The Adult Grilled Cheese

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This Adult Grilled Cheese is especially for grown-ups.  There are all kinds of goodies in this grilled cheese sandwich that kids might scoff about, but the adults will appreciate them.

Adult Grilled Cheese

We all grew up eating grilled cheese, right?  My Mom used to make it for our family for dinner, along with canned tomato soup.  It was our favorite!  We had it with plain ‘ol American cheese back in the 70’s.  As I got older, I started experimenting with different cheeses and always added tomato slices.  This is the best grilled cheese sandwich that I’ve ever put together!

How to make an Adult Grilled Cheese

How to make an Adult Grilled Cheese:

I like to start with a really interesting bread.  Think Rosemary-Sourdough, Rustic French, whatever is your favorite. The outside of the bread will be buttered.  The inside of one slice is spread with soft goat cheese.  Then you’ll top that goat cheese with tomato, arugula, prosciutto and Havarti cheese.  Then you put the sandwich in a hot skillet and cook it just like you cook a plain ‘ol classic grilled cheese- toasted on one side, and then flipped to toast the other side.

Stack of Adult Grilled Cheese

And there’s the beauty of the Adult Grilled Cheese all finished and toasty and melty.  It’s so incredibly delicious!

What are the best cheeses to use for grilled cheese sandwiches?

A nice alternative to Havarti is Fontina cheese (they’re both a buttery, melty cheese). Cheddar and Colby are both good choices for a bold-tasting grilled cheese. Provolone is delicious in this sandwich too because it pairs well with the prosciutto. Muenster and Monterey Jack are also great melting cheeses and are good for grilled cheese sandwiches. Goat cheese adds another flavor element to this grilled cheese.  Its tangy flavor is perfect with the rest of the ingredients, and it really makes this sandwich quite unique in comparison to a classic grilled cheese.

Adult Grilled Cheese Pull

Tomatoes are the most obvious addition to a good grilled cheese sandwich.  Sweet tomatoes combined with tangy cheese are so amazing together.  For the best tomatoes in a grilled cheese sandwich, grab some vine ripened tomatoes or heirloom tomatoes.  Arugula is one of my favorite greens.  It has a bit of a peppery flavor, and it’s a nice add-on to grilled cheese too. I love prosciutto, so that’s a must-add for me.  If you wish to leave out the meat, it’s okay to do so.

adult grilled cheese

I’m curious to know what you think of this Adult Grilled Cheese!  Try it, and make adjustments here and there to your liking.  Enjoy!

Here are a few more recipes you can make to use up the rest of your goat cheese:

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Adult Grilled Cheese

Only adults will appreciate the filling in these grilled cheese sandwiches!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 sandwich
Course Sandwiches
Cuisine American
Keyword adult grilled cheese, grilled cheese


  • 2 slices desired bread (something good- like Rosemary Sourdough or Rustic French!)
  • spreadable butter
  • goat cheese
  • tomato
  • arugula
  • prosciutto slices
  • Harvarti cheese (or your favorite)


  • Spread butter on the bread slices. Turn over and spread the other side of one slice with goat cheese.
  • Heat a skillet and place the goat cheese slice butter-side-down in the pan. Layer tomato, arugula, prosciutto and Havarti on top of the goat cheese. Top with a 2nd slice of bread, (butter-side-up).
  • Cover, and heat the sandwich on low until lightly browned. Carefully flip and toast the other side.
  • Remove to cutting board. Let sit for a couple of minutes, then cut with a serrated knife and serve immediately.




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  • Madison wrote:

    I was looking for Havarti grilled cheese inspo I as I had some from something else, found this, and it was great! I was missing a few of the ingredients. I didn’t have arugula on hand so I subbed spinach, nor do I really like goat cheese so as per a suggestion in the comments I used cream cheese. I also LOVE prosciutto (it’s bad but I will sometimes just eat it out of the package) so this was totally up my alley. It was so yummy! Although, I would love to try this with the arugula.

  • Kelly Senyei @ Just a Taste wrote:

    Yessss! This is the grilled cheese sandwich of my dreams.

  • Jennifer @ Show Me the Yummy wrote:

    Best grilled cheese EVER! Love me some goat cheese!

  • Moniq wrote:

    This was amazing! I don’t want to eat a reg grilled cheese again! I used cream cheese instead of goat. My hubs absolutely love it!

  • Danielle wrote:

    Do you have any suggestions on a cheese other than goat cheese? I’m not the biggest fan of goat cheese but everything else looks amazingly appetizing! I am going to have to try this next week!

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Sure- cream cheese.

  • Duchess of Fork wrote:

    Lori-this looks amazing!!! Right up my alley. We have panini night a few times a month. I’ll definitely keep this on file!

  • Heide wrote:


  • wm1 wrote:

    I didn’t have any rosemary bread, but I had some Italian Herbs I got online at Juliet Mae Spices; it made the sandwitch.