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Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

Here’s the latest dinner recipe we’re crazy about at my house:  Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore recipe - by

This slow cooker recipe makes a hearty chicken marinara sauce that is perfect for topping pasta, spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles.  Scroll all the way to the end of this post to print out the recipe.  Nutritional information and Weight Watchers points are included on this one.

Skinnytaste Fast and Slow

Today’s recipe comes from my friend Gina’s new cookbook:  Skinnytaste Fast and Slow: Knockout Quick-Fix and Slow Cooker Recipes by Gina Holmolka: Clarkson/Potter, 2016.  I was SO EXCITED to get this book in the mail the other day.  Gina put her heart and soul into this second book of hers, and every recipe conveys that.  140 recipes are included in the book– all either slow cooker or quick oven/stovetop recipes.  Here are some more recipes I’ve bookmarked to make later:  Banana-Almond Smoothie Bowl, Breakfast Banana Split, Slow Cooker Creamy Tomato Soup, Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Chili, Drunken Seafood Stew, Slow Cooker Hamburger Stroganoff, Cauliflower-Potato Tacos, Slow Cooker Stuffed Turkey Tenderloins with Gravy, Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner, Fork and Knife Cheeseburgers, Slow Cooker Brisket with Onions, Baked Fish and Chips, Salad Pizza… oh my gosh… I could go on and on!  It’s really a great cookbook.  There is nutritional information included for every recipe.

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore recipe - by

Gina’s recipe calls for bone-in skinless chicken thighs (bone-in means the chicken will stay nice and tender).  I had trouble finding bone-in thighs, so I used full chicken legs (drumstick + thigh) instead.

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore recipe - by

All kinds of goodies go into this one- onions, bell pepper, mushroom, tomato and spices.

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore recipe - by

4 hours later, dinner looks like this.  The chicken is taken out, pulled apart, bones discarded and meat put back in.


We loved this dish!  My son ate his chicken cacciatore over thick fettuccine noodles.  My husband and I (forever watching our waistlines) enjoyed ours over roasted spaghetti squash.  Both were delicious!

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Yield: 8 servings

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 4 to 5 hours

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore


  • 8 bone-in, skinless chicken thighs (about 5-ounces each), fat trimmed- in the photos for this recipe, you'll notice that I actually used 5 full chicken legs (drumstick and thigh) instead
  • 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • cooking spray
  • 5 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 1/2 large onion, chopped
  • 1 28-ounce can crushed tomatoes
  • 1/2 medium red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1/2 medium green bell pepper, chopped
  • 4 ounce sliced shiitake mushrooms
  • 1 sprig of fresh thyme
  • 1 sprig of fresh oregano
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley (I omitted this)
  • freshly grated Parmesan cheese, for serving (optional)


  1. Season the chicken with salt and pepper to taste.  Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat.  Coat with cooking spray, add the chicken, and cook until browned- 2 to 3 minutes per side.  Transfer to your slow cooker.
  2. Reduce the heat under the skillet to medium and coat with more cooking spray.  Add the garlic and onion and cook, stirring, until soft- 3 to 4 minutes.  Transfer to the slow cooker and add the tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, thyme, oregano and bay leaf.  Stir to combine.
  3. Cover and cook on high for 4 hours or on low for 8 hours.
  4. Discard the bay leaf and transfer the chicken to a large plate.  Pull the chicken meat from the bones (discard the bones), shred the meat, and return it to the sauce.  Stir in the parsley (if using).  If desired, serve topped with Parmesan cheese.


  • If you are preparing this recipe as gluten-free, just be sure to use brands of broth and tomatoes that are known to be GF.
  • Nutritional information per serving: Calories: 220, Fat: 6g, Sat Fat: 1.5g, Cholesterol: 123mg, Sodium: 319mg, Carbohydrates: 10g, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 6g, Protein: 31g
  • Weight Watchers POINTS:  Freestyle SmartPoints: 0, Original SmartPoints: 3, PointsPlus: 5, Old Program: 5
SOURCE: (shared with permission from Skinnytaste Fast and Slow: Knockout Quick-Fix and Slow Cooker Recipes by Gina Holmolka: Clarkson/Potter, 2016)

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  1. postedOct 18, 2016 12:53 PM
    Stephanie Schiltz

    I purchased this cb several days ago. Can’t wait to try this recipe. I have all ingredients on hand. I really love my slow cooker but have found that it cookers faster than many recipe’s indicate.
    , so I stick with low settings. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. postedOct 18, 2016 1:28 PM
    Joellen Finnie

    Looks great

  3. postedOct 19, 2016 6:34 AM

    Looks amazing Lori!! We love this dish, it’s comfort food for sure! Thank you for sharing!

    • postedOct 23, 2016 7:42 AM

      You’re welcome!

  4. postedOct 28, 2016 3:20 AM

    This looks incredible, Lori! I just got Gina’s new book too and have been wanting to try every recipe! This is definitely on our list next! 🙂

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