JUS by Julie Cleanse (my experience)

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JUS by Julie 3 Day Cleanse

It has been about a year since I’ve done a juice cleanse.  I typically really like to do a 3-day juice cleanse every few months.  I just feel like they kind of get me back on track for eating healthy and not wanting to put processed foods into my body (at least for a while).  And I love the way that 3-days of consuming juice-only makes my body feel.  JUS by Julie contacted me recently to see if I’d like to try their cleanse.  I told them that if I tried it, I was going to be writing an honest review of the cleanse- the good and the bad.  They were confident that I’d like their juices better than any other juice cleanse I had tried, so they sent their juices along.

Unlike other juice cleanses I have tried, the JUS by Julie folks don’t recommend any sort of pre-cleanse preparation.  I was a little nervous about going from eating potato chips and wine to cleansing the next day… so I prepped for two days.  First day I cut out all processed foods and wine- ate pretty much protein, veggies and fruit only.  The second day I ate egg whites for breakfast, veggies and fruit the rest of the day, and a small sweet potato for dinner.  I’m also obsessed with Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Decaf tea, so I sipped that quite often.  I lost a couple of pounds in the two days of prepping for the cleanse, and I was really excited to start drinking juice!


DAY 1:  Their juices were delivered overnight via Fed Ex… in an ice-packed box.  I didn’t get mine delivered until 12pm, so I was pretty much starving by then!!


Here’s the lineup of Day 1:  First up was the Green Juice, which they refer to as MORNING GLORY  (romaine + celery + spinach + apple + kale + banana + strawberry).  I’m not a big fan of green juice, so I was not looking forward to this one at all.

JUS by Julie Green Juice

This pretty much captures my emotions about drinking green juice.  One thing that is different about this cleanse than the others I’ve tried is that the juices are BLENDED, not pressed… which means you’re getting all of the fiber and chunky stuff in your juice.  It just means that the juice is a little thicker to drink.  The verdict on the MORNING GLORY juice:  it was okay.  It was drinkable.  I didn’t love it, but I didn’t need to spit it out or anything either.  The addition of several fruit juices helps with the flavor.

Spicy Pomenade

Next was the SPICY POMENADE (pomegranate + lemon + maple syrup + cayenne pepper)  This one was good- much like a nice, refreshing sort of lemonade drink with a hint of spice.

I didn’t photograph the SWEET SPIN (another green juice), but it was better than the morning green juice (spinach + kale + pineapple + banana + mango).  The pineapple and mango really gave nice flavor to an otherwise undesirable green juice.  I didn’t love it, but I seriously don’t think I’m EVER going to love any sort of green juice at all.

Acai Blend

Drink 4 on Day 1 was the ACAI BLEND (Acai berries + blueberry + banana).  I liked this one, though it was quite thick to sip.  At this point in the day on Day 1… I was using the bathroom like every 30 minutes.  My body was not used to drinking so much liquid!

Not So Chunky

Drink 5 was like dessert, and I was really hoping this was the last drink of the day:  NOT SO CHUNKY (peanut butter + banana).  Since it was pretty much Happy Hour, I thought it would be nice to serve it in a martini glass.  The last drink of the day was another of the SWEET SPIN green juices.  It’s not really what I want to drink after having something so much like a milkshake, but I did it anyway.

My feelings after Day 1:  all was great, except I felt like I had to cram the juices into a short time period since they did not arrive until noon.  I felt full, and I wasn’t craving solid food at all.  I do have to admit that I was a little tired of having BANANA in 5 out of the 6 drinks (and this is coming from someone who absolutely LOVES banana).

DAY 2:  I was happy to be able to start the day early with a juice- but again I had to drink the green juice!  It was fine… I did it, and moved on with the rest of my day without trouble.  Instructions included with the cleanse explain that if you’re really, really hungry during the cleanse that you can have coffee, a moderate amount of steamed veggies and egg whites.  You’re also allowed to chew sugar-free gum.  I didn’t do any “eating,” but I did opt to chew gum.

JUS by Julie Chia Berry Juice

On day 2, the JUS by Julie folks subbed the CHIA BERRY (strawberry + lemon + pomegranate + chia seeds) for the ACAI BERRY.  This was a big surprise because I’ve never like chia seeds in anything I’ve tasted until I had this drink.  It was really, really good!

Choco Nana

I also had this drink on day 2:  CHOCO NANA (chocolate + banana + strawberries).  It was delicious, but it felt a little weird to be having any sort of chocolate during my juice cleanse.  All in all, day two went fine.  I wasn’t hungry for actual food, and the juices were enough to keep me feeling full.

Day 3 went fine too.  Though I have to admit that I was majorly tired of that banana flavor by Day 3, and I ended up skipping the last green juice of the day because… as I mentioned before, the peanut butter/banana drink feels like dessert.  So I called it a day after I drank that one.

For post-cleanse, JUS by Julie offers some suggestions of what to eat the day after your cleanse.  I’ve done so many juice cleanses before, so I thought it seemed like too much food compared to what I’m used to.  I stuck with eating fruits/veggies the first day post-cleanse, then gradually added protein in again on the second day.  By the 3rd day, I wanted wine and cheese again 🙂

JUS by Julie

Here are three juices that were not offered in my 3-day cleanse that I would definitely try next time.  The beet juice is usually my absolute favorite.

My final thoughts about the JUS by Julie 3-day cleanse:

  • Next time I do this cleanse (and yes, I’d do it again), I will definitely choose my own juices and not order so many juices that have banana in them.
  • I know you’re supposed to drink a good amount of water between juices, but I find it so hard to do so since you’re taking in so much liquid.
  • I didn’t feel hungry for food at all during this cleanse (though I did crave wine at 5 o’clock each day… but that’s probably just habit).
  • Did I lose weight?  Yes- though not nearly as much as other juice cleanses I’ve done- maybe 4 or 5 pounds.  It pretty much came right back on after going back to normal eating.  With other juice cleanses, I’ve had better success in keeping the weight off at least for a little while.  I’m not sure why… but I want to blame it on the banana 🙂
  • I know the fiber is good for you, but I do prefer drinking pressed juices over blended (especially with the green juice).

Disclosure:  JUS by Julie provided this 3-day cleanse for me to try, review and share with my readers.  Honest opinions are being shared.

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  • Jan wrote:

    Thank you for this thorough review. I’ve never done a juice cleanse, but feel I NEED to, and this review was so helpful.

  • Cassie wrote:

    Which juice cleanses would you recommend as far as taking weight off and keeping it off longer. And a good reset.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Hi Cassie, I haven’t done a juice cleanse in a few years now. I think all of the juice cleanses are definitely temporary weight loss. I’d recommend trying something like Whole30 for a better re-set and a better mindset for eating clean!

  • Diana wrote:

    THE FOLLOWING A COPY OF AN EMAIL TO THE PRESIDENT BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE WITH JUS BY JULIE: I would like to express the level of aggravation and inconvenience your company has caused me.
    I have been an avid juicer for about 8 years and have given many different companies the opportunity to have a part of my loyal business and the large juice following I have as well.
    But, after the horrible experience your customer service department and company overall has put me through, I will most likely never purchase or refer another person to Jus By Julie again.

    I do a 21 day juice cleanse about 2 to 3 times per year in addition to short cleanses monthly, I decided this time to have your company fulfill my order.
    I had to plan accordingly with my schedule, time and deliveries in order to meet the dates that I had already planned for.
    I received an email the day before my first order was to arrive, which informed me that my juices would be delivered 5 days late. I called the number on your website about 6 times and no answer. I waited the next day and called again throughout the day, no answer, I emailed, no answer.

    5 days later someone emails and says sorry for the inconvenience, let us know what dates we can fix in order to meet your ship dates.
    I replied to your company and it took 5 days for another reply from them.
    Called customer service number, noone answers.
    Then your customer service finally replied a week later to let me know your moving facilities and that the rest of my order would not be shipped until the 22nd.

    My 21 day cleanse would be nearly over by then. I took time out from my schedule, rescheduled work events and family functions so that I could just focus on getting through this cleanse.

    I sent a reply to the last email 2 days ago and still no reply from your
    Company. I have sent numerous emails in the past 2 days to have your company reimburse me for my cleanse and cancel the order, pretty sure they will reply next week.
    I am sending this directly to you so that you are aware, you may or may not know how horrible your customer service department is handling your customers. I would want to know if it were my company.

    Please know that this was a HUGE INCONVENIENCE your company has caused me. I am disappointed more so because I really loved your products.

    If the effort put forth to your products and marketing was directed to your customer service, your company would most likely out perform some of these other juice players that are in the market place today.

    Sad to know I will have to say good bye to JBJ.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Soooo sorry you had such a bad experience. Thank you for coming here to share your experience- it’s important for other people to know!

  • Robin F. wrote:

    Their juice is great but their customer service is horrid. Check the YELP reviews. The screwed up order dates, were unreachable by phone or email and when I finally reached them they refused to correct the issue. Don’t do it!

  • Gianna wrote:

    Hey girl! After reading your review i was wondering what is your favorite juice cleanse you’ve done so far?

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      I haven’t done a juice cleanse for a few years now– but I think Blueprint was my favorite.

  • Kristen Smith wrote:

    So i do like green juices to a farther than normal extent. I tried their X-treme greens: spinach orange pineapple lemon and hemp seeds; sounds good enough there being two overpowering fruit flavours and glad to get the seeds for a longer lasting fullness…

    Worst thing ive ever put in my mouth. Tastes like sour milk and spinach juice.

    Hopefully the other ones are better :-/

  • Hope wrote:

    I have been purchasing juice from jus by Julie about every other month for the past year and I’m over their poor customer service and extremely late shipments. My last 2 orders I’ve had items missing and had to email them
    To let them know and their response was they are out of stock of those particular items ( green crunch & almond joy bites) why wasn’t i reimbursed right away or an email offering me something else? Where they hoping i wouldn’t noticed? Still haven’t got that issues resolved going on a month now . Also been emailing them everyday that i have not received my shipment from 2 weeks ago.! I keep getting a generic email saying someone will reach out to me soon regarding this issue. I’ve tried calling everyday for the past 2 weeks! No matter what time of day there is always a recording.. it’s a joke! Not to mention the quality of the juices have gone down hill and not consistent at all. I’ve also brought this to their attention but no response regarding that either. Not sure what has happened but my once liked juice company is a no go for me anymore! I’m on the search for a new one!! 

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      What a bummer! Sorry you’re having such a bad experience with them!

  • Amanda wrote:

    I’m curious, why did you stop doing juice cleanses?  It made me wonder if there was new data suggesting they were no longer good for heath?  

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      You know, I just really felt like they were messing with my body too much. I now prefer to do a 30 day Whole30 kind of program instead.