Swordfish en Escabeche over Greens


1½ lbs fresh swordfish
4 Tbs extra-virgin olive oil, divided
salt and pepper to taste
1 large Spanish onion, cut into 1½-inch pieces
1 medium green bell pepper, cut into 1½-inch squares
1 medium red bell pepper, cut into 1½-inch squares
1 medium yellow bell pepper, cut into 1½-inch squares
1 clove garlic, chopped
¾ cup red wine vinegar
½ Tbs salt (or more to taste)
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 Tbs fresh oregano, roughly chopped
1 Tbs orange zest, julienned
pinch of crushed red pepper
2 Tbs capers, drained and rinsed
1 bag salad greens

1. Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Brush swordfish with 2 Tablespoons of oil. Grill fish until done. Set aside and let cool. Chop into bite-sized pieces and place in a square pyrex pan.

2. Heat 2 Tablespoons of oil in skillet. Add onion and sauté for two minutes, then add peppers and garlic and continue cooking for about 3 more minutes, stirring occasionally.

3. Pour in vinegar and add the seasonings. Cook for 5 more minutes. Adjust salt, as desired. Pour vinegar/vegetable mixture over swordfish. Sprinkle capers on top and chill covered, for at least 4 hours.

4. Divide greens between four bowls and spoon swordfish mixture with vinaigrette over greens.

Servings: 4

Nutrition Facts
Amount Per Serving

Calories 347
Calories From Fat (45%) 155
Total Fat 17.36g
Saturated Fat 3.30g
Cholesterol 66.34mg
Sodium 1162.89mg
Potassium 895.30mg
Carbohydrates 12.51g
Dietary Fiber 3.37g
Sugar 2.40g
Net Carbohydrates 9.14g
Protein 35.76g

WW Points: 9

Recipe Source: The Black Dog Summer on the Vineyard Cookbook

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“Not your typical salad. The fish and peppers are marinated in the vinaigrette and come out with quite a strong vinegary flavor, so there is no need to spoon any extra vinaigrette over the lettuce. We enjoyed the flavors.”
-San Diego, CA

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