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Cauliflower Crust Hawaiian Pizza

This is the best invention ever: Cauliflower Crust Pizza. Yes, you heard that right… pizza crust made out of cauliflower. I saw it on Beth’s blog, and she got the idea from a friend who got the idea from a low-carb bulletin board. It’s apparently been an idea that has been floating around for a while, but I’ve just gotten wind of it and I’m sure glad I did. This stuff is (shockingly) good!

I topped mine Hawaiian style. This entire thing is incredibly simple to make!

Just use a cheese grater to “grate” your cauliflower into very small pieces. You can grate a whole large head of cauliflower and make two 9-inch pizzas.

Microwave those cauliflower crumbles for 8 minutes. No water or anything needed. Just microwave it for 8 minutes to soften it up, and then let it cool a little bit.  See the recipe below for how to proceed if you do not have a microwave.

Mix 1 1/2 cups of the cauliflower crumbles with egg, cheese and spices. (I used mozzarella, but imagine using different varieties of cheeses in the crust! Yum!)

Shape it into a 9 to 12-inch round. Bake the crust. Top it with desired sauce and toppings.

I went so simple and just used Classico Tomato- Basil marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, Canadian bacon and pineapple (our favorite).

All that happens next is just a quick broil in the oven to melt the cheese and heat the toppings.

That is all!  The pizza can be cut into 6 slices.  You’ll probably want to eat two slices.  Each slice is 151 calories and 4 Weight Watcher’s Points Plus.  And if you’re watching your carb intake, each slice has 9.2g carbs. In the recipe below- I also include nutritional info for just the crust (in case you’d like to create your own toppings).

I was able to make two pizzas from one large head of cauliflower.  My husband, my 10 year old and I all really liked the pizza and agreed that you can’t tell at all that the crust is made out of cauliflower.  It doesn’t taste like “real” pizza crust, but it doesn’t have the flavor or texture of cauliflower either.  You’ll have to try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!  Thanks so much to Beth and her Cauliflower Pizza Crust post for inspiring me to make this myself and share it with my readers!

Other pizza topping ideas:
Marinara or pizza sauce with your favorite toppings
Pesto with thin sliced tomato and fresh mozzarella
Alfredo with sausage, mushrooms, Provolone & Asiago cheese
Barbecue sauce with shredded chicken, green onions and smoked gouda

How do you like to top your pizza?

Yield: One 9 to 12-inch pizza (feeds 2 to 3 people)

Prep Time: 25 min

Cook Time: 18 min

Cauliflower Crust Hawaiian Pizza


1/2 LARGE head cauliflower (or 2+ cups shredded cauliflower)
1 large egg
1 cup finely shredded mozzarella cheese (or try another kind!)
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon dried minced garlic (or fresh garlic)
1/2 teaspoon onion salt

1/2 cup tomato-basil marinara sauce (or pizza sauce)
1/2 cup finely shredded mozzarella cheese
3 slices Canadian bacon, cut into strips
1/2 cup pineapple tidbits


1. Shred the cauliflower into small crumbles. You can use the food processor if you'd like, but you just want crumbles, not puree. You'll need a total of about 2 cups or so of cauliflower crumbles (which is about half a large head of cauliflower. Place the cauliflower crumbles in a large bowl and microwave them (dry) for 8 minutes (see Tips below if you do not have a microwave). Give the cauliflower a chance to cool.

2. Prepare the crust: Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Spray a cookie sheet or pizza pan with nonstick spray (or use a nonstick surface). In a medium bowl, mix the cauliflower crumbles (about 1 1/2 cups since they shrink after cooking) with the remaining crust ingredients. Pat the "crust" into a 9 to 12-inch round on the prepared pan. Spray the crust lightly with nonstick spray and bake for 15 minutes (or until golden). Remove the crust from the oven and turn the heat up to broil.

3. Prepare the pizza: Spread the sauce on top of the baked crust, leaving a 1/2-inch border around the edge. Sprinkle 1/4 cup cheese on top. Add the bacon and pineapple, spreading it out around the pizza. Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top. Broil the pizza 3 to 4 minutes, or until the toppings are hot and the cheese is melted and bubbly. Cut into 6 slices and serve immediately.


From Eat, Drink, Smile (tip from Beth): For those who don’ t have a microwave: You can steam the florets just until they are tender (not mushy) on the stove and then let them cool before grating them. The texture/consistency won’t be the same (It will be more like a puree) but it still works fine once you mix all the ingredients together.

*Other topping ideas:
Marinara or pizza sauce with your favorite toppings
Pesto with thin sliced tomato and fresh mozzarella
Alfredo with sausage, mushrooms, Provolone & Asiago cheese
Barbecue sauce with shredded chicken, green onions and smoked gouda
*This pizza is best served on a plate with a fork.

Nutritional Information per serving FOR THE WHOLE PIZZA- per slice:
Serving size: 1 slice
Calories per serving: 151
Fat per serving: 7.2g
Saturated Fat per serving: 4.1g
Sugar per serving: 3g
Fiber per serving: 2.2g
Protein per serving: 12.6g
Cholesterol per serving: 53mg
Carbohydrates per serving: 9.2g

WW POINTS per serving:
Points Plus Program: 4 Old Points Program: 3

Nutritional info per serving for JUST THE CRUST- per slice (if you want to do your own toppings):
Serving Size: 1 slice (pizza cut into 6 slices)
Calories 84, Fat 4.3g, Sat Fat 2.6g, Cholesterol 40.8mg, Sodium 166mg, Carbohydrates 4.6g, Fiber 1.9g, Sugar 0g, Protein 7.1g
WW Points Plus: 2 Old Points Program: 2

Source: (inspired by and adapted from Eat, Drink Smile)


  1. postedJan 16, 2012 3:10 AM

    This sounds utterly intriguing, I do love pizza so I’m going to have to try it!

  2. postedJan 16, 2012 3:27 AM
    Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    This is amazing! Both the cauli crust and the fact that I love love love pineapple on pizza. That’s pretty much a MUST have topping for me. I know some people make “rice” with cauli and you can make raw sushi that way but never would have tried it in crust. So cool!

  3. postedJan 16, 2012 3:36 AM

    Wow, this is very cool! I love cauliflower and yeahh for different things you can do with it.

  4. postedJan 16, 2012 5:03 AM

    Hawaiian pizza is my husbands favorite. We ordered some the other day, and my one year old loved it too, I had plain cheese, boring I know! I’m going to have to try to get into the Hawaiian, maybe I’ll give this a try. I wonder if I should try to trick my husband into eating this new crust?!

  5. postedJan 16, 2012 5:54 AM

    oo this is interesting, I’ll definitely have to give this a try!

  6. postedJan 16, 2012 5:59 AM

    I have GOT to try this! It looks so delicious, Lori!

  7. postedJan 16, 2012 6:10 AM

    I have got to give this a go. A healthier alternative to pizza sounds fab!

  8. postedJan 16, 2012 6:28 AM

    I tried this recipe when I was doing a low carb diet and while it tasted great (I’m an not a fan of vege’s so the fact that you couldn’t taste the cauliflower was awesome), the pizza always stuck to the pan. I tried using a non stick pan, cooking spray, wax paper, etc – to no avail. Did you run into this problem? If so, how did you get around it? I will definitely try it again because I love pizza and the health benefits are totally great. Thanks!

    • postedJan 16, 2012 6:31 AM

      Hi Erin- no, I didn’t have this problem at all! I used a nonstick pizza pan and I didn’t even spray it with nonstick spray. It slid right off the pan! I’m not sure why that happened to you!

  9. postedJan 16, 2012 6:44 AM

    I can’t wait to try this crust!

  10. postedJan 16, 2012 6:59 AM

    GET. OUT!!!

  11. postedJan 16, 2012 7:12 AM

    This is awesome! I love Hawaiian pizza, I’m glad you shared this!

  12. postedJan 16, 2012 7:21 AM

    Whoa. That’s crazy. I think I MUST try it!

  13. postedJan 16, 2012 7:22 AM

    Oh my gosh – this is absolutely brilliant! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  14. postedJan 16, 2012 7:43 AM

    I like that you formed yours into a normal round pizza crust! I just pressed mine into a baking sheet. And I like knowing that I can use my cheese grater instead of my food processor to mince it up.

  15. postedJan 16, 2012 7:47 AM

    This is genius!! Love the low-carb twist. Pinning & sharing on FB now 🙂

  16. postedJan 16, 2012 8:15 AM

    My husband grew acres of cauliflower for several years before he began planting avocado trees. He has taught me how to choose the freshest, nicest cauliflower at farmers’ markets. Always looking for new ways to serve cauliflower. And we’ll be topping ours with avocados!

  17. postedJan 16, 2012 8:27 AM

    Looks delicious! Are the WW points for the toppings and crust or just crust? Thanks for the idea!

    • postedJan 16, 2012 8:34 AM

      The WW points are for the whole pizza.

  18. postedJan 16, 2012 8:30 AM

    I’m so trying this!! Great idea!

  19. postedJan 16, 2012 8:49 AM

    I think this is the only way I will ever get my son to eat cauliflower. Genius!!

  20. postedJan 16, 2012 8:51 AM

    Ahh! This is so perfect — low carb AND I just read the Martha Stewart Living story on cruciferous veggies. This is going to the top of the to-try list.

  21. postedJan 16, 2012 8:53 AM

    Super interesting!! And it really does sound delicious.

  22. postedJan 16, 2012 9:25 AM

    This is such a unique recipe! I’m excited to give this a go. I’m also wondering if I could get away with using other veggies as well to change it up. I will report back once I give this a shot. I love cauliflower so I think it’ll be a hit. 🙂 Thanks. Also, love that you included the nutritional info.

  23. postedJan 16, 2012 9:48 AM

    This looks awesome! Would be perfect for my Dad who loves cauliflower (and homemade pizza) and is watching his carbs. Thanks for the post.

  24. postedJan 16, 2012 10:32 AM

    I LOVE making pizza but find it impossible to only eat one slice…meaning I’ve just spent 20 POINTS on pizza. No good.

    This is the perfect solution!

  25. postedJan 16, 2012 11:02 AM

    This is AWESOME!!!
    I’ve been following the Primal Blueprint diet for a few months now, and was so disappointed to have to give up on most of your treats – I’m so glad that this completely fits into the diet! Going to give this one a try soon!!

  26. postedJan 16, 2012 11:09 AM

    Wow. I never would have thought of a cauliflower crust, but now that you mention it, that does sound kind of awesome. Do you have to hand-grate, or could you pulse in the food processor? I may try this tonnato–marinara, mozzarella, tuna, capers, red pepper flakes.

  27. postedJan 16, 2012 11:32 AM

    I have never heard of such a thing. I am gonna have to try this out very very soon!!! Sounds delicious!

  28. postedJan 16, 2012 12:12 PM

    This is fabulous. So creative…I would have never dreamed to come up with this. Sounds fantastic!

  29. postedJan 16, 2012 12:32 PM

    I just made this because I started weight watchers and thought this would be perfect to share on my blog in the next few weeks. I too have seen it around and have kept wondering if it tastes like cauliflower. It doesn’t at all, but don’t expect a traditional pizza crust taste either. I’ll be making it again for sure, thanks for sharing!

  30. postedJan 16, 2012 1:23 PM

    I am so glad you like the pizza! Thanks so much for the cred. The recipe has become such a hit, it’s appeared at and on Dr, Oz’ show. Insane!

    “cleochatra” at low carb friends and bloggess
    Your Lighter Side

    • postedJan 16, 2012 2:27 PM

      You’re a genius! Thanks so much for bringing the idea of this crust into the world 🙂

  31. postedJan 16, 2012 2:30 PM

    Definitely going to try this week. What is the cal/carb count for only the CRUST? Thinking of doing some veggie toppings.

    • postedJan 16, 2012 2:43 PM

      I’ve just added the nutritional info for the crust-only in the recipe. Check it out!

  32. postedJan 16, 2012 3:51 PM

    I am sooo giving this a try…

  33. postedJan 16, 2012 4:56 PM

    For a serving of 4 I calculated 16 PP for Weight Watchers. That’s only 4 PP per serving! It was delicious although mine kind of fell apart when I served it.

  34. postedJan 16, 2012 5:01 PM

    This is so creative! Yum!

  35. postedJan 16, 2012 7:42 PM

    So creative! Can’t wait to try this with my 14 year old – recent lover of cauliflower, not-so-recent lover of pizza.

  36. postedJan 16, 2012 9:11 PM

    what a delicious looking pizza I never thought that it would work with cauliflower in the crust

  37. postedJan 16, 2012 10:03 PM

    What an amazing idea!! I have to try this.

  38. postedJan 17, 2012 1:17 AM
    Fred @ Savorique

    As a vegetarian, I must try this awesome idea. Is the crust really crispy or quite fluffy once baked? And I wonder if any crust thickness would work…

  39. postedJan 17, 2012 2:14 AM

    Brilliant and very useful after hubby’s declaration that he wants to be a vegetarian for a couple of months…

    Will let you know what he says!!

  40. postedJan 17, 2012 7:12 AM

    What a wonderful idea! And it tastes really good? I love how low the carbs are compared to regular pizza!! I have to give this recipe a try!! But I’m not telling my family!! 🙂

  41. postedJan 17, 2012 7:23 AM

    So intriguing that I MUST try it!!

  42. postedJan 17, 2012 7:39 AM

    I can’t wait to try this one! I love this idea. I am going to have to be sneaky and get the prep work done ahead of time, if hubby saw the cauliflower he would boycott 🙂

  43. postedJan 17, 2012 10:15 AM

    great pizza recipe! I gave your our Makin Me Hungry Award-

    you can see it here

  44. postedJan 17, 2012 11:10 AM

    OMG I think this recipe is about to change my LIFE! Thanks for sharing, will try it this week.

    Oh Mr. Cauliflower, you’ve disguised yourself as a bland vegetable for so long, but now we know what a superhero veggie you truly are!

  45. postedJan 17, 2012 11:44 AM

    I can’t wait to try this. I’ve made a similar crust with zucchini and we really liked that. Here’s the link to that recipe:

    Thanks for sharing!

  46. postedJan 17, 2012 4:05 PM

    I do the same thing with cooked rice. I can imagine the cauliflower is yummmmmm!

  47. postedJan 17, 2012 5:36 PM
    cha cha

    THIS IS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE. I made 2 of these. One with ham and pineapple-mushroom-real shred. mozz. cheese. The other with bacon-pineapple-ricotta along with the sauce on them lightly. Had no problem with the centers on either one. I used a spatula to thin it out. Also used alum. foil to bake it. And Im not a fan of pizza but THIS IS SUPERB AND SOOO EASY TO MAKE. I do recommend using spices on top also as it gives it more flavor. And NO YOU CANT TELL ITS CAULIFLOWER and I loveeeeeee cauliflower.
    So I will be making this at least every couple of weeks. Next will be to add cooked shredded chix. next time with maybe cilantro or red pepper flakes on top. So many diff. ways to make this. TKS FOR THE RECIPE

    • postedJan 17, 2012 6:58 PM

      So happy you liked it! The possibilities are endless, aren’t they?!

  48. postedJan 17, 2012 5:44 PM

    This just looks amazingly delicious! Love the photos..makes me think i can actually make my own! I as saving this recipe NOW! Thank you 🙂

  49. postedJan 17, 2012 6:39 PM

    Wow!!! Why have I not made this before?! I MUST make this asap. Thank you so much for bringing this amazing recipe into my life 🙂

  50. postedJan 17, 2012 8:32 PM

    I just made pizza and was not crazy about the crust recipe I used. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I am excited to try it and share it with my own readers!

  51. postedJan 18, 2012 11:09 AM

    This is genius! Thanks for sharing! I love cauliflower!

  52. postedJan 18, 2012 12:44 PM

    do you have to use the cheese in the crust??

    • postedJan 18, 2012 1:29 PM

      Yes, that’s what binds the crust together.

  53. postedJan 18, 2012 1:22 PM

    I grated a whole head of cauliflower and got about 3 cups out of it. After cooking it in the microwave, it seems to have cooked way down, i barely have a cup and a half now. I was expecting to get 2 pizzas out of the 1 head but now I don’t think I have enough?

    • postedJan 18, 2012 1:29 PM

      Hmmmm, I used a large head and it produced a lot more. You should have enough to make one pizza with what you’ve got.

  54. postedJan 18, 2012 3:19 PM

    So when I microwaved my cauliflower they shurnk… a LOT. Less time? Can I still make it or do I have to start over?

    • postedJan 18, 2012 3:23 PM

      As long as you have somewhere between 1 and 1 1/2 cups, you should be okay.

  55. postedJan 19, 2012 4:01 AM
    Maria in NJ

    I am soooo making this, in fact its my Friday night dinner plan, but last night as I made the family spaghetti and sausage dinner I had spaghetti squash instead of pasta, I have to say I enjoyed it immensely, didn’t miss the pasta at all…So I have some leftover spaghetti squash and for lunch today I am going to try to make a pizza crust using the same principle…I checked online and it has been done. I am going to make it on a round pizza pan with Reynold’s release foil over it. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    I have been doing pretty good since Jan 2 on my weight loss, 4 lbs gone so far!!! But once I go back to baking when I do get to where I want to be, on your cupcakes what tip do you use to get that effect. You know the big round one, what number is that? If you don’t mind sharing…

    I love your blog Lori and can’t wait for the book….

    • postedJan 20, 2012 7:59 PM

      Great to hear about your weight loss- I’m doing well too! I usually post what tips I use on my cupcakes… check the post for details.

  56. postedJan 19, 2012 9:11 AM
    Maria in NJ

    Lori you have got to try it with the spaghetti squash!! It is freaking amazing! My kitchen even smelled like pizza was baking…

    • postedJan 19, 2012 1:05 PM

      Thanks for the tip!!

  57. postedJan 19, 2012 9:30 PM

    I am loving this idea!!

  58. postedJan 19, 2012 9:44 PM

    I am so excited about trying this! I haven’t been able to find a successful, tasty and healthy alternative to pizza crust that is gluten- and potato-free (to accommodate all of the food sensitivities in our house)! This one looks delicious.

  59. postedJan 20, 2012 8:45 AM

    This is so on my menu for next week! I can not wait to try this, looks fabulous!

  60. postedJan 20, 2012 4:01 PM
    Maria in NJ

    just made the cauliflower pizza…we really liked it, but I have to say, I think I liked the spaghetti squash one better…

    the next time I made it I am going to get all the water out of the cauliflower, like I did with the squash, I did not get it as crispy as I would have liked it, I think the water content was too much…

    I will just dump the microwaved cauliflower onto some paper towels and give it a good turn, if you get my drift…

    so nutritious and good though, really staved off my pizza craving…loved it!!

    • postedJan 20, 2012 8:00 PM

      I’ll definitely have to try it with spaghetti squash. I didn’t have a moisture problem with my cauliflower at all- not sure why it was different. It got crispy on top. Maybe I’ll try to squeeze it next time though and see what happens…

  61. postedJan 21, 2012 7:28 AM

    What an interesting idea, thank you for sharing this.

  62. postedJan 21, 2012 2:45 PM

    I’ve tried this several times on parchment paper and it doesn’t stick, but mine always falls apart and doesn’t look like yours. It tastes good though, and I hate cauliflower!

  63. postedJan 21, 2012 8:02 PM
    Kathleen Woodberry

    I used goat mozzarella instead of Daiya or a cow cheese… And used salami instead of ham/pineapple. It was bliss. My kids and their guests (who don’t eat gluten free) didn’t even notice that it wasn’t a regular crust. Everyone asked for more. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

  64. postedJan 22, 2012 4:44 AM

    What a fantastic idea! My best friend is gluten free and she always has to eat cardboard pizza crusts. This is brilliant!!

  65. postedJan 22, 2012 12:04 PM
    Amy B

    LOVE this! I’m using this for the DUKAN diet with some modifications. Thank you so much, tastes great!

  66. postedJan 22, 2012 12:19 PM

    this sounds wonderful. I don’t use the micro wave, thinking steaming the cauliflower then get moisture out. the picture looked crispy & delicious. I really liked the pesto & tomato suggestion.

    • postedJan 22, 2012 4:41 PM

      Yes, that would work too… but you may have to draw the moisture out a bit by wrapping it in paper towels and squeezing it out.

  67. postedJan 23, 2012 2:57 AM

    I like the sound of the cauliflower crust and the pizza looks amazing!

  68. postedJan 23, 2012 9:48 AM

    This is fascinating. I don’t have a microwave, but will git it a shot. I saw Beth’s tip, but she said the crust would be different making it tender and then grating it. I’m wondering about grating it and then softening it using a double boiler. Anyway, fav toppings vary throughout my family – pepp and can bacon; pepp, ital ssg, olives, and bacon bits; cheese or can bacon. Only one kid of three likes them all equally, definitely the least picky of all of us 🙂

  69. postedJan 23, 2012 3:46 PM

    my stars Lori this is so creative!

  70. postedJan 23, 2012 4:00 PM

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…this is a winner. I tweaked it a bit to utilize what was in the frig. Crust was cauliflower and some turnip processed in the vitamix in tiny batches. Did not bother cooking/microwaving veggies as they were fine enough to cook through in the oven. Added about a 1/2 cup grated romano, too.
    Then baked on a cookie sheet with parchment paper, (no sticking problem).
    For topping I sprinkled 1/2 cup more grated romano and about a 2 cups of frozen kale. (don’t like bacon or pineapple on pizza) The result was a resounding success, crisp crust, healthy and delicious. Thank again Lori!

  71. postedJan 23, 2012 8:21 PM

    Wow! This sounds super yummy!!

  72. postedJan 24, 2012 5:40 PM

    My family LOVED this and my 5 year old son got really involved in the produce isle and kitchen helping me!!

    • postedJan 24, 2012 8:48 PM

      Awesome- love to hear that!

  73. postedJan 26, 2012 4:15 PM
    Jen Hekkema

    I was just wondering if you could make this without the cheese. My son was removed from 15 different types of foods-wheat, corn, rice, dairy, soy, amongst a few others. I would love to be able to make him pizza again.

    • postedJan 26, 2012 4:40 PM

      I’m not sure what would bind the crust and hold it together without the cheese. Is there anything that you normally use as a substitute for cheese?

  74. postedJan 26, 2012 7:09 PM

    I just want to let you know that I used your recipe as an inspiration and I blogged about my attempt:


  75. postedJan 26, 2012 7:35 PM
    Carey Greene

    We’re including this recipe in our weekly meal plan for next week – great recipe to help stick to those new year’s resolutions, and naturally gluten free. AWESOME!

  76. postedJan 26, 2012 10:40 PM

    Hi! Just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know I made this last night and it was amazing! A huge hit with my husband and picky twins. Thanks again for sharing this delicious recipe. Look forward to making this again! 🙂

  77. postedJan 27, 2012 6:12 AM

    Thank you! The BF and I have been doing low carb for the past year and between us we’ve lost about 130 pounds. The trick part is finding satisfying little treats, and this looks like just the ticket!!


    • postedJan 27, 2012 7:03 AM

      Wow, that’s great! Way to go!!

  78. postedJan 27, 2012 9:27 AM

    Very cool! I will have to give this a shot. This takes whole wheat and healthy to a whole new level!

  79. postedJan 27, 2012 12:45 PM
    Holly Jackson

    I love this idea

  80. postedJan 29, 2012 4:22 PM

    I made this tonight and wanted to share my experience.

    The shredding of the cauliflower was very messy. I used a box grater, and had stuff flying everywhere. I think I may try using the food processor next time.

    I measured 2 cups of cauliflower and cooked in the microwave for 8 minutes as directed. I was shocked when I took it out of the microwave, it had reduced to practically nothing, maybe 3/4 cup, if that. Maybe my microwave was too powerful, next time I’ll cook it less time.

    I barely got 9 inches out of the crust mixture. I used pizza sauce, cheese and turkey bacon for toppings. It came out a lot smaller than I had imagined.

    And then….WOW! I couldn’t believe the flavor. It was absolutely delicious. It’s true that it doesn’t taste like “real” pizza, but it’s wonderful just the same. You really can’t taste the cauliflower in the crust.

    So after trying it for the first time, I most definitely will make it again, probably using a food processor with the shredding attachment, and will be careful not to overcook the cauliflower so I can get a bigger crust.

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  81. postedJan 30, 2012 3:04 PM
    Julie Hurley

    I have some baking in the oven now. First one came out crispy of the edges and mush in the middle. Using a different baking sheet now. I would really like to find out if someone can make a suggestion as to what to replace the enormous amounts of cheese with – it tastes amazing, sure, but no way that’s healthy!

  82. postedJan 31, 2012 5:24 PM
    Crystal Pham

    Thank you for this recipe!!
    I just made a small pizza for my family, using mushrooms for the topping. It was yummy. Next time, though, I think I’ll saute the mushrooms before putting them on. They didn’t cook at all in the broiler. Also, I don’t think 1 1/2 cups of the cauliflower was enough … it shrunk in the microwave. I’ll try 2 cups next time. Unless I’m supposed to pack it in the measuring cup first? 🙂
    Thank you again!!

  83. postedFeb 1, 2012 11:28 AM
    Judy@Savoring Today

    I must say, I am totally impressed with how clean your microwave is. 🙂 I made this twice last week and agree with several of the comments regarding the shrinking cauliflower. On the second try, I used more, actually 2 cups after cooking/roasting in a cast iron skillet (I try not to use the microwave for cooking, just heating my coffee or water). Anyway, we loved it and will make it again.

  84. postedFeb 2, 2012 8:04 AM
    Michaela T

    Thank you!! Found this through Pinterest, and tried it last night! WE did one pizza with normal cheese/pepperoni and the other we tried our own version of antipasto as a topping. SO yummy! Thanks again!

  85. postedFeb 2, 2012 4:40 PM

    First of all, my pizza turned out to look exactly like the picture you posted!!! Second of all, WOW it tasted wonderful!!! We have been using cauliflower to make cauliflower rice but now we have another use for it!! This is very very good!! (I used the non stick foil and didn’t have any problems at all with it sticking)

  86. postedFeb 3, 2012 3:05 PM

    OH my! So good! Just made this tonight. Even my husband, who HATES cauliflower said it really is good! As my daughter has an egg allergy, I used a flax egg to replace. I used my vita mix to chop the cauliflower, so it was probably smaller than grating it. I also measured out the 1 1/2 cups after cooking. I topped with tomato sauce and artichokes. This will be something we will make on a regular basis now. Thanks!

  87. postedFeb 4, 2012 3:47 PM

    This sounds absolutely amazing! I love pizza but try not to eat it so much due to trying to eat healthy but with cauliflower for a crust that would really make it much healthier! I’m going to be trying this very soon!

  88. postedFeb 5, 2012 11:14 AM

    Looks amazing! This is probably way out, but I don’t eat cheese or any flours, dying for pizza tho, not phased by no cheese as topping but how would I make this crust without cheese? And ideas?

    • postedFeb 5, 2012 9:25 PM

      I’m not sure… anyone else?

  89. postedFeb 5, 2012 1:48 PM

    I just made this for a super bowl part I’m attending and I was excited about the recipe as one of my closest friends is gluten free. I was curious whether anyone had any tips on making the crust come out crunchier as mine is a bit soggy at the moment. I tried baking it on a pizza stone and unfortunately it just stuck to the stone, any hints would be greatly appreciated!

  90. postedFeb 6, 2012 7:35 PM

    Love this!!! Can’t wait to try it. We’ve been attempting to go wheat free (Have you read ‘Wheat Belly’?) And every time I drive past a pizzeria I get a craving. Thanks Lori!!!!!

  91. postedFeb 7, 2012 7:01 AM

    My wife and I tried this last night and were super excited after hearing about this and reading the rave reviews. Having said that, this is what happened…

    First, after cooking it in the over for 15-20mins like it said, the middle was still mush/raw. We didn’t really know this though until after the fact we took them out of the over after putting our sauce and toppings on. Not sure why the middle didn’t cook at all. I also sprayed our cookie sheet with PAM and we use AirBake cookie sheets. It stuck to the pan and was very very soggy/raw in the middle? Any ideas as to why? We followed the recipe to a T and we didn’t over puree’ our cauliflower or anything, it was “riced” like it should be. Even after cooking it in the microwave we still had a full bowl, ours didn’t cook down like some others have said theirs did.

    Anyway, just wondering if others had the same problem and know why it might have not cooked all the way through, or what we could have done wrong.

    • postedFeb 7, 2012 12:57 PM

      Perhaps the cauliflower had a good deal of moisture in it after cooking? I didn’t squeeze mine dry, but others have said they’ve had to. Mine slid right off the pan, using a nonstick pizza pan, and it was firm enough to hold and eat.

  92. postedFeb 7, 2012 7:56 AM

    I’ve been wanting to make this, but i can not have dairy. Do you think the crust will come out if I leave out the cheese? Should I add something else?

    • postedFeb 7, 2012 12:56 PM

      Is there anything that you normally use in place of cheese? The cheese sort of binds it all together.

  93. postedFeb 8, 2012 4:12 PM

    Ok….so, the pizza was delicious. My girlfriend and I eat a mostly “no-grain” diet and we have tried all different varieties of crusts (almond meal, coconut flower, etc.) and they pretty much all stunk. This one was outstanding. I do however, disagree with your topping choice. Pineapple on pizza?!?!?!! How did this ever get so popular? Fruit does not belong (other than tomato…but let’s be honest we all really think the tomato belongs in the veg family) on a pizza! Anyway, thanks for sharing! It was tasty.

  94. postedFeb 8, 2012 5:22 PM

    Tried it – hated it. The crust was tasteless had an awful texture, and didn’t hold up well under a fully loaded pizza. I get the healthy crust idea if you’re watching your weight, but I would suggest making a real, full flavor crust and just running an extra few miles the next day. Great intentions though! I don’t mean to hate on the whole thing, it just really wasn’t for me.

  95. postedFeb 10, 2012 4:07 AM

    This pizza looks amazing! In the Boston area we have “bar room” pizza which is a thin, crispy, buttery crust and nobody has been able to crack the code on the recipe. I must say your pic looks like the pizza I was always hoping to make at home. We eat with our eyes right, so I can my pizza and have it a little healthier too. Creative idea, I love it!

  96. postedFeb 10, 2012 3:29 PM

    I made this for supper tonight. It was utterly amazing. I am wheat and soy intolerant so I didn’t think eating pizza was an option anymore. I am also thinking of using the crust, in place of bread, for cheesy bread.

  97. postedFeb 13, 2012 9:54 PM

    Did you use full fat cheese or a lighter version? Do you think that Fat-Free cheese would work or the weight watchers cheese would? I bet it would use less points too!

    • postedFeb 14, 2012 8:42 AM

      I used regular Mozzarella cheese. I always find that the low fat and fat-free versions don’t melt.

  98. postedFeb 18, 2012 5:44 PM

    I tried the crust recipe last night and LOVED it!! Can’t wait to make again 🙂 Thanks!

  99. postedFeb 20, 2012 3:27 AM

    This was AMAZING! I am living/teaching in China and califlower is so cheap and plentiful right now, I used (new zeland) cheese, but I am not eating eggs here (mostly because there are 800 different types in the supermarket, and I dont wanna risk it) so I put in 3tablespoons of corn flour and a few tablespoons of water, i cooked it for 20 mins in the toaster oven (ahh the things you miss from home, an oven) at 250 but it wasnt quite long enough. The problem was it was SO RICH that I could only eat half of it. Here’s my thoughts on the mushy/not sticking together pproblem…
    – try to put oil on the bottom of the pan so it fries just slightly
    – cook the crust a little longer
    – try some (small bits) of low gi flour, or reg flour if your body doesnt mind

  100. postedFeb 20, 2012 6:31 AM

    I was entirely too intrigued by this recipe to not give it a try. Both my husband and I loved it. The flavor is amazing. I baked it in a cast iron skillet to get it the right size and shape, but it did not crisp up as much as I had hoped. We will most definitely be making this again, though, I will put it on our pizza pan to see if it gets any crispier. Thank you so much for the recipe.

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