Eggnog Coffee Cake with Nog Glaze

I view eggnog as virtually one of the most evil decadances invented (I mean that in a good way). It’s brilliant in ice cream, it works in cookies too, and there’s really nothing better than eggnog bread.

I remember sneaking several cups of hot rum with floating homemade eggnog at a family Thanksgiving as a teenager (it was just so yummy!) I don’t really go for the hard stuff so much anymore. I’m more of a low-fat eggnog kinda gal these days. But when I decided to make a little breakfast treat for my kid’s teachers, I went full-fat all the way. I knew that would be best for Overnight Eggnog Coffee Cake with Nog Glaze.

Easy to make, this coffeecake is prepped the night before, covered and left in the fridge overnight.

It’s simply placed into the oven in the AM, dumped onto a rack to cool and drizzled with eggnog flavored glaze.

Most of the glaze literally soaks into the cake. It turns out to be incredibly tender and moist.

Lazy folks can make this in a 9×13 pan, but it’s a little prettier if you bake it in a molded pan. Decorate with a few cranberries for decor (or not) and it’s ready to eat.

When I went to the teacher’s room after school to retrieve my plate, there was not a speck of cake left. The school secretary reported that this was indeed a popular RecipeGirl treat and that two teachers literally squabbled over who was going to get the last piece.

Eggnog coffee cake might also be nice for Christmas morning…

This recipe can be found here:  Overnight Eggnog Coffee Cake

(Don’t worry… I haven’t given up on cookies. I’ll be baking all weekend long!)

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  • Gretchen Noelle wrote:

    Mmmm…too bad there is no eggnog here. I have been looking for a good recipe to satisfy my craving for it! Would love a slice of this!

  • Ingrid wrote:

    Hi! I made this last night or rather I made the batter last night and baked it this morning! Everything went well except my timing for getting it done before I needed to leave for work and be on time. I miscalculated. My fault!

    I didn’t wait the full 10 mins before turning it out so the topping stuck a little bit but I just pasted it back together. I like to think it looks rustic w/it’s “crumbly” topping! LOL! I haven’t glazed it yet but will when I get home and will cut into after dinner. I’m certain it tastes wonderful as the batter was heavenly!

    Thank you!
    Almost forgot…Do I HAVE to wait before baking it or can I skip that and still get a tasty cake? THX!

  • Peter M wrote:

    Luv eggnog and made a cheesecake from it last year!

    The home MUST have cakes like these around for guests and coffee being served.