Raspberry S’Mores

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Surely you’ve made S’Mores this summer already, right?  It’s sort of a given when you have a cookout.   But have you ever made raspberry s’mores?

You’ll need the usual stuff + fresh raspberries.

Get your marshmallows nice and hot and gooey… preferably over a fire and not a gas stove 😉

Place those gooey marshmallows on a graham cracker square.

Top with your favorite wedge of chocolate bar (I like the good ‘ol milk chocolate Hersheys).

Sprinkle a few fresh raspberries on top.

Sandwich it all with another graham cracker square.


And let it get all over your mouth and your fingers and squish out the sides.  Cause that’s what S’Mores are all about.  RecipeBoy didn’t mind testing this one out for me.  Not a single protest from RB.

Good stuff, those raspberry s’mores.  Just a little bit of fancy added to the classic summertime treat.

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  • Liv wrote:

    They are really good with fresh cherries too! Although I now use shortbread cookies instead of graham crackers (due to my dislike of them). I may have to try raspberries now!

  • Nicole wrote:

    Lordy, I don’t need a campfire to make these. They look absolutely scrumptious!

  • Laura [novelbite] wrote:

    Such beautiful photography. I swear I can smell the chocolate!

  • Heather {Multiply Delicious} wrote:

    Oh my! These look absolutely delicious! Love the addition of the raspberries. Might have to try these with my little ones this weekend.
    Great idea Lori!

  • Jacqueline wrote:

    Hot Sticky Gooey Mess – Never heard of Smores before, nor of Graham crackers (perhaps not available in the UK?)
    Great idea – I bet half the fun involves eating them 😉

  • vanillasugarblog wrote:

    you are so very clever on this one.
    yes, raspberries give it an incredible flavor punch.
    love this, going to try it

  • Tracy wrote:

    Sounds wonderful!

  • Jenny (VintageSugarcube) wrote:

    Never thought of adding raspberries, but I can imagine how much more decadent that would make a smore. MMM MMM Gimme some!! 🙂

  • Nourhan @ Miss Anthropist’s Kitchen wrote:

    I can’t believe how simple this is…and yet I would have never thought of it! I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Sweet Pea’s Kitchen wrote:

    Love this! I need some raspberry s’mores in my life right now! Yummy! 🙂

  • Megan wrote:

    Chocolate and raspberries = yum, now that a terrific looking S’more!

  • Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking wrote:

    Lori, what a great idea! Your photos are so incredible and I want to just grab those marshmallows, and chocolate, and graham crackers and raspberries… (sigh)

  • Angie@Angiesrecipes wrote:

    What a delicious twist! A real “Some More”!

  • Rachel @ Not Rachael Ray wrote:

    What a fun twist on s’mores! Love anything with fresh raspberries.

  • Liz (Little Bitty Bakes) wrote:

    Gah, these are genius, Lori! I love chocolate and raspberries. Ooo, imagine blackberries! BTW, I love that you use two marshmallows per s’more. It’s necessary. 🙂