Master Bathroom Remodel: the Final Reveal!

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I’m excited to share with you the final reveal for my Master Bathroom remodeling project!

Master Bathroom Remodel- the Final Reveal

As you may recall from my previous posts:  Master Bathroom Remodel (beginning) and Master Bathroom Remodel (Progress), this was a major project.  The entire bathroom was torn out and re-done with all new everything.  It took 6 months from start to finish!  Here’s an extensive peek at what the end result looks like…

Left-view entrance… and the closet:


Bathroom 2

We were very excited to get rid of the gold-rimmed sliding door for the closet and replace it with a barn-wood sliding door.  Our designer located some barn wood locally and we had our contractor build the door.  It’s one of our favorite parts of the new bathroom!

Bathroom 22

The barn door slides back and forth from that top rail.  We had a solid wall built behind the door you see there, so when it slides to the right you see a wall.

Bathroom 21

We used black wrought iron for the slider and handle of the door.  You can see closer up here that there is a rather rustic look to the old barn wood.  It was sanded, assembled and then stained.

Bathroom 23

Here’s a peek into my side of the closet.  I fought back on working with a closet company, but my husband insisted on making it awesome.  I’m SO GLAD we did.  We found a local company that was way more affordable than some of the more well-known closet companies.  We both went through our clothes and shoes and downsized A LOT.  I love the little sections and shoe shelves.  Everything is so organized!

Bathroom 24

And this is my husband’s side of the closet.  We share the large shoe shelf- it was built onto the back of the new wall that was created by removing the old closet door.

Bathroom J

Looking our from the closet toward the rest of our new bathroom…

The fantastic new bathtub area:


Bathroom 3

Of course, this is our favorite part of the bathroom.  The (old) jacuzzi tub took up this entire area.  We had plenty of room to replace it with a stand-alone bathtub, and we were able to create a sitting area too!

Bathroom 15

The bathtub we chose from Kohler is absolutely glorious.  It’s the centerpiece of the bathroom, and it adds so much comfort and eye-candy.

Bathroom 16

We looked at all of Kohler’s bathtubs many, many times before finally settling on this one: the Abrazo Cast Acrylic Freestanding Bath with a Center Toe-Tap Drain.  I love the shape of it.  It adds interest and jazzes up our otherwise rustic decor.  Also… note the river rock surrounding the tub.  This was our designer’s idea, and we love it!

Bathroom 17

The tub is the perfect size for either one person or two!  A bubble bath in here looking out toward the forest behind us is awesome.

Bathroom H

We wanted sleek and simple plumbing fixtures. We chose the Purist floor-mount bath filler with handshower.  The handshower is a cool feature.  Imagine taking a bubble bath and having a hand-held feature to wash all of the bubbles off of your body before stepping out of the tub!  It’s also great for washing your hair while bathing.

The nice, new toilet:


Bathroom A

And now I have to tell you all about our new toilet!  The old one was low to the ground…with a wiggly seat we could never fix and a moldy tank that seemed to run all the time… it was time for a new toilet.  I didn’t have big opinions on the toilet so I let my husband choose.  He chose Kohler’s Veil one-piece skirted elongated dual-flush toilet with integrated bidet technology.  What does that all mean?

Bathroom B

Well, it means that this is pretty much a rockstar toilet.  The seat rises by itself as you approach the toilet, the seat is HEATED, there is bidet technology if you desire to use it, and as you leave the toilet… the lid closes, flushes for you and it sprays a little deodorizer too!  You might also notice that there is no tank.  If you get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet, there is a little light on that helps you find it in the dark.

Bathroom C

There’s a digital pad mounted on the wall so you’re able to access all of the controls (there is no lever on the actual toilet for flushing).  There are many more features for this toilet– I found a video on YouTube sharing the Kohler Veil toilet technology if you want to learn more.

The shower!

Bathroom 4

On to the shower!  We tore everything out here and started over too.  Previously, there was a frosted door with the same tile that had been used throughout the whole bathroom.  Now we have solid glass panels which allows the tile and nice, new shower fixtures to be on display.  It’s also just a much cleaner look.

Bathroom 5
There were two very difficult things going on with our old shower.

  1. It was near impossible to shave my legs and there was nowhere to put the shampoo and soap.  In the new shower, we had nooks built-in for holding shampoo and soap… and the little one toward the bottom is a nice place for me to rest my leg and shave!
  2. My husband once broke his leg… and we did not have a feasible set-up for allowing him to shower.  We didn’t have enough room in the shower to create a built-in seat, but there is enough room to bring in a seat if needed.  More about this one below…

Bathroom 6A

We put in all new plumbing features from Kohler:  the Purist 2.5gpm single-function wall-mount showerhead with Katalyst air-induction spray…. AND their Hotel handshower kit.

Bathroom D

It’s the handshower kit that helps with the “broken leg” problem mentioned above.  It’s one of those things you never think about, but it’s so helpful to have a hand-held shower feature if you are ever injured and/or physically limited.  It also happens to be helpful when you are shaving your legs, getting to those “hard to reach” places, and cleaning the walls of the shower!

Bathroom G

And here is the feature of the shower that we were super excited to add- a rain shower head!!  I had used these in hotels a few times, but I never imagined we’d have one in our own house.  We chose Kohler’s contemporary square rainhead.  We love it!!  I don’t use the rainhead every time I take a shower… but it feels like I’m in a spa every time I turn it on and let my face just get showered on.  So relaxing!

Bathroom 6C

A mounted (DTV) digital control display on the wall allows you to adjust which shower features you want to use- one or two… or all of them at the same time!  You can also control the temperature here.  There are no actual knobs in the shower to control the shower functions- it’s all digital!

The vanity and sinks:


Bathroom 7

Again, we just tore this part of the bathroom out and completely started over.  We added some drop down rustic lights, new vanity and vanity top, new sinks, and new plumbing fixtures!

Bathroom 25

We also took off the mirror (the old one covered the wall), and covered the back wall with barn wood and two individual mirrors.

Bathroom 10

As I mentioned in the last post, we really wanted to try having vessel (above counter) sinks.  We chose Kohler’s Leaf Vessel Above-Counter Bathroom Sinks.  We like the unique shape of the sinks.  They’re just really pretty.

Bathroom 11

Because the sinks were going to sit on top of the counter, we thought it would be cool to have the plumbing for the sinks to come out of the wall.  We chose Kohler’s Purist Wall-Mount Faucets with Lever Handles.  Again, we wanted a clean look.  These match the clean look of the plumbing fixtures we chose for the bathtub.  All of the plumbing fixtures we chose were in the Vibrant Brushed Nickel finish.

Ye old make-up vanity area… and right-view entrance:


Bathroom K

Bathroom Entrance

In this part of the bathroom remodel, we made a very good decision: we took out this extra vanity/mirror area that we never used… and we shortened the wall space to provide a more open entrance to the bathroom.  It makes the bathroom feel HUGE now.  And we love this large floor-to-ceiling pantry that we added too.


So do we love our new bathrooom?!!  Well, I really don’t think we could love it any more than we do.  It’s our favorite room in the house now.  And I think we accomplished what we set out to do (enjoy our new bathroom… and to increase the value of our house).

Next Saturday I’ll be sharing one final post… on all of the accessories and details of the bathroom- brands we chose for the mirrors, lights, tile, stone, towels, racks, etc… in case you see things you like and you’d like to know where to find them.  Hope you have been enjoying our series of posts on our master bathroom remodeling project!

Disclosure:  A big thank you to Kohler… who we partnered with on selections of all plumbing related fixtures.  We love them all so much!

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  • Jane Whitlow wrote:

    Hi Lori,
    I use many of your recipes and love your blog. We have a second home in North Scottsdale and are in the process of possibly buying a different one. I’ve been looking at your beautiful remodel. Ive been making a list of the places you used. We were looking at houses because we didn’t want a flat roof, don’t like our closet, don’t like the laundry room. So of course, we found a house with all the same problems. I guess we have a type! The house was partially remodeled but there will be some work to do. You mentioned that you used a closet company. Would you mind sharing the name? And did the designer from McKenzie kitchens help you with other parts of the house? We called a designer when we first bought our house in Scottsdale. He said if we wanted to buy a sofa that cost less than $30,000 that he wouldn’t work with us. Needless to say, we don’t have an interior designer. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Your house looks beautiful! Thank you!
    Jane Whitlow

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Hi Jane,
      This bathroom featured here was our bathroom remodel from a home we owned in the Tahoe area. Here is the kitchen remodel for Scottsdale: We did our master bathroom in Scottsdale too, but I haven’t featured it here yet. We did not work with a closet company here in Scottsdale- the closets were already done. We worked a bit with Leslie Paige Interiors on tile design etc. but she does all interior design- I’d recommend her: I’m sure she has closet company recommendations too- she seems to know everyone around Scottsdale! McKenzie helped us with the kitchen design, and they also helped us with the design of our built in cabinets in our family room and the cabinets and sinks, etc. in the master bath too. Good luck!

  • Kathy wrote:

    Hello, Your bathroom is beautifully done! My husband and I are currently designing a home we will build, also in the mountains. For the master bathtub, I’m contemplating a freestanding tub that has river rocks surrounding it like yours do. I take bathes frequently, like every night except in the summertime. My only concern is if water splashing onto the rocks surrounding the tub leads to any issues with them. Do they get algae? hair and dirt in them? They’d be hard to clean and that’s my only hesitation. They are gorgeous and we have a special connection to river rocks, so it would be particularly meaningful. They may look gorgeous, but is it practical?? Any feedback you have about how they have worked since you put them in would be so appreciated! Many thanks, -Kathy

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Hi Kathy, We no longer live in this house… but we did live there for a couple of years after the bathroom remodel. I never had any issues with little things getting into the rocks or with water either. Water dried quickly, and we just cleaned the rocks when we cleaned the floors. I think if you have a special connection to river rocks, go for it!

  • Barbara Barth wrote:

    I love your new bathroom. More importantly, you love your new bathroom! I am a little shocked at a few of the not so kind comments. I admit that I am super jealous of that Kohler toilet! Now, go pamper yourself in that perfect haven you worked so hard to make your own! 

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Thank you!

  • Jessica wrote:

    I love the shower!! And even more the color! What is the tile color?

  • Candice wrote:

    Do you have a link to the bathroom mirrors you used ?  You did an amazing job love it all!

  • Deborah wrote:

    I turned out wonderful, Lori!! And I’ve been looking for a light fixture like the one above your tub. Gonna watch for that in the next post!

  • Erin@WellPlated wrote:

    I think I would QUADRUPLE our water bill if this were my shower and tub. I’d never want to get out!

  • Lauren @ Climbing Grier Mountain wrote:

    Everything about this remodel is amazing!! Also, you had me at the heated toilet seat!! 

  • Jessica – The Novice Chef wrote:

    It must be like you are at a Spa every single night! I am in love with that tub and the shower head is seriously what dreams are made of. And fancy toilet?? Girl, your remodel is perfection!

  • Amy Johnson wrote:

    It looks absolutely fabulous, Lori! I know y’all must be enjoying it. Yay!

  • Kayle (The Cooking Actress) wrote:

    oh my goodness it is SO GORGEOUS!

  • Jenny Flake wrote:

    Wow!!  This is seriously one absolutely gorgeous bathroom, love all of the special details, job well done!!

  • Samantha Dolan wrote:

    Love all your improvements, except the flooring. Ugg, you should have listened to your designer on that one. I’m not a designer, but isn’t that why you hire one? It may be your personal preference but it is not pretty. We had the same floor in our foyer in our 1961 house when i was a kid. The next buyer will surely gut that floor ! Sorry Lori, hope you plan to live there a long time. On the other hand, I love your blog and recipes ! All good, i even bought your book, which i Love…

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Thanks so much for your comment! Both our designer and contractor actually LOVED the floor when the project was complete. We live in the mountains, so this look totally goes with our house. It’s hard to tell, but the floor is a bit lighter… and it’s heated too. I promise it all looks nice in person. Everyone who sees our bathroom is just blown away. But I understand it might seem really different to someone who is not familiar with our home or where we live. I appreciate you sharing your opinion in a nice way 🙂

  • Rachel @ Rachel Cooks wrote:

    You guys did such an amazing job! It’s stunning! And I never knew I’d be so in love with a toilet. WOW!