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Here’s another one of those Stuff I’ve Gotta Share and You’ve Gotta See posts for you >>

10 Cookie Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

I shared these delicious treats on Parade Magazine‘s blog this week:  10 COOKIE RECIPES FOR CHOCOLATE LOVERS!  If you love chocolate… and you love to bake cookies… you’re gonna love taking a peek at these ten recipes.

10 Must Make Potato Salad Recipes

AND… with summertime and barbecues and 4th of July fast approaching, here is another one to bookmark:  10 MUST-MAKE POTATO SALAD RECIPES.  I’ve gathered quite a variety here, and I think you’ll find two or three that you absolutely cannot wait to make!!

3 Musketeers Ice Cream

My baby boy turned THIRTEEN last week.  I have a teenager now- isn’t that scary??  I shared a recipe for 3 MUSKETEERS ICE CREAM on his blog as a special birthday treat.  Check it out and wish him a happy birthday!  Oh, and if you have any advice at all on how to deal with/ raise/ endure a teenager, please let me know 🙂

vermont burgers

On my Culinary Cover’s blog this week >> Lindsey from Cafe Johnsonia shared Martha Stewart’s Vermont Burgers.  Check it out and see what she said about this recipe!


Have you ever wondered if it makes much of a difference if you use salted or unsalted butter in a recipe?  Here is an article from Good Housekeeping that explains things… they did some experimenting and their results are interesting to read > SALTED BUTTER VS. UNSALTED BUTTER.

8 Beers

Here is some interesting/surprising info for you beer drinkers… if you’d like to drink beer that doesn’t have HFCS, MSG, and other bad stuff, read this! Among the better-for-you beers: Heineken, Amstel, Sierra Nevada, Shipyard… > 8 BEERS YOU SHOULD STOP DRINKING IMMEDIATELY (and there’s a list of the good ones too!)

Omelette in a Bag

For Memorial Day weekend, my family went tent camping with a bunch of other families.  We had a great time, we ate GOOD food, and we were most excited about this OMELETTE IN A BAG from the blog- Favorite Family Recipes.  I had inquired on my Facebook page of recommendations for good camping recipes, and Erica messaged me with this fun idea.  We loved these!!  They are so easy to make while camping, and they turn out perfect.  Be sure to try it next time you go camping!

make it with a cake mix

Here is the newest cookbook that arrived in my mailbox last week > MAKE IT WITH A CAKE MIX by Lizzy Early.  If you like quick-to-make, easy desserts, you’ll really enjoy this book.  There are cupcakes, whoopie pies, layer cakes, bundt cakes and other treats that all start with a cake mix.  Lizzy is the author of the blog, Your Cup of Cake (so she knows her stuff when it comes to cake!)  I made her Cookies and Cream Cookie recipe from the book and took them on my camping trip last weekend.  They were demolished!

State Cutting Boards

Have you seen these yet?  STATE SHAPED CUTTING BOARDS.  Aren’t they totally cute?  This company sent me a Nevada-shaped cutting board, and I’m loving it for use as a cheese board too.  My Nevada neighbors walk into my kitchen in see it on the counter, and they all want one too!

Favorite Food Blogs

I have a couple of food blog recommendations for you to read.  This Dad and this Baker are a married couple… and they each write their own food blog!

I have seen this before, but this is a particularly good video showing you how to use a plastic bottle to separate eggs in the most perfect way- more perfect and even quicker than separating eggs the old-fashioned way!

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  • Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes wrote:

    Happy birthday to your son! 🙂 I’m really digging all of those potato salad recipes! I could eat it every single day in the summer!

  • Sue Chapman wrote:

    You asked for tips on raising a teenager. Between us, DH and I have six kids, five of whom were all teenagers at the same time. Here are my tips, not all original to me, the best is from my friend Michele.

    1. Let them live, in other words, however tempting it may be to kill them at times, DON’T.
    2. My Aunt Elsie suggested “freeze at 13, defrost at 21”.
    3. Michele says, “save your silver bullets for the really important issues”. I think this is the most important one, personally.
    And, of course, prayer.

    • Lori Lange wrote:

      Thanks- those are great tips!

  • Katherines Corner wrote:

    wow so much yummy in one post!!! I hope you share this at my hop ( started today ends Sat) Hugs!

  • Naomi wrote:

    Great round-up! And thanks so much for the mention. We are loving it and having so much fun.

  • Matt Robinson wrote:

    Thank you so much, Lori! I was so excited to see this and it made my day. Happy Birthday to your son! My oldest turned 13 this month too, can’t believe we’ve got a teenager! Have a great day and thanks again.

  • Ashley | Spoonful of Flavor wrote:

    Always love this post, Lori! Happy Birthday to your son! You can never have enough chocolate recipes 🙂

  • marcie wrote:

    Happy birthday to your son, and what an amazing ice cream! I need to check out those potato salad recipes, because I’ve been craving it like nobody’s business lately. Must be grilling season! 🙂

  • Amy @Very Culinary wrote:

    That Omelette in a Bag? Mind. Blown. Totally doing that this summer when we camp in Tahoe!

  • Taylor @ Food Faith Fitness wrote:

    I need that ice cream! Three Musketeers in my fav!!
    I wish I had some teenager raising tips for you but, I have zero kids…yet.
    And I just read that salted vs unsalted butter article – thank you! I have been wondering!!

  • Taylor @ Food Faith Fitness wrote:

    I need that ice cream, 3 Musketeers are my absolute fav! Happy birthday to your son! I wish I had some teenager raising tips, but I have no kids..yet.
    And thanks for the butter link! I always wondered about the difference!

  • Mir wrote:

    I love the ice cream! And I teach teenagers, so the best advice I can give you is to know that they will be okay. Yes, you’re worried and they make terrible decisions, but they’re basically good people who just show you their worst selves.
    But with that ice cream, I hope your son is being super nice to you on his birthday!

  • Averie @ Averie Cooks wrote:

    What a great looking ice cream you made for your son! Pinned!

    And thanks for including my Quadruple Chocolate Cookies in the Parade roundup!