Viking River Cruises Castles and River Views

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I’m excited to share Viking River Cruises Castles and River Views. These are photos I captured while cruising down the Rhine and Moselle Rivers in Germany on a Viking River Cruise.

Castle on the Rhine River in Germany

This is the Viking River Cruises Swiss Alps to Paris itinerary. We boarded the boat in Basel, Switzerland. I’ve already written about our time in Zurich, I’ve shared a tour of our Viking River Cruise boat (the Viking Hild) and I’ve shared our day in Strasbourg too.

Cruise Itinerary:

  • Days 1 to 3: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Day 3: Basel, Switzerland
  • Day 4: Strasbourg, France
  • Day 5: Speyer, Germany
  • Day 6: Mainz, Germany
  • Day 7: Koblenz, Germany and cruising along the Rhine
  • Day 8: Cochem, Germany
  • Day 9: Bernkastel, Germany
  • Days 9/10: Trier, Germany and Luxembourg
  • Days 10 to 12: Paris, France

This post covers mostly covers views from the river on day 7. There is a particular stretch on the Rhine where there are a ton of castles. But I included photos from the river on other parts of the cruise too.

map of castles on the middle Rhine

We were given a map to follow along and spot the castles while cruising down the river. I knew we were going to see a few castles, but I had no idea how many!

Castle on the Rhine River

The castles are all up on the hillsides. After all, you need to remember that they were fortresses back in the day, so being up high they had the advantage of a better lookout situation. Some of the castles are quite rustic looking.

Castle on the Rhine River

And some of the castles have been renovated and turned into hotels.

Couple on Viking River Cruise

Our castle-viewing day was a bit drizzly and dreary. The top of the boat is best for viewing the sights along the river, as long as you have someone to keep you warm!

Castle in Germany

There are so many castles along the river that I’m sure the Germans have to decide which castles they want to try and maintain. Some castles are more like old ruins with walls standing but not fully enclosed.

Castle in Germany

I love that this one was built into the rock on the hillside.

Castles in Germany

Girls on the Rhine River

My friend Sandy was on the trip with me. She’s my great travel partner!

Castles and countryside in Germany

Here’s one where there is just a little bit of the castle remaining! Isn’t this place gorgeous?

Castle in Germany

If you look closely, you can spot a little HOTEl sign just below the castle.

Castle in Germany

I love this one- so pretty set up above these colorful homes!

River views in Germany

This is not a castle but a beautiful spot edging the river. I’m assuming it must be a hotel.

River views in Germany

This one could be a church, though I don’t see any crosses so I’m not certain of that.

River views in Germany

Sailing down the river during the day is probably my favorite thing to do on a Viking River Cruise. It’s so relaxing, and I just love to watch the countryside as we’re sailing by. It’s absolutely breathtaking in many areas.

River Views in Germany

Another pretty town!

River Views

And there are lots of homes with vineyards surrounding them.

Hot Chocolate on a Viking River Cruise

A good way to warm up on a drizzly river cruise day is to ask the bartender to make you Baileys and Coffee! Hope you enjoyed my views from the river on this cruise! More to come in the next few weeks– I still need to share about our stops in Germany and Paris.

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  • Gina B wrote:

    What a beautiful trip. So enjoyed all the buildings. You are lucky to able to travel. I would like to take a river cruise sometime, but maybe too expensive. Keep sharing your travels.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Thank you!

  • Judy Ankeny Liebo wrote:

    Lovely trip! The building that you thought might be a church but didn’t have a cross has a cross right in the front on top of the red brick portion. The highest spire doesn’t have one which may have thrown you off.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Thank you!