Mushroom and Goat Cheese Quiche

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I’ve always associated Mother’s Day with brunch.  Usually being the one to host this holiday, I almost always put quiches on the menu.   I have quite a few quiche recipes that I love, but I’m always looking for something new to try. This one comes from that great spa cookbook that I talked about yesterday: Mushroom & Goat Cheese Quiche.

What makes this one different is that it’s loaded with herbs and three varieties of mushrooms. Since we’re big-time mushroom lovers, it was the perfect choice for our family.

Our local produce wholesaler (Specialty Produce) supplies most of the restaurants in town with their fabulous farm-fresh selections. Luckily, the general public can shop there too and choose from things like 20 to 30 varieties of mushrooms! I came home from SP recently armed with Cremini, White Button and the ultra-cool Oyster variety- perfect for this quiche recipe.

I usually shy away from preparing any sort of recipe that involves a crust. I’m majorly crust-challenged, you see. Pretty much every crust I make is usually quite the flop. Thankfully, this crust was an exception! It came together fairly easily, and I listened to my instincts and kept adding liquid until the dough came together. Chopped fresh thyme is a nice addition to the flavor of this crust. The dough ball is chilled for a little bit, giving you a chance to saute mushrooms with onions and garlic.

After the short chill-time, the dough rolled out rather easily between two pieces of plastic wrap.

Decorative edging is next.

The sauteed mushroom mixture is spooned into the bottom of the uncooked crust.

Crumbled goat cheese is added next.

Herb-filled eggs are poured on top.

Here’s the finished product! I think this is about the most perfect quiche I’ve ever baked up. The crust didn’t burn and the filling wasn’t soggy in the least.

After letting the quiche sit for a bit, it sliced up rather cleanly… not the case with many other quiches I’ve tried. The result? Well, it was absolutely delicious. Even my self-declared mushroom-hating 7 year old enjoyed this quiche. He actually had no idea that there were mushrooms in it until I told him. And he was a bit horrified that he had unknowingly consumed and enjoyed them.

We adore goat cheese, but I’m sure you could sub Feta if you’re not fond of goat. If you don’t care for mushrooms, well then I’ll just tell you to go find another quiche. This one is meant for mushrooms 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to All (but first and foremost… my MOM!)

This recipe can be found HERE.

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  • Cajun Chef Ryan wrote:

    Just Stumbled this one and looks amazing! Saving this one for future reference.

    CCR =:~)

  • Just a Girl wrote:

    That is by far, the most chic Tart/Quiche I have ever seen!

  • Deborah wrote:

    I have some goat cheese that I need to use, and this looks like the perfect way to use it!

  • aoife mc wrote:

    Wow! This looks great. I tried to make my own pastry for this first time last week and had a total FAIL. It was hilarious! I ended up running to the shop last minute and getting a pre-made quiche for dinner! I’ll be trying it again though soon. Once I’ve mastered the pastry I’ll give this recipe a try for sure 🙂

  • Bren wrote:

    you’ve just tantalized me with this! oh em gee!I hope you had a great mother’s day! (and how’d that 5-6 mile run go!?! 🙂

  • the wicked noodle wrote:

    So, I click on this gorgeous photo on, and I find myself at my favorite website! This looks absolutely amazing! I’m crust-challenged myself, but I plan on giving this one a go – thanks!

  • Laura wrote:

    That is hysterical about your kid. And I am glad to know I am not the only one who avoids making crust! The quiche looks terrific–I wish my husband liked quiche more, I love quiche, esp those made with goat cheese, yum!

  • Bunny wrote:

    This quiche is wonderful, how do you get the fluted crust so perfect!!! That’s amazing!!

  • Kerstin wrote:

    What a lovely quiche – I really like mushrooms and goat cheese together!

  • Stacey Snacks wrote:

    How can you be “crust challenged”? you are a baker! and a good one at that!
    I love quiches and tarts and have finally perfected my crust.
    Practice makes Perfect!

  • Paula wrote:

    Beautiful! The perfect Mother’s day idea!

  • amanda wrote:

    yum! i LOVE a good quiche and this looks awesome. 🙂

  • Cathy – wheresmydam wrote:

    WOW that looks so yummy – What a wonderful combination!!

  • Bridget wrote:

    You are killing me here with these delicious recipes!!! Yet another to mark as a “must make!!!”

  • Lee wrote:

    I may have missed it somewhere, or am being silly but, how long in the oven???

    I think I want to try make this for my wife, she loves mushrooms and hasn’t had quiche in a while…

    • RecipeGirl wrote:

      Hi Lee- if you click over to view the recipe, the instructions are there for how long… about 35 to 45 minutes.

  • RecipeGirl’s Mom wrote:

    Oh how wonderful it is to be reading about your irresistible Mushroom and Goat Cheese Quiche and find a “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting at the end. Recipe Girl, you are truly a sweet and loving daughter.

  • pigpigscorner wrote:

    It looks so delicious! I love mushrooms. I would love to try this but my hubs doesn’t like quiche =(