Fresh Corn Salad 1

Fresh Corn, Zucchini and Tomato Salad

Do you have any friends on that Raw Food Diet? … that diet where you eat all raw foods with the thought that raw food is better for your body?…

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Grilled Clams

How to Grill Clams

I suppose I have to admit that I’ll be subjecting you to a series of beachy, New England-style summer recipes for a week or two.  Not that you have to…

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Blueberry Cornbread 1

Blueberry Cornbread

One of the many great things about vacationing in Massachusetts is being able to find an abundance of freshly picked, big and juicy blueberries. I’ve never been blueberry picking myself…

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Skinny Ice Cocktails 8

Skinny Ice Cocktails

Here I am sitting around on my summer vacation… eating too many good things and not exercising nearly enough (though I’m trying!) But at least I’m sucking down some skinny…

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Cross Country Road Trip 1

Cross Country Road Trip 2012: San Diego to Houston (food highlights)

My family is in the midst of this crazy-long road trip across the entire USA and back again.  If you’ve been following my blog a while, you might remember that…

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Marinated Mushrooms 5

Simple Marinated Mushrooms

Love me or Hate me, but while the rest of the world is pushing sugary baked beans, bacon-stuffed burgers, layered Mexican dips and mayonnaise-laced potato salad this holiday weekend, I’m…

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Berry and Bacon Kale Salad with Blackberry Jam Vinaigrette 1

Berry and Bacon Kale Salad with Blackberry Jam Vinaigrette

Green, leafy kale is among my secret obsessions.  I must admit… it’s better than being obsessed with cream-filled donuts or four-ct. diamonds or loafing around on the couch all day. …

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4th of July Fresh Berry Trifles

Today, I’m very excited to share an incredibly simple red, white and blue, festive 4th of July dessert.  Anyone can make this… ANYONE… even if you’re not a fancy schmancy…

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Double Berry Puff Pancake 1

Double Berry Puff Pancake

Got red, white and blue on your mind yet? We’re starting to think ahead to 4th of July already. My son is most excited about lighting sparklers. They’re not allowed…

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Cola Barbecue Sauce by 1

Cola Barbecue Sauce

A little while back, we got one of those super cool smokers from the good folks at Masterbuilt. I was so happy to finally have one because I knew my…

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Anderson Seafoods Giveaway

Anderson Seafoods: $200 Gift Card Giveaway

This giveaway has closed. It’s time to start thinking about what you want to serve to your clan on the 4th of July.  So let’s kick it off with a…

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Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookies 1

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baking chocolate chip cookies is great and all, but sometimes I just want to bake them all at once… and not do the several different batches thing and mess up…

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Layered Taco Salad 1

Tex Mex Layered Salad

Our seemingly endless Little League baseball season is fiiiiiiinally over. Basketball too. And school ends this week!  It’s time to start thinking about flip flops, beach towels, BATHING SUITS, and…

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cookbooks 2012

New Cookbooks 2012

I’ve become awfully fond of my Kindle for reading books, but I still like to hold my cookbooks in my hands.  I won’t be ordering any electronic versions of cookbooks……

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