Tour of the Viking Hild Longship + Cruise Ship Food!

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Last fall I went on a Viking Cruises River Cruise on the Paris to Swiss Alps itinerary (but we did it in reverse). Here’s a tour of the Viking Hild Longship and a peek at some of the cruise ship food we ate on our trip.

Viking Hild

This is what the Viking Hild looks like from a distance. You’ve seen cruise ships before, and they’re pretty massive, right? The Viking River Longships are much smaller. They have to be smaller so they can be granted permissions to float down the rivers and make their way through river locks. The Viking Hild has 95 staterooms, and carries an average of 190 passengers.

viking hild

viking hild

One of the things I really love about taking a river cruise is that you’re always close to shore (which means you have beautiful views and things to see while cruising), and there are never any crazy rockin’ and rollin’ waves that rock the boat. I personally don’t have to take any motion sickness medication on a river cruise, but some people may want to consider bringing a patch as a precaution.

staterooms view on viking river cruise

This is what the balconies of the cabins on the Viking Hild look like from shore. There are a couple of chairs and a small table. It’s nice to be able to walk out onto your balcony and just gaze at the world going by while sailing.

rainy day on the Viking Hild

Our cruise was rainy at times, but we dressed accordingly and still experienced it all! I was on the cruise with my friend Sandy from And this guy was our cruise director, who was fabulous. You become quite familiar with your cruise director since he/she is responsible for communicating activities and events daily on your cruise.

aerial view of viking hild

In one of the towns we visited, we hopped on a tram that traveled across the river. So I was able to capture a photo of the top of the Viking Hild. In the front there is an outdoor dining area. Up on the top level, there is plenty of seating, and there is an area of covered seating on the back part of the ship.

shuffleboard on viking river cruise

A cruise ship wouldn’t be complete without a shuffleboard game! To the right of the board is a fresh herb garden, which the chefs draw from when cooking the meals for the cruise. And then there is a small putting green.

Walking track on the Viking Hild

There isn’t a gym on the ship, but there is a walking track. We utilized the track, walking and jogging out there and enjoying the beautiful scenery as we did so.

Viking Hild

Veranda Stateroom on the Viking Hild

This is what our stateroom looked like on the Viking Hild. We had a Veranda Stateroom, which is basically a bed, two nightstands and the area across from the bed with some drawers for clothes. There is a closet and shelves and a bathroom. If you upgrade to a French balcony stateroom, you have a little more room and a sitting area. We don’t mind the size of this one (it’s cozy and comfortable), but one of these days we’ll upgrade!

Bar on the Viking Hild

This is the bar. Viking River Cruises serves complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks with lunch and dinner; and a complimentary glass of sparkling wine is offered on embarkation day. You can upgrade to the Silver Spirits Package (we always do that), and then you’ll have access to any drinks you want (including higher end wines) at any time of day. You are also welcome to purchase alcohol while in port and bring wine and other spirits onboard and drink them on the ship.

Lunch buffet on a Viking river Cruise

During the day, the ship offers a casual buffet on the upper level of the ship. You can also opt to eat in the restaurant for lunch. Most of the time, you’ll be in port and experiencing lunch in one of the cities that you’re visiting. But they’ll always have food on board if you would rather eat on the ship.

Outdoor dining on the Viking Hild

This is one of the eating areas on the upper level. It’s beautiful to sit out here if it’s not too hot or cold. 

Lunch on the Viking Hild

We tried to eat a little lighter during the day since we knew we’d be more indulgent for dinner.

Specialty cocktail on a Viking Cruise

There are a few times during the cruise where they’ll do a little something special. This was a specialty cocktail from the region that they shared with passengers.

Food on the Viking Hild

You’ll find a variety of foods available for lunch. Sometimes we just opted for a burger. But they also offer special things like fish and chips with smashed peas (very good!)

Main Dining room on the Viking Hild

This is the main dining room where you can eat breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. It’s always set nicely as you see here, and it’s a comfortable and elegant place to eat and enjoy the view.

Oktoberfest on the Viking Hild

Most of the time in the dining room, they have a basic menu and then a few featured items of the evening that you can order. For example, on our cruise you could always order steak or fish or a vegetarian meal, or you could order the featured meals instead. One night we were sailing, they had a special Oktoberfest night where they had sausages, pretzels, beer and more. All of the staff were dressed in traditional Oktoberfest clothes. That was a fun night.

food on a Viking River Cruise

Food on the Viking Hild

Above you’ll see samples of things I ordered and ate on the cruise. Steak, shrimp, a noodle dish and chocolate brownie pie are featured in the first photo. Beef, Cubano sandwiches, fish and banana pancakes are featured in the second. I know that everyone will be asking me if the food was good. It was! The chefs are quite talented, and they are good at coming up with a variety of choices. We did eat in town a lot- mostly because we really wanted to experience the local culture and food as much as possible!

Viking Hild

There are comfortable places to relax along the windows all over the boat.

Entertainment on a Viking River Cruise

In the evenings, some sort of entertainment is always offered. Sometimes it’s the ship’s pianist and dancing, and other times they welcome locals on board to perform.

Enjoying a Viking Cruise

We enjoyed our evenings on the Viking Hild– sipping cocktails and wine, listening to music, dancing and visiting with new friends from all over the world that we made on the cruise.

Viking Hild at night

Goodnight Viking Hild! Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the Viking Hild Longship and a peek at the food too. There is more to come in the weeks ahead where I’ll be sharing our experiences in France, Germany and Luxembourg. If you are interested in this cruise, be sure to read the post I shared last week: Viking River Cruises and the Swiss Alps (which was the start of our Viking trip).  More information on Viking River Cruises here.

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  • mel wrote:

    I’m so thankful for this info! I’ve been wanting to look into taking a viking cruise for years and have it on my bucket list. But I’m so glad you got specific about the rooms, food, experiences, etc. Thank you! I’m definitely adding this!!

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Glad to hear- I think you would enjoy it!

  • Gina B. wrote:

    Lori, I sure enjoyed your river cruises, especially Denmark and Southern France. I have relatives in each of those country’s. Now you have given me ideas for river cruises, if I can afford them. I have made some of your recipes and enjoyed everyone of them. Keeping letting us know about your travels and blogging with recipes.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Thank you!