It’s a Fact: Sugar Cookie Bars Make People Happy

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Sugar Cookie Bars! This recipe has been making the rounds on the internet for quite some time. I discovered them last year on The Repressed Pastry Chef blog, tucked the recipe into my collection and finally made them a couple of weeks ago.

Such a simple idea, really. Sugar cookie dough spread into a rimmed cookie sheet (or jelly roll pan), baked until they’re cookie-like, and frosted with a simple sugary frosting.

I opted to use a couple of different kinds of sprinkles – sprinkling half of my pan with one type & half with another.

They seem like a spring recipe to me… or something you might like to serve at a baby shower. Maybe it’s the tinted icing, or maybe it’s the festive sprinkles. In any case, they seem to make people happy.

See? Happy people. And there were many more happy people, too… since this recipe makes about 32 bars 🙂

This recipe can be found here: Sugar Cookie Bars.

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  • Mariel wrote:

    That’s such a clever idea, love it! I wanted to share with you my recipe for sugar cookies…the secret ingredient of buttermilk makes them SO soft and chewy (they are addicting!)

  • Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes) wrote:

    These look delicious! And so easy 🙂

  • Sarah wrote:

    Oh wow these look excellent.Gonna make em methinks!

  • Louise wrote:

    Delightfully festive and obviously smile worthy. I’m still smiling as a matter of fact!

    Thanks for sharing…

  • marla {family fresh wrote:

    Of course these sugar cookie bars would make people happy…they are so bright and festive. Like those rice shaped sprinkles.

  • Sarah Caron wrote:

    YUM! Those photos made my mouth water. The sprinkles make them look so fun and springy. Very nice.

  • yael wrote:

    I can definitely see how these could make anyone happy!

  • EmilyRosyCheeks wrote:

    OMG I made these sugar cookie bars today after seeing you recipe on foodgawker the other day. I hadn’t been able to get them outta my head so I made them and wow, they are so yummy! I haven’t gotten a second opinion yet, but I don’t think that will be a problem 😉 thanks for a fun new easy recipe~~

  • Gera @ SweetsFoods wrote:

    Any doubt that sweets make happy? Totally confirmed!! Lori, any leftovers for me???



  • leslie wrote:

    Happy indeed!

  • Barbara wrote:

    What a clever idea! I can think of a thousand ways to decorate that! And I bet you did too ’cause you’re so clever that way. I find the best recipes here!!
    And yes, I’d say that was a very happy cookie-taster!
    (In a couple weeks I’m going to do a post on your chocolate-swirled peanut butter cookies. I’ll let you know when the link is up.)

  • Katrina wrote:

    Ok, that looks like that cookie was shoved in his face! 😉
    I’ve seen those around, too, and have wanted to make them. (So much more simple than cutting out cookies.)

  • Michelle wrote:

    Great idea! This recipe may be popular but I’ve not seen it before but I lead a sheltered life!

  • Elizabeth wrote:

    I agree – vanilla and sprinkles just seem to sing out spring.