty Bar
  • Fashionably Late Thursdays: An interactive fashion show in the lobby (with live music)
  • Beat Weekends (Fri & Sat after 10pm): DJ at The Liberty Bar
  • Summer Stretch Saturdays: an exercise class (such as yoga)

Details on Liberty Hotel Boston:
Address:  215 Charles Street, Boston MA
Phone: 617.224.4000

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  • Cathy Varone-Smith wrote:

    Thank you for sharing. Made me feel like I was there. It’s on my bucket list. Hopefully one day soon to visit as well.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      You’re welcome. Boston is a great city!