Beach House Barbecue

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If you’re lucky enough to stay in a beach house in the summer months, I’ve got a fun menu for you. It begins with Peach Sangria, a fresh and summery drink (be sure to make more than you think you’ll need). Clams are thrown on the grill and given time to steam- once they pop open, they’re served up simply with lemon, cilantro and hot sauce. Layered Greek Dip keeps the big nibblers happy. An herb-filled main course comes next, and you can end the evening with a fresh berry tart with dollops of whipped cream.

Keep the celebration as casual or as fancy as you’d like. When you’re ocean-side, decor is not what your guests will be focusing on, but a nicely dressed table for a buffet can be appealing, or you can go all out with a sit-down dinner party and accessorize with beachy decor to the hilt. Fill clear glasses with sand, seashells or sea glass & plop candles on top. Scatter starfish & shells around the rest of the table. Use brightly colored cloth napkins to bring in the cheerfulness of summer. Have fun with it.  For recipes with photos, click on recipe titles below.

The Menu:

Featured Beverage:
White Peach Sangria

Grilled Clams (serve w/ lemon, cilantro & hot sauce or champagne vinaigrette)
Layered Greek Dip

Main Course:
Grilled Chicken with Oregano & Lemon
Grilled Swordfish with Rosemary
Greek Potatoes with Lemon Vinaigrette
Goat Cheese, Herb & White Bean Salad

Blueberry- Raspberry Tart

.pdf copy of this menu can be printed out here

And watch out for the seagulls… they like BBQ’s too 🙁

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