Strawberry Trifle on a Stick

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Summer fair season is approaching. As in “state” fair, or “city” fair, or “small town” fair. Whatever kind of fair you have access to (and I hope you have one), you’re likely to see a whole lot of bizarre foods sold on a stick. Our local San Diego County fair always has its share of stick foods. I’m not sure how they do it, but I spied deep fried butter on a stick last year. I think I’ll stay conservative and go with corn dogs, or Smores, or anything else featured in Matt Armendariz’ new book: On a Stick.

In honor of this fun, new cookbook, I’ve put a Strawberry Trifle on a stick. It’s a simple-to-assemble recipe, and it’s perfect and colorful for summer. The short skewer alternates mint leaves, strawberries and chunks of angel food cake, and it’s served alongside a sweetened cream cheese whipped cream.

There it is- all assembled! Kids can help with this- it’s easy and fun and safe.

Some details: I purchased some fabulous mid-sized skewers at World Market. Use strawberries that are bite-sized. Leave mint leaves out if you’d like. And if you’re making these for Memorial Day or July 4th, go ahead and sprinkle some blueberries in and around your platter to make it red, white and blue.

Here’s Matt’s book, in all its fabulousness. I can just imagine the creative thought process that went into testing out various things that might work on a stick. There are photographs of every single recipe in this book. I just love it. And you’ll love it too. Check this out…

Pictured above: S’Mores on a Stick, Deep-Fried Macaroni & Cheese on a Stick, and yep… that’s Spaghetti and Meatballs you’re seeing there. Crazy, huh? That’s why this is such a great book. So different, and so unique and so creative. Congrats to Matt for putting something out there… that isn’t the same ‘ol same ‘old 🙂 This giveaway is now closed.  Randomly selected winners are commenters # 8, 15 and 109.  Congratulations!

Strawberry Trifle on a Stick

Here's a fun way to serve up a strawberry trifle- on a stick!

Yield: 20 skewers

Prep Time:25 min


20 mid-sized skewers
40 mint leaves
40 bite-sized chunks of pound cake or angel food cake
40 bite sized strawberries, tops cut off
1 (8 ounce) tub whipped cream cheese
1/2 cup powdered sugar, sifted
1 cup heavy whipping cream, whipped


1. Assemble skewers- string mint leaf, cake cube, strawberry, another mint leaf, and then another cake cube. You can also alternate and put two strawberries and one cake cube on some of the skewers, if you'd like.

2. Prepare whipped cream- In a medium bowl, whisk together cream cheese and powdered sugar. Fold in whipped cream.

3. Serve Trifle Skewers on a platter along with a bowl of the sweetened whipped cream.


*I purchased some fabulous mid-sized skewers at World Market.
*Use strawberries that are bite-sized.
*Leave mint leaves out if you'd like.
*And if you're making these for Memorial Day or July 4th, go ahead and sprinkle some blueberries in and around your platter to make it red, white and blue.


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  • Bobby wrote:

    We just tried shish-ka-bobs for the first time and my kids have decided its a “new family favorite!”

  • Kara wrote:

    I’ve eaten some pretty strange things, but I can’t think of anything unusual that I have eaten off of a stick, which seems unusual to me.

  • April wrote:

    ThE Strawberry Trifle on a Stick sound amazing! I can’t wait to try them! =)

  • Aline wrote:

    i loved this “strawberry trifle on a stick”! looks fresh, easy and realy tasteful!

  • Laura Scott wrote:

    I had alligator kabobs. Interesting, but no repeat performance!

  • Christy taketa wrote:

    I have eaten a kind of “meatball” that was served cooked on a skewer made from lemongrass! It was awesome! I have this book on my amazon wish list 🙂

  • Lisa Tyler wrote:

    I haven’t eaten anything really memorable on a stick (yet)… but I hope to change that with Matt’s book! 😉

  • Kim wrote:

    I’ve never had anything weird/crazy but am dying to try a deep fried snickers or oreo on a stick… and I would LOVE to win that book! I need to get more into this “stick thing” because I think my kids would totally enjoy it. :o)

  • Penny wrote:

    Looks like such a great idea! Everyone likes cute food!

  • john Stuart wrote:

    In Spain fried pulpo (octupus) on a stick. It was heaven!

  • CatC wrote:

    Hi!…um, I once had a very, teensie, tiny bite of squirrel, guessed it, On A Stick! I am thinking that no one wanted to tarnish their kitchen implements permanently by cooking or serving squirre. Thanks! Love your recipes.

  • Rachel @ Not Rachael Ray wrote:

    Ooh I have been eying this book! And your summery skewers look awesome! (And…butter on a stick?!? I love butter, but eww!)

  • crystal wrote:

    Ive never been adventurous enough to try some of the weird foods on a stick at the fair. I’ll stick with funnel cakes yum.

  • gina florencia wrote:

    Hi, I had a capresse salad on a stick, and cake balls…it looks like a fun book!!! thanks for sharing…Gina F

  • lovektb wrote:

    Adorable! Can’t wait to make these! Wish I had seen this email before Memorial Day.

  • Dolores wrote:

    I’ve never tried anything weird on a stick unless you considered corndogs weird. The strawberry trifle looks amazing and adding the blueberries sounds perfect. I can not wait to try this. Awesome and Easy.

  • Cynthia Matzat wrote:

    I’ve had a spiral potato on a stick, and I’ve had chocolate covered oranges on a stick. Not very unique, but fun! I’ve had this cookbook on my wish list, so I would love to win a copy. 🙂

  • Deb Z wrote:

    The recipe looks delicious! The most unique I’ve had is pickle on a stick!

  • Kathryn Reilly Nussbaum wrote:

    The clever presentation and ease of skewering foods will surely allow me to entertain more often. I love all the great ideas.

  • cindy wrote:

    I’ve fed my kids pizza on a stick. So want this book. It’s in my amazon cart already.