Sea Glass Jello- {Hand-Held, Summertime, Sweet Treat}

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Every summer my family and I head East to Boston’s South Shore for a bit of rest and relaxation. One of our favorite activities to do together is hunt for sea glass on New England’s beaches. On our living room mantle sits a jar of sea glass. We add a handful of collected glass to our “jar” every year and we glance at it often, thinking about our summer vacations past and future. It’s just something we like to do, and if you live near beaches where ocean-tumbled glass washes ashore, perhaps you can relate. Here’s some of our collected loot from this year:

I thought I’d make a little treat to celebrate our beloved sea glass this summer: Sea Glass Jello (adapted from The Food Librarian). I decided to use the three colors that are most easily found in sea glass- orange (or amber), green, and blue (most treasured, but a little trickier to find!) Three containers – three flavors- mix each with 1 cup of hot water & refrigerate until firm.

Once firm, cut into small cubes (exact size doesn’t matter… just rough cut cubes) and place them into a 9×13-inch pyrex pan.  Mix up the colors so they’re not all bunched together.

Mix 2 envelopes of plain gelatin in a bowl with 1/2 cup cold water, 1 1/2 cups hot water and a can of sweetened condensed milk. Pour it over the jello cubes.

Refrigerate until firm (overnight is best).

Cut into slices and place on a platter. These treats can be eaten hand-held.

The sweetened condensed milk mixture is a lovely sweet gelatin that wraps itself around the fruity cubes of jello. These are indeed a favorite with children, but they are a fun one for adults too. Use any colors/flavors you’d like. Of course, I’d like to tell you that it’s mandatory that these be made in the summer, but then again… they’re a nice reminder any time of year of beaches and summer vacations 🙂

This recipe, with complete instructions, can be found here: Sea Glass Jello

If you’re a fan of sea glass, you might be interested in checking out this sea glass jewelry from Kieli Storm, whose small studio is located in Scituate, MA: Silver Storm & Co. I buy a piece of sea glass jewelry from her every summer. It’s beautiful, very well-made jewelry. She hunts for the sea glass herself (doesn’t buy it in bulk) and she’ll also make custom pieces from sea glass that you’ve found yourself.

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  • JF wrote:

    Thank you! Nice presentation and explanation of the recipe. Trying this tomorrow 🙂

  • Cathy Hankins wrote:

    I made this recipe for my daughter’s baby shower in June. She knew she was having a boy and her nursery colors were blue, green, and yellow. The theme was sea life and this fit so perfectly.. Not only was it beautiful on the table but was also delicious. Thank you so much for another great recipe!

  • lequan wrote:

    Omg! Not only would my kiddies love these, but I’m already loving these just by looking at it. So simple too. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Stacy Marie wrote:

    How stunning! Has anyone ever added alcohol for an adult version? I would love to make this for a nice summertime party next year….

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      @Stacy Marie, I’ve not done that, but it seems like a good idea!

  • Danielle Renee wrote:

    Delicious….. what fun! We are kindred spirits and neighbors too. Please feel free to join our New England based sea glass hunters group the “North East Sea Glass Sociey” at Membership is free and we have lots of fun. You will fit right in ;)!

  • Christine wrote:

    What a creative way to showcase the colors of sea glass. Love it ! Going to share this on our facebook page.

  • torinofreak wrote:

    What a great idea. It´s so colorful and beautiful!

  • Evelyn wrote:

    This looks delicious! Very colorful too! I’m going to bring this to the next faculty meeting 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer Cote wrote:

    This is awesome! I made a similar recipe using fruit juices (on my website), but it doesn’t have the same impact as this, with those great colors! (Yeah, I was shooting for natural, but you do miss out color-wise…)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Kim wrote:

    Thanks for this recipe! I made this a few days ago and we all really enjoy it. A nice tasty treat, simple too!

  • Ruby wrote:

    I love this post and keep coming back to it, so I thought I’d drop you a comment. I do plan to make this for my kids soon – partly because they’ll love it and partly because I miss the sea!

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      @Ruby, Happy to hear you’ve enjoyed it!

  • Mei Teng wrote:

    Love the colours of the jello. Looked like soap bars too.

  • Alice wrote:

    This looks so awesome! I bet my family will love it. 🙂

  • Sarah – A Beach Home wrote:

    That is seriously cute, and I’m suprised that, having grown up in the Midwest, I have never seen it before. I could see that as a piece of abstract art! 🙂