Banana & Toasted Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Have you ever tried to make banana cookies? Those wonderful, ripe bananas with their sweet, majestical flavor… unfortunately turn a cookie into something that is more reminiscent of banana bread than a cookie. It’s tough to create a banana cookie recipe that is a good, solid cookie. Martha Martha’s staff did it though in her Martha Stewart’s Cookies book.

They created a banana cookie recipe that I only messed with slightly: Banana- Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies. They contain both regular flour and wheat flour, as well as oats, and only a cup of mashed banana. Maybe it’s the chunks that help… the chunks of lightly toasted walnut and chocolate chips, but this cookie is more like a cookie than any banana variety that I’ve had before.

Sure, you can see some cake-like texture in there. It’s not a crunchy cookie by any means. I found it to be a cookie on the softer (but not cakey), sort of ‘medium-firm’ side of things.

As far as the flavor, they’re definitely a chocolate chip cookie with a hint of banana in them… not overwhelmingly banana.  They froze well too. I stuck them in individual zip bags and threw them in the freezer for my kiddo’s lunch.  Taste testers of this recipe gave it a huge thumbs up.

Next time you have a couple of bananas going south on your countertop, mash ’em up and make some cookies with them instead of the ubiquitous banana bread. Leave out the walnuts if you’re not a nut family.

This recipe can be found here: Banana- Toasted Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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  • Mary Rowe wrote:

    I had a wonderful banana chocolate chip muffintcipe that I got from a magazine! It called for some fancy chocolate. bar, but I substituted chips! They were out of this world! I lost the recipe and cannot remember it all! You made a batter out of melted buttet, sugar, eggs and some flour! You saved some of the batter to make up the topping! It had sour cream, bananas and chips! If you have seen a recipe like this I would appreciate you posting it.. My problem is. cannot remember the exact amounts and what I added to the topping! Thank you in advamce, and God Bless!

  • Monique @ Ambitious Kitchen wrote:

    I was shamelessly stalking food gawker when I stumbled upon these cookies.Umm amazing! I am going to have to give them a try.

  • Tracy wrote:

    I made these this morning and I love them! I think I’ll try the blueberry cookies next 🙂

  • Zimm wrote:

    These cookies are great! Best cookie I have tried yet!

  • JRo wrote:

    Eating them now. All I can say is YUMMMMM! I added in some PB chips on the last batch, and it’s a great addition.