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Slow Cooker Hawaiian Sticky Chicken

We’re definitely into cold weather comfort food here on the East coast so lets get started with this Slow Cooker Hawaiian Sticky Chicken!

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Sticky Chicken

Our slow cooker is a life saver – a life line to a hot, comforting dinner that we wouldn’t always have had time to make.  Between work, the kids with school and sports and everyday life I can’t believe that we don’t eat macaroni and cheese out of the box for dinner. And I can proudly say that we actually don’t. A frozen pizza or boxed mac and cheese meal doesn’t show it’s face around our house that often at all…we just always seem to be cooking something.  But for those nights that we know one of us is running a kid to one field and the other is going to another soccer field, slow cooker recipes are the best.  This Slow Cooker Hawaiian Sticky Chicken is one of our favorites – kids included. It’s sweet and tangy, perfect over rice or in a taco or a slider. Or just plain out of a bowl.

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